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  1. The biggest gains have come in low hanging fruit, so if this was all I was looking at, I wouldn’t be that worried. But, I know which way the wind is blowing. These are just the inevitable consequences of individualism + libertarianism + statism + democracy + republicanism.

  2. The media spends decades indoctrinating people and then when opinions change they act as if some great wisdom has occurred in the people when in reality it is garbage in, garbage out. They just regurgitate what the system had fed them.A lot of opinion polls are deceptive in that when whites are called they pretend to be in favor of policies they actually detest. I would imagine if any of this could be put to a vote by secret ballot you would see a vast difference in what people say and how they vote!

  3. You must be the only people with I.Q. s over 100 who believe these polls. Pollsters can get whatever results they want by how they word these questions. I doubt seriously these pollsters are actually asking the people they poll whether they approve of these things. I suspect they are merely using the old trick where they phrase the issue as some draconian law enforcement of people involved such as would you want to send homos to prison, and when they say no, they put down they agree with it being legal and acceptable.

  4. As I understand it, from my fifty some years of hanging around, the entire emphasis in ‘American’ culture has been on the destruction of barriers or anything that is limiting the mobility through which an individual expresses himself..

    Thus, religion, elegance, etiquette and general morality have been eroded. The traditional division between the spoken and the written words has been largely dismantled, and, of course, any former identification methods – such as gender, religious, regional, and, of course, the biggest : race, have all been driven up to the gallows.

    The falsity of the contemporary culture is most conspicuous in beholding the desperation with which many attempt to hold on to any appearance of youth – no matter how garish or ghastly.

  5. Curiously, however, those few limits which have risen, are those which involve the supression of dissent or questioning concerning the direction of the culture.

    There things have become quite restrained.

  6. ‘These are just the inevitable consequences of individualism + libertarianism + statism + democracy + republicanism.’

    I like that, though, as a Tarheel, I can’t quite see how ‘democracy’ fits into a perception of how contemporary culture is constructed, or, even, traditional. No, here we have always had a sincere trapping of democracy invested into our oligarchical societybut, no more – or that is to say : whichever oligarch, or concern of them, is most invested in the current election shall invest the most, and, with rare exception, reap those returns. That applies to all levels of politicks.

    We still bear the stamp of early 19th century oligarchy – in North Carolina – the lowness of property taxes reflecting the traditional planter class’s concerns about where to maintain their money; and, as well, all the negroes it took to maintain those interests.

    If there is any change in this, in comparision with 200 years ago, it is only how readily and easily money can flow in from foreign sources. Things are less parochial in The Old North state, these days, but, all in all, on the same footing.

  7. Only high IQ goys are accepted by orthodox Ashkenazi gals for breeding a shrewd accountant or doctor. This program is better than Common Core it can produce thousands of shrew Talmud thumpers. It will reverse the US moral decline and lead to a one world government led by geniuses.

  8. Virtue can only be defined by a moral law code. In Christendom, for over 20 centuries, that has been the Mosaic Law, which considers polygamy to be a heinous sin- not as bad as sodomy or lesbianism, but akin to adultery.

    That’s the definition of vice, not virtue. End of story.

  9. Polygamy leads to consanguineous marriage and other trends that lead towards making countries very terrible places to live.

  10. We’re not under the Mosaic Law. That law was abolished at the cross. We’re now under the Law Of Chris, as taught in the Gospels and the epistles of the Apostles.

  11. Dalton, if you are going to show your utter ignorance at every turn, I can’t help it.

    Have you never heard of Matt. 5:17?
    Christ Himself ESTABLISHED the Law, as the means through which, all of Christendom’s actions have been viewed, for over 20 centuries.

    If you also know how to read, you might care to do so with Dr. Gregory Bahnsen’s seminal work, ‘Theonomy in Christian Ethics.’

    It’s a nice corrective to the situation ethics you seem to believe still have relevance in this day and age.

    Afterthought, since Christ said he came to ‘establish the law’ (cf. comment to Dalton) you might be surprised to know that He also pointed out that one man, one woman, one union, is the Scriptural/Biblical/Cultural norm these days- unless you are a FLDS.
    Then, God help you….

    ” And he answered and said unto them, Have ye not read, that he which made them at the beginning made them male and female, 5 And said, For this cause shall a man leave father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife: and they twain shall be one flesh?
    6 Wherefore they are no more twain, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.” – Matt. 19:4-6

  12. Fr. John, the epistles of Paul make it quite clear the Mosaic Law was abolished at the cross. This has always been the classical Christian teaching since Acts 15. The Catholics, the real Orthodox, and most Protestants understand this. The theonomists you have backing you up are basically Judaizers. The council of Jerusalem mentioned in Acts 15 freed Christians from the Mosaic Law. He taught a new law beginning in the Sermon On The Mount and through out the Gospels. Paul explains in detail in Galatians, Hebrews, II Cor. 3:6-18, Ephesians 2:13-18, Colossians 2:6-23 that the Mosaic law is done away with for Christians.
    However, the Book of Genesis shows there were laws in effect before Moses. Genesis 26:5 tells us Abraham obeyed God’ voice, kept his charge, kept his commandments, ordinances, and laws. These laws, with the exception of animal sacrifice, are still in effect today, because they existed before the Mosaic Law. This is all I’m going to say about it, for I know Hunter doesn’t like theological disputes that go on and on. Besides, most of the Christians who comment here already know these facts, so it’s unnecessary to drag this on and on.

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