For those who haven’t gotten the memo, Southern Nationalist Network (SNN) has evolved into SNN’s predecessor was a defunct website called SLM News. These rebrandings are commonplace in the blogosphere.

The most memorable rebranding in recent history was Richard Spencer’s decision to shutdown Alternative Right in order to create Radix Journal. A few years ago, Greg Johnson left TOQ Online in order to create Counter-Currents. Before I started Occidental Dissent, I used to run several pro-White vBulletin forums.

If you followed SNN, add to your bookmarks.

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  1. There are Southern oriented blogs etc in the US and in Australia. In South Africa however, where there is (prospectively) a semi-large grouping of supporters and some smallish websites and Facebook groups, some alignment is required technically but also in terms of thinking.

    I am new at this which means that some overview of how the various websites favoring this orientation (or point of departure) would be very handy, with a second step of how this would work (what you would like from us here in South Africa)

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    Ditch the black X flag. It reeks of Chromo-racism. In that, it uses a black x over a white background. Black slashing out white is not the symbol you want to signify a white Western civ society.

    My opinion for what it’s worth.


  3. I don’t mind the flag.

    I’m sick of arguing about flags though. If you don’t like the flag, organize your own demonstration and use whatever flag you want.

  4. The flag is okay. It is their organization, so they get to choose their own symbol. I am old enough to remember the Malcolm X craze in the early 90’s. The negros used to wear the exact same symbol on their hats and shirts. Unfortunately that is the first thing that runs through my mind when I see the flag.

  5. None of you White Nationalist or whatever maintain your hobby unless ZOGbux are involved

    Unless there is “Hal Turner financing” involved — i.e. ZOG is paying for the collection of data-mining or simply taking out all of the financial oxygen out of whigger rebellion — thus David Duck’s/Milton Munster Don Black’s $permFart or Rabbi Linder’s Greater Free Range ZOGtard Corral & Virtual Colostomy Bag (Formerly TraitorGlenn Miller Newz Nutwerk), then you “hobbyists” invariably shut down and close up shop without any recourse to those who foolishly thought that you would stick around for a while.

    How much does shared server space cost? A few dollars per month? Yet without a word of warning this “Southern Nationalist Network” simply pulled the plug without even leaving an archive which could have been fixed to not accept any new input.

    Now this unprofessionalism has been part and parcel of the Movement, along with censorship, of the “Movement Media” experience. About the only ones who maintain anything are those who are financed by ZOG or by those who are the professional “paytriots” wanting to sell fools stuff.

    Now I can understand how just an individual going on with his own life can be overwhelmed and not update his blog or forum or web page. But what I will not condone is when all that is necessary is to maintain a simple archive of material which was entrusted to someone who claimed to be one of us to simply destroy all that work and effort through what is mere whim or laziness.

    One should never take seriously again those who have shown that they lack seriousness or commitment or even simple moral sense.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

  6. Mike Millers says “Black slashing out white….”

    So is the Scottish flag white slashing out blue? lol Is the St Patrick flag red slashing out white? Hey, if you don’t like it don’t use it. But it has now been used across the South in lots of anti-immigration, anti-gay marriage and anti-Feds demonstrations. It is the symbol of the SN movement today. And it is not slashing out anything. It is a St Andrew’s cross – used by many nations in lots of different colours.

  7. PML writes, “I will not condone is when all that is necessary is to maintain a simple archive of material which was entrusted to someone who claimed to be one of us to simply destroy all that work and effort through what is mere whim or laziness.”

    SNN was not entrusted to anyone. I started and owned it and chose to move on. I did not want an archive of it or I would have saved one. The important concepts from it will be in my book out later this year or else will be rewritten in a better form on SF. And I do not claim to be a WN. I am a SN.

  8. ‘SNN was not entrusted to anyone. I started and owned it and chose to move on. I did not want an archive of it or I would have saved one. The important concepts from it will be in my book out later this year or else will be rewritten in a better form on SF.’

    I think it was wise to move on. I have followed you (Palmetto Patriot) for a couple of years, in various places, (including SNN) and, all the time, it is quite clear to me that you have only one goal – to learn how to cogently and simply meld together those words and ideas which will prick our people out of a terrible slumber.

    Everything else is moot.

  9. ‘And I do not claim to be a WN. I am a SN.’

    Irrespective of whatever philosophical differences we may or may not have, Palmetto Patriot, it makes my heart soar like a hawk to hear you say it.

    I never comprehend those people who consider themselves White Nationalists and Southern Nationalists, simultaneously. Verily, the twain are not only NOT compatible, they are rather antithetical.

    Anyone who has spent time in another country, or in another state, outside of our region, must surely realize that, though we will, sometimes, find fellow Confederates in those places, we cannot find Southern Nationalists, because to be that, you must have grown up Southern, or, at least, have spent many years amongst us.

    To me this is at the core of the Southern complaint with ‘the union. Why? Because we DO NOT want Vermonters, Minnesotans, Californians, or Hawaiians. of any colour, passing judgement on our culture – either at the ballot box, or on the bench.

    Southern Nationalism has a heavy component of parochialism to it, while ‘White Nationalism’ has got a a large ‘one world universalist component to it – much like Marxism or today’s Atlanticist ‘One World Federal Culture’ to it.

    No, these two political sensibilities are not compatible, and, as you are a leader of Southern Nationalism, it is damn good to see you know it.

  10. If “Pastor” Lindstedt has anything to do with the original Aryan Nations / Church of Jesus Christ Christian then Richard Butler has to be turning in his grave. I have visited his website on occasion and found it filled with quasi-homosexual, sexual, and rectal fixated ramblings of people that I wouldn’t trust with a potato gun (i.e. $permFart). I enjoyed SNN and hated to see it go but maybe it should be looked at as a foundation stone for something much greater. If Lindstedt had something as interesting and as useful to say instead of documenting the “Movements Daily Bowel Movement” he might have a site that would be as appreciated and missed if it went away.

  11. I always thought a big grey star should be placed on the middle of the X on the flag to symbolize not only the Saint Andrews cross but also the Bonnie Blue flag, two great symbols of southern independence, but its better to organize than to be divided so its just an idea.

  12. Historically speaking, the South was “pro-White,” but that was not to say that Southerners and White people were interchangeable.

    It meant that we recognized the reality of racial differences. We valued and sought to preserve our racial identity and our values, customs, and laws reflected that.

  13. Dear Mr. Griffin,
    I thank you for your thoughtful words.

    As you know, The South has always been multi-cultural – but, not in the New England model egalitarian way, but, a heirarchical patriarchical way, with Anglo-Saxe, usually, in charge.

    Though neither I nor Jews consider me Jewish, (because my mama was Southron and I was raised Christian) I realize that many on this site do consider me Jewish. So, then, to those who consider me Jewish and ponder the fact I am so ardently Confederate and Southern Nationalist, I would like to say this :

    My family lived and I grew up in the traditional Southern society of North Carolina, and we felt well served by it and blesst to be in it.

    Personally, after decades of reflection, I would rather be considered a ‘minority’ in a traditional Southern society, than an equal in the Yankee Federal; I would rather have and live under a President Michael Hill, than a President Clinton, Bush, or Obama.

    It may be that traditional Southern society does not sound as well or attractive as the modern Federal Yankee, in words, but, on the whole, the reality of it was far superior to what we have today – at least from ‘this Jew’s’ perspective.

    Thank you, Sir, for your work to support The Traditional South. It was not a panacea, but, it was a much more decent and ‘enfranchising & empowering’ place than what has usurpt it.

  14. One other brief comment, Sir : my daddy and his other brother (who lived his post-doctorate life in North Carolina) loved it here, loved the ‘white Southron people’ and never would have considered for a minute leaving it. My daddy, in fact, in spite of being the quintessential Hungarian Ashkenazick Manhattanhite Jewish child of immigrants, considered Raleigh a ‘Valhalla’, and his earlier time in New York City, in retrospect, a waste.

  15. @ Johann Theron: Recruit as many South Africans as possible to this site. Also share links to your sites with us so we can support them. We need to form a greater White movement.

  16. I see no reason Southern Nationalists should not ally with as many other white nationalist groups as reasonably possible and without cheapening ourselves or changing our standards. We can still remain distinct even while we are allied. As far as that goes we cold ally with a black nationalist group for all I care, though it would be a bit ironic.

    If we are ever to gain political independence in the South, then it would only help for the West/Midwest to have similar movements to secede with us–otherwise we might end up fighting against them.

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