Deadline Passes: Confederate Flags Still In Union Springs Confederate Cemetery

As promised, I drove to Union Springs, AL this evening in the hope of catching Union Springs city employees on video in the act of removing the Confederate Battle Flags from the Confederate graves in the Confederate cemetery. The flags were still on display when I arrived there. No one was in the graveyard.

This video was shot around 6:15 PM. I assume the flags will be removed sometime tonight under the cover of darkness, but we will see if they are still there tomorrow:

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  1. Anti-Whites aren’t content just to verbally and physically savage us. All of our cultural symbols and history must be demonized and torn down as well.

    Anti-Whites have targeted our race with Diversity. Diversity means chasing down the last White person.

  2. You are making a straw man argument. No one can regulate your so-called “cultural symbols” in, or on your own personal property, but that is not the issue at hand. What we are talking about is your “cultural symbols” being foisted upon those who do not want them. That you believe you have the right to blanket an entire graveyard with your “cultural symbols” shows just how out of touch with reality you are. Go fly your stupid rag in front of your house, but keep it off of my GGG-grandpappy’s grave. I didn’t ask for it, I don’t want it, and you DO NOT have the right to force it upon me. It is as if you live in some altered reality where you try to claim gay marriage is forced upon YOU, even though it is not. In States where gay marriage has been legalized, there’s no requirement for you to marry another of the same sex, but that’s precisely the argument the Right makes, yet somehow at the same time you think you have some right to force your “cultural symbols” upon the entire world. If I wanted to look at a Confederate flag, I’d go buy one myself. No thank you! Keep your “cultural symbols” to yourself.

  3. 1.) The federal courts have forced gay marriage on Alabama which is illegal under state law.

    2.) The entire graveyard is not blanketed with flags. I was just there yesterday.

    3.) Do you have any family connection to that graveyard in Union Springs? If so, who is your relative that is buried there?

    4.) There’s nothing wrong with honoring Confederate soldiers buried in a Confederate cemetery with Confederate flags.

  4. Skip makes the arguments of a typical liberal and likely bugger – he assumes that honoring the Confederate dead is not publicly acceptable and to do so violates the sensibilities and wishes of not only the living, but the deceased as well. Why wouldn’t a Confederate solider want the flag he fought, bled and likely died for displayed on his grave. Why wouldn’t his descendants feel the same way – and if they didn’t, what agency do they have to speak for him against honoring his nations flag ? Skip, I think I can assure you that man would not want your “rainbow” sodomite flag or any other flag.
    The opposition to homosexual marriage is a matter of public policy that the vast majority of people oppose as unnatural and repulsive and is forced by diktat and decree. Is that evidence of an alternate reality – one that the result of judicial fiat.
    On a side note, the SCV is notably and unsurprisingly absent.

  5. 1) Can you name a single Alabamian that you personally know who was forced to marry someone of the same sex?

    2) The statement was meant to convey the meaning that whoever re-placed the flags likely did so without permission from all affected parties willy-nilly. Do you mean to tell me that the person or persons who went back and put those flags back out researched the ancestry of the deceased and asked the individual families if they did or did not want their ancestors grave “flagged”?

    3) I do not. Again, I am speaking euphemistically. The point I am trying to make is why do heritage types think they have a right to decide for the world who’s graves get flags and who’s don’t? You do not have that right. If someone else placed a flag on my GGG grandfathers grave without my consent, I’d be mad.

    4) This I agree. The Mayor has stated that this is allowed. It’s the all or nothing all of the time attitude of the heritage types that is the problem. If the flags were there for 365 days of the year minus two hours, would the two hours be a serious heritage violation? Yes, apparently in the view of unbending, insane heritage creeps.

    I have no problem with your celebration of your heritage. That’s what you own personal property for, so you can do as you wish on your own swath. In public spaces, you are not entitled to dictate to me your views, and I am not required to accept them. We all know that it was one of two people who placed all those flags under the umbrella of one group, let’s not play stupid now.


    No, that’s not what I am saying. It might be publicly acceptable to you, but not to me, so why do you think you get to decide its publicly acceptable for both of us?

    If it’s gravesite desecration to remove an object, is it not also gravesite desecration to place the same object? One man’s “cultural symbol” is another man’s refuse. IMO, and probably in the eyes of the law, neither party is right nor wrong in this matter. Whoever placed the flag did so as an expression of their 1A right, and Mr. Penn removed it as an expression of his 1A right.

    • 1.) We had a vote in Alabama on gay marriage in 2006. 81 percent of Alabamians said they didn’t want it here. The federal courts have overruled the people of Alabama, and Congress and the Alabama state legislature too, and have imposed the weird customs of other states on us against our will.

      2.) Just yesterday, one of the affected parties was in the cemetery to defend the flag she placed on the grave of her dead ancestor. The Confederate soldiers who are buried there died in combat. It is appropriate to honor their sacrifice with the flags. There are other graves in the cemetery and those were left alone.

      3.) So, your great great grandfather isn’t buried in that cemetery. How about this state? Did your great great grandfather even fight for the Confederacy?

      4.) I’ve always seen the flags in that graveyard. The only reason this is even an issue is because Myron Penn went into the graveyard and plucked the flags off the graves because he was “offended” by them. Then he posed to take a selfie and had his heroic act published in the Union Springs Herald.

  6. In addition, Federal preemption and the Supremacy Clause contend that Alabama has no choice but to accept gay marriage. Is this not the basis for your desire to secede from the Union? If so, you have no good argument. Stop whining like a big baby. Either pull up the stakes, fold up your tent and head back to Europe or shut up and take it like a real man. Your presence is not requested. I’m quite sure we will be just fine without Alabamians like yourself.

    • Of course it is.

      Personally, I would rather live under a king or most tyrants that have existed across European history than under the whims of US federal judges. Once upon a time, the mad Roman emperor Nero forced the Roman Senate to recognize and celebrate his gay marriage to the boy Sporus. Nero was later assassinated, but his actions in that regard were less radical than the actions of federal judges whose rule we live under today.

  7. The poster ‘Skip’ is a shit-stirring, white-hating, anti-racist who is peddling logical fallacies to obfuscate the actual issues at hand. Notice how ‘Skip’ injects the issue of “gay marriage” [red herring] into the mix and makes the false claim of “blanketing an entire graveyard” [straw man argument] with “cultural symbols” that he equates with a “stupid rag” [argumentum ad hominem]. Does anyone here actually believe the poster’s feigned anger has anything to do with his grandpappy’s grave? The poster is a brazen liar to boot!

  8. 1) Does not the Federal Government under the rule of law reserve the right to trump State law?

    2) Only one? If it was such a heritage outrage, where are all of the other families? Is it not true that a bunch of people who have no connection to anyone buried in that cemetery are now engaged in trying to impose their views upon others who obviously don’t care that much about it, as to not be there? Is it appropriate for one person to take one hundred (hypothetical) flags and to decide for others which graves shall be decorated and which graves shall not?

    3) For, but not in. Yes.

    4) Really? How often do you visit? Regularly? Do you have a Confederate ancestor buried there?

    There is another option for you, you could always return to your mainland. I’m quite sure no one invited your ancestors here.

  9. Skip’s logic: You are not compelled to be a sodomite therefore you must tolerate same. You are not required to molest children, home invade, beat up old people or rob banks, therefore you must tolerate those who do. Healthy societies establish norms that the overwhelming majority of its Folk agree with and abide by. Harmful aberrations are not tolerated. Why, for example, does this cursed United State have an AIDS problem ? In a healthy society this would have never occurred. The Bolsheviks turned society upside down in Russia in every respect, as their descendants are doing in this “country” now – homosexuality(a long recognized mental disturbance), power to unfit minorities, absurd, if not mad, social and economic theories forced on the people, at gunpoint if necessary. Example, the youth of this “great nation” are becoming so sexually confused they don’t know what sex they are ?? (Not all of course, but we know the propaganda and its effect).
    As to your “right” not to be “forced” (somehow) to be bothered with the Confederate flag – well – just look away, idiot. The descendants of Southerners have every “right” to honor the flag of their fallen nation and its fallen heroes your sensibilities not withstanding.

  10. 1.) In the US, the federal government is responsible for policing the limits of its own power, and there doesn’t seem to be any real limits to federal power. American history is pretty much the story of the federal government aggrandizing itself at the expense of the states.

    States have always been in charge of marriage. When you get a marriage license, it is issued by a state, not the federal government. Nevertheless, the federal government through the federal courts has usurped the right to define the nature of marriage from the states.

    2.) If it is appropriate to honor US veterans in Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day with mass distributions of US flags, the same holds for Confederate soldiers buried in a Confederate cemetery. I don’t see any difference.

    3.) Oh, so you believe in dishonoring your own ancestors? Well, that explains it.

    4.) I drive through Union Springs all the time while traveling between Eufaula and Montgomery. The cemetery is adjacent to a traffic light. Anyone can see the flags from the BP gas station across the street.

    Find some other website to troll.

  11. The Supreme Court of the United States clearly recognizes this as a First Amendment issue. Hell, those black-robed tyrants on SCOTUS even recognize flag burning as a First Amendment “right.” The point is, legally speaking, this is a protected speech issue and that the mayor who issued the “executive order” banning the placement of confederate flags on the grave stones of confederate soldiers is violating the First Amendment. The sodomite who refers to himself as ‘Skip’ is simply cherry picking the matter given his inherent dishonesty coupled with his psychopathological hatred of white man and the South.

  12. Lincoln would have reduced the States to their current condition had he lived. Lincoln planned a thorough and brutal restructuring of the Federal System. His successor, Johnston, had no such grand ambitions and the Confederate generation stymied the process. Fast forward to 1952, the process of breaking down the States was renewed with Eisenhower and the Warren Court. This time the Southern leadership sold out and the ultimate goal of the so called Founding Fathers was realized – a United State that could be dictated to by an oligarchic elite.

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