Jewish Billionaires Conspire In Vegas Against Campus Leftists

Here’s the latest Jewish conspiracy:

Note: Yes, the Jews really are conspiring again … read all about it in the Forward.

“Washington – Leading Jewish mega-donors have summoned pro-Israel activists for a closed-door meeting in Las Vegas to establish, and fund, successful strategies for countering the wave of anti-Israel activity on college campuses.

The meeting, taking place this weekend, will be hosted by casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson and was organized by several other top Jewish funders, including Hollywood entertainment mogul Haim Saban, Israeli-born real-estate developer Adam Milstein and Canadian businesswoman Heather Reisman.

Organizers have sought to keep the gathering secret and have declined to respond to inquiries from the Forward that would confirm the upcoming meeting with two separate informed sources …”

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  1. They have been financing egalitarianism and secularism for decades. And that is exactly what they have gotten. If the spawn of their largess has applied what they were taught to every nation and people then there isn’t much of a way around that. Perhaps they should have been more circumspect in what they supported.

  2. I am right about the Children of the Devil, and I have ALWAYS been right about the Children of the Devil. It’s their demonic DNA.

  3. There are not any genuine Jews—-they existed as a fairy tale. Today’s Jews are established by the drunken Alpha goy whose sperm is inserted into a druggy Jewess. After a few rabbinical training the genetically enhanced Jews are set loose into the business community.

  4. Hey Hunter, consider publishing/posting my article on George Soros’ son’s American openly Jewish Political Action Committee that just pushes Left causes for the USA and avoids all mention of Israel.

    It’s a 100% cultural Marxist program of destruction without the bad PR of promoting Likud Neo a Conservative policies for Israel.

  5. Many Yiddish grads under 30 have an identity problem before going on to lead a productive lifestyle. Some get hooked on illegal drugs or alcohol. Most try alternate sexual experiences like gay bath houses or sadomasochism before finding their niche. Finally the clever and shrewdest among them rise to the top of the social ladder and buy expensive apartments on the upper EastSide of NYC. The Yid failures get a low paying job teaching black kids arithmetic.

  6. That is why the Rudder (the canons of all the councils) forbade Jewish:

    real estate salesmen, doctors, lawyers, bankers, and a whole host of other issues.

    Michael Hoffman’s book ‘Usury: the Mortal Sin that was and now is not’ tells us just WHERE the breakdown occurred. And, while the Jew is the parasite, he was not the first cause of his introduction into the West.

    (And Hoffman is a staunch RC)

  7. Uh … this, as you know, is hardly news : as this is the story of Jewish existence in diaspora.

    I often think that Nazis and Jews are perfect foils for one another, each, in their power madness and lust, creating the other – to be lockt in permanent vitriol over who might get it all their own way and marginalize as many other peoples as possible.

    Of course, their styles are different ; the Nazi being like the hurricane spun tornado, and the Jewish being like the Kudzoo…

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