Black Artist To Livestream Burning of Confederate Flags In 13 States On Memorial Day


It seems like every day now we have something new to report about a Confederate flag that has been desecrated or a Confederate monument that has been vandalized. In the last two months, hatred of the Confederacy and hatred of the South has reached a fever pitch. There have been flashpoints in Tallahassee, FL, Knoxville, TN, Richmond, VA, Union Springs, AL, St. Louis, MO and Selma, AL.

Nothing we have seen yet compares though to this malevolent publicity stunt by a black artist named John Sims from Sarasota, FL:

“A conceptual-art project that includes plans to burn and bury Confederate flags in 13 mostly Southern states on Memorial Day has drawn the ire of groups such as the Sons of Confederate Veterans that consider the events disrespectful and divisive. …

John Sims, a 47-year-old conceptual artist in Sarasota, Fla., who is organizing the Memorial Day events, said he hoped to prod people “to reflect upon and critique the complex nature of the Confederate flag as a lasting symbol of terror.” He said he planned to stage funerals for the flag in the 11 states that formed the Confederacy, along with Kentucky and Missouri. …”

In less than 10 minutes, this is about to be broadcast live here. It’s on the same level as Pastor Terry Jones who drew enormous publicity for threatening to burn the Koran. I don’t believe Jones ever followed through on this threat though. Anyway, I didn’t want to give any oxygen to this attention whore, but its time to see if he is serious.

Note: Can we live in peace with these people? Kumbaya with them when we are the minority? See the previous article below.

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  1. Perhaps Dr. Hill, ought host a recorded event (like they do on PBS) with a panel of other noted and articulate Confederate thinkers, to reflect upon and critique the complex nature of the Stars & Stripes flag as a lasting symbol of terror, disenfranchisement, & unconstitutional-ism? …

  2. Yes, Sir : upon more thinking, I think if Dr. Hill were to both host paneled discussions, and do a bi-weekly show, in the style of PBS’s Charlie Rose, I think this would be the best possible debunking platform.

    Obviously you and Mr. Cushman, each in his own inimitable way, to help with the show’s production, to make sure it was brilliantly slick, from every angle.

    Dr. Hill has a magnetick, and yet very gentle presence, and that, combined with his formidable intellect, would provide a visually recorded basis for the movement – to be employed in a variety of methods.

    Certainly the topicks would be rich and never-ending – from SPLC oppression to flag-burning, to shows highlighting the disparity between what the left purveys, and what it has wrought, in the last 60 years.

    It could be a ground breaker, and a way to reach many many new viewers, who, otherwise, would not be engaged. One possible venue for it would be RT TV. There will be others, too – and, as well, YouTube, blogs, and stores that sell videos – where collections of the episodes could be offered.

  3. I say this, Sir, for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that Dr. Hill personal magentism and genteely erudite ways have been long undercapitalized by the movement, which, unfortunately, has allowed our enemies to present their image of who he is (and, thus, buy inferral Southerners of our sensibility) and diminish his effectiveness.

    Of course, it would not take so much money, but, it would take effort – but, then again, effort is never been something which either Dr. Hill, you, or Mr. Cushman have lackt.

    We must get our King-piece, Dr. Hill, regularly before the publick eye, in a manner which is not much defensive, but, to the contrary, offensive. There, his personality and his wealth of knowledge and articulation skills can be greatly maximized to our betterment. We must put our foes on the defensive. We just cannot hope to win, or survive even, just holding on by our articulate shinny-shin-shins, on the periphery of the internet…

  4. Growing up in the 80s, one never ever heard this much hullabaloo about the Confederate BATTLE Flag. I mean never. Why does one hear more about this flag the further we get from it?

  5. American culture has become more anti-White, anti-Southern, and anti-Christian since the 1980s.

    Back then, there were still movies like Full Metal Jacket which included lines like “I do not look down on niggers, kikes, wops or greasers. Here you are all equally worthless.” Such a hopelessly non-PC line wouldn’t be tolerated in 2015.

  6. ‘American culture also prizes individual self expression more so long as it conforms to PC norms.’

    Which is to say that it must be tawdry, profane, inelegant, progressive, and, at times, anti-Southern, otherwise it’s not to be prized:)

  7. American culture has become more anti-White, anti-Southern, and anti-Christian since the 1980s.

    Much much more. For those of us who have lived it, it can be startling to reflect upon it. Not that there was nor weren’t those back then that way, it’s just that, now, much of the Southern white population has actually been conditioned and misinformed to be this way.

    It’s a confirmation of what I learnt as a musick teacher : that no physical motion, or rhetorical expression, no matter how foreign and unnatural, will remain so, upon repetition…

  8. ‘Yes, a Confederate battle flag is offensive, but Miley Cyrus gyrating on an inflatable penis is “badass.”

    A great example, because it encompasses how tawdriness and vainglorious secular distractional nothingism is promoted to the detriment of Godly morals or traditional mores, selfless consciousness, and community consciousness.

    That the culture headed that way may or may not be purposeful – that’s a matter for debate; BUT, that it is perpetuated that way, cannot be a coincidence.

  9. I will say one thing, as someone who lived through the 1970s – they were incredibly hedonistick, distractional, and vaingloriously superficial. As much as we have today.

    The 1960s, however, we quite a contrast to that and this.

  10. The system has us on the ropes and like a boxer sensing victory they will plummet us unmercifully until we are down for the count. Behind all the system’s mechanisms for a New World Order and white extinction via assimilation (They refer to it as Monoethnicity) is the nightmare deep in their psyche that whites will wake up and put a stop to all their evil plans. Their plans depend upon our submission, marginalization, and eventual extinction!

  11. I don’t know why you’re despairing of these kind of passive aggressive womenly tactics? Oh no! You’re going to burn a flag? Where was it made China? Think of the Chinese!
    Oh, please. If they’re doing anything at all, its proving beyond any doubt that everything the Klan said about them was 100% true.
    The more they get in the spotlight the worse they look. They can’t help it, they’re STOOPID!

  12. Sims clearly has White Ancestry- it’s evident in his facial features (oh, and in his ability to make even such a puerile ‘statement’ as this blasphemy he’s engaged in- real niggers aren’t that smart!).

    So, what he’s doing is (not) dealing with his own Self-Hatred, for being a mixed-race bastard, and the immoral fruit of some Black buck raping a Southern Belle. And he thinks that by ‘blaming’ someone else (instead of ending his own life, or repenting for his sin of miscegenation) he will achieve ‘peace’ or ‘salvation’.

    Trouble is, ‘there is no peace for the Wicked.’ And he clearly is wicked- Jer. 13:23

    Clearly, he needs counseling… or a prison sentence for ‘H8 Crimes against White Humanity.’

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