#BlackLivesMatter: Paying Blacks Not To Shoot Each Other In Baltimore

In the wake of the deadliest month for black people in Baltimore in several decades, I have been meaning to share this one:

“t was early Thursday morning, and news of another killing had just arrived, this one more chilling than the others. There were two bodies. One was a young woman, aged 31. The other was her 7-year-old son. Both had been shot in the head. It wasn’t long before police and onlookers swarmed the West Baltimore street to bear witness to another grim annotation in the city’s skyrocketing murder toll.

“The screams I’m hearing right now as the bodies are removed from the house would rip your heart out,” one reporter wrote on Twitter. …

And he had an idea so unusual — and so promising — that officials today travel from across the country to learn the model. It’s simple, he said. Pay people not to kill. …”

Just wow … this is jaw dropping.

What kind of world do we live in where a municipal government is debating paying its citizens not to shoot each other? It must be due to the legacy of slavery or a sharp uptick in the Klan distributing fliers in the area!

Note: After reading this story, check out Dr. Michael Hill’s latest blurb on the failure of integration over at the League of the South website.

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  1. I thought that’s what the last fifty years of welfare payments, food stamps, Affirmative Action” and “Set-Asides” were for, not to mention “The United Negro College Fund.”

    Shot in the head, eh? Don’t these degenerate, feral morons know that “The mind is a terrible thing to waste?”

    “We don’t want a handout, we want everything you’ve got.”

  2. I can’t say that the problems of black people keep me up at night, but this was a terrible story. The state exists so that strong, good people can systematically protect the weak from strong, evil people. It’s easy to say “let them kill each other” and if it’s a couple of drug dealers, maybe that is the way of the world, but these people needed the protection of the City of Baltimore, and they did not get it. RIP.

  3. Well, we know what is coming ; a trip by Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton to the area, where they will give moving calls for more money to be poured into inner cities and education.

    As you know, however, it won’t work – because those solutions posited do not address the problem. The networks, however will love it, and spend a few days commenting on it, while they intersperse the coverage with old films of the civil rights marchers being beaten…

  4. Black lives don’t matter. The only time it does is when blacks and liberals can use a death to rent seek against whites. I can’t say I’m all that sad about these killings. We essentially have a useless underclass that no longer even does all the menial jobs it once did years ago. Now they are a violent drain on society. If we only has the political will to get rid of this problem but for now we tolerate this insanity.

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