Mayor of Union Springs Issues Executive Order to Remove Confederate Flags From Confederate Graves In Confederate Cemetery

Saint T. Thomas Jr., Mayor of Union Springs, AL
Saint T. Thomas Jr., Mayor of Union Springs, AL

The Confederate Battle Flag controversy in Union Springs is escalating.

Yesterday, I reported that some Southern patriot had restored 10 of the small Confederate Battle Flags to the graves of the Confederate soldiers buried in the Confederate cemetery in Union Springs, AL.

Last night, and WSFA 12 again carried the story which has evoked a strong negative reaction from the public. Among other national media outlets, The Washington Times and Fox News have picked up the story, which is now spreading through both the liberal and conservative blogosphere.

Mayor Saint T. Thomas Jr. of Union Springs has announced his plan to quell racial tension and make the controversy go away: at a meeting of the Union Springs City Council, he issued an executive order to instruct city employees to remove the Confederate flags from the Confederate cemetery by 6 PM this evening.

Presumably, once he does that then this row will all blow over. It’s not like having the city remove the Confederate flags from the graves in the Confederate cemetery will further polarize his community, antagonize Confederate heritage groups, and attract yet more statewide and national media attention to Union Springs.

Note: Mayor Saint T. Thomas Jr. needs some help. I want to do my part.

So here is what I am going to do: I’m going to drive down to Union Springs, snap some photos, and film Union Springs city employees removing the Confederate Battle Flags from the graves of Confederate soldiers in the Confederate cemetery. Then I am going to publish it here and upload it to Facebook and YouTube.

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  1. I hope that I can join you to protect the grave of my ancestor. My question is can the mayor be charged with removing decorations from graves? If I am there to say my flag stays, can they still remove it? My ancestor: He is an American Soldier.

    ELEY, Adoniram Motier – eldest son of Micajah and Ann T. Eley –
    June 3, 1837 – Aug 27,1862 –
    Enlisted in 1861 as a member of the Southern Rifles – 3d Regt Ala Vol CSA

  2. Cynthia,

    We will be there at 6 PM this evening. I understand that the plan is to remove the flags after the deadline passes. It would be great to see you confront them and have it on video for everyone could see it.

  3. I have family that fight for the south in the war . I don’t what color u r or how many fuck with my family graves and see if u not laying beside them. I have american and confederate flag hanging up in my room . If offends anybody why u try to come that down .

  4. Ala. Code 1975, § 13A-7-23.1(a) Desecration, Defacement of Memorial of Dead (Tree, Shrub, Plant, Flower etc.)

    The defendant is charged with desecration or defacement of a memorial of the dead.

    A person commits the crime of desecration or defacement of a memorial of the dead if he/she willfully and wrongfully or maliciously destroys, removes, cuts, breaks, or injures any tree, shrub, plant, flower, decoration, or other real or personal property within any cemetery or graveyard.

    To convict, the State must prove beyond a reasonable doubt each of the following elements of desecration or defacement of memorial of the dead:

    (1) [Read appropriate part] The defendant willfully and wrongfully or maliciously destroyed, removed, cut, broke or injured a tree, shrub, plant, flower, decoration or other real or personal property (describe) within a cemetery or graveyard (describe); and

    (2) The defendant did not have a permit issued by the Alabama Historical Commission to operate a cemetery under standard rules and regulations and maintenance procedures; or was not otherwise authorized by law to remove or disturb a tomb, monument, grave marker, burial mound, earthen or shell monument, or similar structure; or was not authorized to take any action on municipal property.

    A person acts willfully when he/she acts voluntarily. A person acts willfully when the act was committed voluntarily and purposefully with the specific intent to do something the law forbids; that is to say, with bad purpose either to disobey or disregard the law.

    A person acts maliciously, or with malice, when his/her mental state or condition of his/her mind prompts him/her to do an unlawful act without legal excuse or justification.

    [Read appropriate part]: “Property” is any money, tangible or intangible personal property, property (whether real or personal) the location of which can be changed (including things growing on, affixed to, or found in land and documents, although the rights represented hereby have no physical location), contract right, chose-in-action, interest in a claim to wealth, credit, or any other article or thing of value of any kind. Commodities of a public utility nature, such as gas, electricity, steam, and water, constitute property, but the supplying of such a commodity to premises from an outside source by means of wires, pipes, conduits, or other equipment shall be deemed a rendition of a service rather than a sale or delivery of property. [13A-8-1(10)]

    If you find from the evidence that the State has proved beyond a reasonable doubt each of the elements of the offense of desecration or defacement of a memorial of the dead, then you shall find the defendant guilty of desecration or defacement of a memorial of the dead.

    If you find that the State has failed to prove beyond a reasonable doubt any one or more of the elements of the offense of desecration or defacement of a memorial of the dead, then you cannot find the defendant guilty of desecration or defacement of a memorial of the dead.

    [Adopted 09-19-14.]

  5. I am sorry that I could not be there to defend the graves of my ancestors. I had a couple of vague threats come my way that will be investigated. I was also told that the time to remove the flags had been changed to sunset. The boycott Union Springs is picking up steam. The Alabama Civil War Trail group (I hope I have the name right) was contacted and asked to remove the cemetery from the tour until they show respect for our soldiers. That hurts them in the pocket also. Lastly, because I do have ancestors buried there (and can prove it) I was contacted about leading the way to have Penn charged. I have family that had just pictured the graves a few weeks ago and the flags were there (we keep them year round if possible) and they were missing after Penn’s visit. I need to see the flags he turned in also. Just because he took the flags to someone does not excuse or defend the fact that he desecrated graves. He should be charged. I think other groups are getting involved also. I contacted the Att gen of Al and heard nothing back. I am hopeful that all are safe that watched and defended the graves or may still be watching. This is not the end of this story.

  6. This is classic. Another SJW type decides to make a “statement”. going to prove how “enlightened” he is. All he ended up doing was making himself look petty, and stupid, and just plain rude. He was going to set an “example” for his son. His son probably never noticed until ole Dad had to make a statement. Most people deep down will be uncomfortable with this. Nobody wants his ancestors graves meddled with. Even exhuming a grave, or marring tombstones is a serous legal matter. Historically, people want to leave the Dead alone… With all the Black, slave cemeteries around, and bad feelings, you don’t want to start a tit for tat….. things could get unpleasant..

  7. CSA Flags and Statues are taken down, while this has been in Seattle for 20 years

  8. Great point. I wouldn’t want a group like the SCV putting anything on my ancestors grave. That’s my personal business. That’s why you will lose this one. You do not speak for the public as a whole. I hope they arrest the litterbugs.

  9. Confederate soldiers are officially recognized as American war veterans by act of the United States Congress!

    Where in the hell are the nation’s veteran organizations? Where in the hell is the state attorney general? How about the governor? I’ll tell you, they are dead silent on the issue because not one of them will risk offending our supposed “betters” [i.e., niggers] who apparently are now granted carte blanche to commit the foulest sacrilege known to the civilized world: the crime of graveyard desecration.

    No doubt this would-be African potentate is being coached, supported and directed from behind the scenes by our mortal enemies. Does anyone here actually believe this Congoid acted on his own? This is yet another example of a calculated test by our ruling masters to see just how far the white man in general, and Southern white men specifically, can be pushed and thus constitutes a logical extension of the race war that is being waged against us.

    Hunter Wallace, this shit is happening in your backyard!

    What the hell is the League of the South and the Council of Conservative Citizens doing about it? Earlier, I posted a copy of the Alabama statute concerning the desecration/ defacement of a memorial of the dead and it’s clear that this negro mayor violated state code. Both elements are present to convict the bastard. It’s time to raise HOLY HELL and demand this creature’s arrest for violation of state and moral law! If you and your ilk are unable to spearhead an operation to reverse this outrage and bring justice to those brave souls whose graves were defaced, then it would sadly demonstrate that all is indeed lost.

  10. The small town where I live maintains a historic district that is an open air outdoor museum – the main of several historic cemeteries just a block from here. In the War of Northern Asininity we had a very powerful Confederate Militia here – and all the main officers of that are buried in this cemetery. All of those graves are marked with Confederate flags – but, NOT, the one to which we are accustomed, rather it is an early 7 star flag.

    Having resettled here, after having been long away, we have been here for 5 months and, all in all, are damn glad to be back among our kind. That said, though my fellow whites are, in private, what I feel any right thinking Southerner ought be, in public they are mute on any such issues as this; and when I have voiced the notion of flying real confederate flags, that notion has been, without exception, met with great trepidation, and, usually, with admonishments to REFRAIN.

  11. Southern soldiers were not racist but patriots defending their states independence. Slavery had little to do with the civil war, follow the money.

  12. “The locals are already on top of it.” HW

    Hunter Wallace, the locals are outnumbered and need outside support. They need organizations that will raise HOLY HELL, NAACP-style, against the political system that promotes these kind of hate crimes. And yes, that means targeting cowardly
    “respectable” Republicans who ultimately permit this shit to take place.

    Again, I ask you what are the League of the South and the Council of Conservative Citizens doing about this outrage? From what I can tell, nothing. The CofCC isn’t even covering the story. And that’s the problem. The South does not have a single activist organization that will defend the rights of Southerners. This needs to change.

    • Nothing.

      The Alabama Flaggers and Defenders of the Confederate Cross have organized a protest in June. It has already garnered significant support from Whites in Union Springs and the surrounding area.

      This is actually what we want to see happening. We want to see locals and other heritage groups taking the initiative. We could easily insert ourselves into the story, but it is doubtful that would produce the best outcome here.

  13. Confederate soldiers are officially recognized as American war veterans by act of the United States Congress!

    It, and what followed, were a fine comment, and yet ; I cannot help but feel there is something UNPLEASANT & damnably ironic in looking to the Yankee government to justify that our soldiers be recognized.

  14. SUMMARY: A private negro attorney, Myron Penn, commits the sacrilege of graveyard desecration in gross violation of Alabama state and moral law. The negro mayor of the town where the heinous act took place follows up this anti-white hate crime by issuing an “executive order” banning the placement of confederate flags by the gravestones of confederate soldiers, thus stripping white Southerners of their constitutionally guaranteed, First Amendment rights.

    Meanwhile, conservative Republicans who run the statehouse refuse to uphold both Alabama state law and the constitutionally protected rights of white citizens while deferring any and all opposition to a bunch of limp-wristed, politically inept “heritage groups” while privately hoping the incident will simply be forgotten so they can return to “politics as usual.” The New South: Ain’t it a slice?

  15. The Alabama Flaggers and Defenders of the Confederate Cross have organized a protest in June.” – HW

    A protest in June? You must be joking. Honestly, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. And to think that this is what Dixie has been reduced to. It pains me to say this but it’s now official: The white man of the South has been so spiritually castrated that he has been reduced to the status of a eunuch, a mere slave to the negroes and Hispanics who are now replacing him at the behest of the Jews. Game. Set. Match.

  16. In order to have an activist organization, people who are pro-White, pro-South, and pro-Christian have to join organizations, financially support those organizations, and get out from behind the computer screen and participate in street demonstrations.

    Unfortunately, the vast majority of people who share our views are unwilling to do any of the above. Instead, they prefer to vent their feelings and fantasies under anonymous pseudonyms on the internet. That’s the reason why the organizations that do exist lack the resources to engage in large scale civil disobedience like in Baltimore and Ferguson.

    Another problem we have which is a symptom of the same extreme individualism is vicious infighting within and between groups and an inability to work together to advance a common purpose. Most people are so self-absorbed and wrapped up in their own lives that they can’t be bothered to care or lift a finger about things like this. Those who do are too few in number to have the impact they would like to have.

  17. Let’s consider our options:

    1.) Myron Penn’s actions were outrageous. He succeeded in drawing attention to himself and angering White people all across the region. The story has made state, local, and national headlines.

    2.) By sponsoring a protest in June, the Alabama Flaggers and Defenders of the Confederate Cross have given oxygen to the issue. There was another story about it today in the Union Springs Herald and it has grabbed the attention of White people in Union Springs and Bullock County who are sharing and discussing it on Facebook.

    3.) Because of the demographics of Union Springs (75 percent black and 82 percent non-White), voting will accomplish nothing. We can rule out that option from the get go.

    4.) The Alabama Republican Party can’t be counted on to do squat. Gov. Robert Bentley spends his time traveling across the state to unveil new monuments to civil rights leaders.

    5.) The federal government is sympathetic to the local black Democratic establishment.

    6.) Who is going to arrest Myron Penn? The local black police department? The mayor of Union Springs says that Penn didn’t break the law. Penn is a lawyer and knows he has nothing to worry about from the Bullock County court system.


    1.) HW, you have yet to acknowledge that Myron Penn has violated state law. Instead, you simply refer to his actions as “outrageous.” His actions are more than outrageous, they are illegal! The point here is that he has broken the law and must be punished. Politically speaking, that is how it must be sold to the politicians in Montgomery and the deracinated public at large. In addition, I would repeat the following meme: Black attorney Myron Penn commits the sacrilege of graveyard desecration in gross violation of Alabama state and moral law. Repeat over and over, again and again. Needless to say, his actions are an affront to the standards of our Civilization and to any sense of moral decency, the kind of thing that can enrage the public but has little motivating effect by itself on the degenerate political ruling classes.

    2,) The Alabama Flaggers and Defenders of the Confederate Cross are utterly inept, useless rainbow heritage organizations that embrace multiracialism and therefore multiculturalism by default. Here’s a quote from the Union Springs Herald online edition by Alabama Flaggers Director Freda Mincey:

    “When Penn did this he was racist. How would he feel if I took flowers off his mother’s grave? That would be hurtful. . . We have blacks in our groups and we get along great. We are a business, we have replaced broken tombstones on confederate soldiers’ tombs. . . We are not a hate group, we just want to protect our heritage.”

    [Sigh] With “friends” like that, who needs enemies! They are nothing more than bunch of guilt-ridden, worthless, race-mixing nitwits, incapable of garnering the kind of respect and press coverage necessary to mobilize a resounding counter-offensive.

    3.) Voting wouldn’t accomplish a damn thing even if we were over 90% of the population given that the cultural and spiritual elite of our nation, both North and South alike, is dominated by Jews who are bent on our total destruction. Couple that with a Christian church deep in apostasy that harbors a fundamentalist wing that equates Christ-killing Jews with Our Lord and Savior and you have a recipe for a total, unmitigated catastrophe: civilizational collapse! Sorry, but “democracy” (i.e., one biped, one vote) has never been the solution, regardless of numbers.

    4.) The Republican Party can be counted on to look the other way when it comes to white-hating negroes committing hate crimes against our fallen heroes. What contempt the Republican Party has for its voting base! If it’s not contempt, then it’s indifference. Regardless, for this, they must pay a political price, a heavy price indeed. Every effort must be made to convince the voting public to withhold votes from the Republican party. Why? Because the existence of the Republican Party is what ultimately permits the ruling Establishment to get away with its continued assault on our very existence.

    Everyone here understands that the Democrat Party is nothing more than a proto-Marxist criminal gang driven by a pathological hatred for white, Western culture; a nihilistic outfit that embraces every form of perversion known to man: feminism, miscegenation, white genocide, sodomy, abortion, pedophilia, transgenderism, necrophilia, bestiality ad infinitum nauseam. However, it’s the Republicans who represent a false alternative to the nihilism of the Democrats and permit, through the backdoor, this shit from occurring in the first place. The party of Lincoln must be destroyed!

    5.) The federal government as represented by the half-breed currently residing in the White House is certainly sympathetic to the local black Democratic establishment. No doubt about that one. However, this does not mean the Republicans on Capitol Hill share his sentiments. Sure, they are indifferent regarding the plight of white Americans, but they appear to genuinely hate Barrack Hussain Obama and would act in a way that would be deemed inimical to black interests if they felt it would strengthen their own political fortunes. I would put it this way: Democrats: pro-black, anti-white. Republicans: pro-multinational corporation, pro-free trade, pro-Israel, anti-working class (all races). Yeah, in the end, there isn’t much the Republicans on Capitol Hill can offer us, especially with a white-hating mulatto as President.

    6.) Regarding the prosecution of Myron Penn, this must be conducted by the state of Alabama and not the city of Union Springs nor Bullock County for obvious reasons. Has there never been a case in Alabama history where the state government has prosecuted local officials either for corruption or violation of state law? Granted, it is unlikely to happen given the spinelessness of the Republicans who run the state capital these days, but the ball is clearly in their court. Unfortunately, only a tsunami of public anger demanding justice will force them to act. And there’s the rub. We need a 30 foot tidal wave of seething rage but have gotten only a 6 inch ripple across the water instead. And that’s not enough, I’m afraid.

  19. 1.) I don’t expect the local police in Union Springs to arrest him, the Bullock County courts to slap him on the wrist, and least of all the Republicans in Montgomery to get involved in this story.

    2.) The Alabama Flaggers and Defenders of the Confederate Cross jumped on the issue. They organized a protest which has significant local support and have gotten lots of media coverage.

    The feeling in the League and CofCC is that this is a heritage issue and the heritage groups are protesting it. They’ve got a lot of local support so good for them. We don’t need to turn Union Springs into a battlefield of organizations each with it’s own ideological agenda.

    3.) Well, everyone here knows my attitude about voting. In this case, it makes a lot less sense than it would in a place like Wetumpka where we might have some influence at the local level.

    4.) The Republican Party is dead as a doornail in Union Springs and Bullock County. They can’t be forced to pay a price because Republicans don’t have any power there to begin with.

    5.) Can’t expect any help from the feds … unless they intervene to charge one of us with a “hate crime” for distributing a flag in a cemetery or something like that.

    6.) The whole county commission was indicted for corruption a few years ago, but Republicans aren’t going to wade into an issue where they can be portrayed as being pro-South. That would offend the business interests which control the GOP.

  20. The U.S. Attorney General stated on June 25th 2009 before the senate judiciary committee that white people, soldiers and christians do not have equal protection under the law. He stated that there is no equal justice under current laws. Eric Holder stated also that only protected groups would receive help from the federal government. He stated that those protected groups are African Americans, Muslims and homosexuals

  21. Rodney Martin, I’m from the UK & wouldn’t have believed this Lenin statue in Cultural Marxist Seattle existed if I hadn’t seen your pic – a 15 foot statue of the mass murderer Lenin (real name Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov) towering above the people of Seattle. It was Lenin himself who when the document landed on his desk changed the sentence to one of capital punishment for anyone who dared tell the Truth that Russia had been hijacked & turned into the Marxist USSR, not by Russian terrorists as the world is told, but for the most part by TWMNBN who had changed their names to Russian names in order to hide their true heritage from the Russian people. Yes, the death sentence was applied by the Marxist mass-murderers for passing on this information that TWMNBN had changed their names.

    In 1924 when Lenin died, the news was also reported in the Western media – but now largely vanished down the memory-hole – that every single synagogue in Russia was packed to overflowing as TWMNBN paid tribute to their Great Liberator. Of course, by that time, thousands of Christian churches had already been destroyed by the Marxist authorities. After the collapse of the Marxist USSR in 1991 it was revealed that Lenin was in fact Jewish & the plaque on his mausoleum in Red Square now testifies to this fact.

    Yes, feral Blacks in the US are a huge problem but the number of aware Whites is increasing every single day – I believe Ferguson & Baltimore were pivotal events for at long last Whites in the US have finally had enough of these feral Blacks & their Cultural Marxist mentors. It is now time for US patriots – & all White patriots in every Western nation – to completely ignore the invented term ‘racism’ & the like. If you look at patriot websites post-Ferguson/Baltimore, patriots are already boldly turning the term ‘racist’ against these feral Blacks & Cultural Marxist/SJWs. Because of the huge rise in White Internet awareness & the fact that the Ferguson/Baltimore tactics of violence & continual demands has backfired against feral Blacks, who are actually showing signs of beginning to be reluctant to use the word ‘racism’. For proof of this there is a new short video featuring patriots Robert Ransdell & Matthew Heimback counter-protesting against a Black activist group in Cincinatti just the other day & Ransdell easily confounds the Blacks who did not use the term racist – for the reasons I just mentioned above – which along with Ransdell’s cool & calm demeanor, only further infuriated the Blacks who walked away from their own protest in disgust.

    Another example took place just the other day when the NJ Cultural Marxist teacher was fired for encouraging her Grade three students to write a get-well letter to Abdul Jamal who publicly killed LEO Daniel Faulkner in cold blood & is serving a life sentence while every Cultural Marxist lunatic in the US is attempting to have this anti-White beast set free. Small victories, yes, but they are starting to appear all the time & are mounting up. And the reason for this change is that Whites are now becoming no longer afraid of the demonizing word ‘racist’ & the like because they have learned the Truth. If they call you a ‘racist’ – don’t deny it or shrink from it, those days will soon be over. Remember you patriots have the Truth on your side, break a smile & show a confident demeanor & turn the word ‘racist’ against them by saying something like, ‘yes, I’m not a supremacist but I do believe that Whites like every race on Earth are entitled to be treated fairly. Do you believe that Whites should be treated fairly just like every other racial group should? I guess the variation are endless. Yes, things are changing & now this approach will definitely work. The more of us who do it & the more often we don’t shrink from the charge of ‘racism’ but deal with it in a similar manner to the above – then the sooner Whites will begin to regain our rightful place in the world & bring the demonizing & White genocide to an end.

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