The War Against The South: Confederate Graves and Monuments Under Attack


It has been yet another banner day in The War Against The South:

1.) In Clayton, AL, which is 35 miles from Union Springs, around 70 Confederate flags were distributed in a local cemetery on Confederate graves to honor Memorial Day. You will never guess what happened next.

2.) In Athens, AL, there’s a fresh controversy brewing over Confederate Battle Flags which were placed at memorials in front of the Limestone County Courthouse. The NAACP is trying to have them removed.

3.) In Selma, AL, Rose Sanders is back protesting the Nathan Bedford Forrest bust in Old Live Oak Cemetery.

4.) At the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, a building named after a Confederate colonel has been renamed by the Board of Trustees.

5. In St. Louis, MO, Mayor Slay is “moving forward” with plans to form a committee to consider removing a Confederate monument from Forest Park.

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  1. I was reading a book about the raising of the Confederate submarine, the Hunley, the first submarine to sink a warship in history. The book described the careful almost reverential removal of the remains of the last crew who went down with her, with because of records we know the names of. The bearers were members of the submarine service, they were given escorts by Confederates reanactors, the caskets with remains were laid out with flowers in a public park and laid to rest with other confederate soldiers and sailors. All was done with great public respect. This was only a few years ago, why all this ridiculous hatred of long dead men? Obamas era seems to have brought out the worst in people on the left like an oozing boil. I hope when hes gone, maybe some of the hostility, at least some will ebb. Something about this administrations time seemed to make the Left go nuts.

  2. It seems that the further in time we get away from slavery and segregation that these things are condemned more and more vociferously and blamed for present day black failure.

    Slavery, for example, was recently blamed as the cause of Baltimore’s recent race riot.

  3. I seriously doubt that Col. Saunders ever made any formal, or written acknowledgement that he was a member, or a leader of the KKK. That’s the way it worked way back then…

  4. PALMETTO PATRIOT – there you go again, (the petition) thinking and thinking until you have hit upon an inspiration! The only way to function as a Southerner in this society is to get a special victimhood minority status!

    Boy, if you don’t stop thinking, you’re liable to turn into Jefferson Davis one day…

    I love it!

  5. As they say, “History always repeats itself”, as is true today.
    What started the Civil war in the first place was because most people from the South thought the North would be happy if they left the Union, because the North has always been bigoted against the South and hated it since before the US became independent and it seems that hatred has returned.

  6. If that ‘hatred’ Southerners feel for Yankees ‘has returned’, then we have only ourselves to blame – for we are the ones who choose to hang around, year after submissive year, decade after ridiculous decade…

    We Southerners are self-absorbed, apathetic, willingly misinformed and, when all else fails, jus’ plain led by our noses; this because the overwhelming preponderance of lions that once roamed our land, have seen fit to be reborn as sheep…

  7. We Whites have been routed from power. We are no longer in charge. Our rulers, Jews, and their Orc factutums have never ever exhibited respect or decent treatment to those they regard as their enemies. Why would you expect civilized behavior now?

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