The Way We Used To Be

This was in the 1940s … next time you argue with a Rainbow Confederate, remember this one:

“As punitive and prejudicial as Jim Crow laws were in the North, they never reached the intensity of oppression and degree of violence and sadism that they did in the South. A black person could not swim in the same pool, sit in the same public park, bowl, play pool or, in some states, checkers, drink from the same water fountain or use the same bathroom, marry, be treated in the same hospital, use the same schoolbooks, play baseball with, ride in the same taxicab, sit in the same section of a bus or train, be admitted to any private or public institution, teach in the same school, read in the same library, attend the same theater, or sit in the same area with a white person. Blacks had to address white people as Mr., Mrs., or “Mizz,” “Boss,” or “Captain” while they, in turn, were called by their first name, or by terms used to indicate social inferiority — “boy,” “aunty,” or uncle.” Black people, if allowed in a store patronized by whites, had to wait until all white customers were served first. If they attended a movie, they had to sit in the balcony; if they went to a circus, they had to buy tickets at a separate window and sit in a separate section. They had to give way to whites on a sidewalk, remove their hats as a sign of respect when encountering whites, and enter a white person’s house by the back door.”

Richard Wormser, The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow (New York: St. Martin’s Press, 2003), pp.xi-xii

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  1. It was OK by me. I grew up in the segregated South and it was the right way to deal with the races – now the South is crap – dominated by the Negro who is supported by the Fed’s in all respects.

  2. Reminds me of the story my dad tells of my great grandmother while living in Tupelo Ms. She was walking on a sidewalk when a black man approaches. He wouldn’t get out of her way, so she stabbed him with her hat pin. For those not old enough or well read enough, a hat pin was a very long needle much like a crotching needle. My great grandmother had to spend some time in jail for that even though the man was black.

    Dad says that woman was mean as hell.

  3. From what I remember, Hagerstown, Maryland, and Clarksburg, WV were where enforced bus segregation started in the late 1950’s for Blacks traveling South.

  4. Douglas: My dear sweet grandmother, or so the story goes, poked a Black woman in the ass with an umbrella, who tried to sit beside her on a street car. LOL. Both of her grandfathers were Confederates, not to mention her grandmother who was a sweet old dear too from what I heard…

  5. Judge William L. Harris (of Mississippi’s supreme court): “[Mississippi] had rather see the last of her race, men, women and children, immolated in one common funeral pile [pyre], than see them subjected to the degradation of civil, political and social equality with the negro race.”

    -Source: Apostles of Disunion by Charles B. Dew, pages 29-30

  6. Alas,we as white Americans allowed the Jews to seize control of the mass media. We are paying the price for this grave mistake. However,the internet shall be their downfall. They (the Jews)always overplay their hands.

  7. The dilemma for us is to overcome this. Because, this erstwhile article may sound comical and science fiction to a Southern Nationalist’s ear, but, it will sound as a rising clarion call for justice to prevail over injustice, to the uninitiated ear.

    The difficulty in getting our views across to the mainstream is what, I believe, Mr. Cushman, at Southern Future has undertaken – to better approximate the justice of our traditional ways with a rhetorick that does not daunt by seeming ‘hateful’; with a rhetorick that spans the gap between those realities which nurtured civility and order, and the words which were pasted onto that system, to destroy it, by our foes.

    Indeed, the Left has figured it all out – they having carefully crafted a formula to present their craven and abstract and abstract as just, right, & moral – the very soul of ‘progress’.

  8. In the future (not necessarily the near future, but eventually) only separation, not segregation, will work. Elsewise, there will be neither white nor black, but only mulatoes, mestizoes and zambos.

    There will be a continuum, with Ava Gardners and Dinah Shores on one end, Mariah Careys and Thandie Newtons in the middle, and at the bottom, the Rachel Jeantels.

    The who-know-whoos are merely the catalyst, speeding the mix up.

    It happened in Egypt, it happened in Greece, it happened in Portugal. It is happening at visible speed in Brazil. It’s happening in France and it is happening here.

    Reinstituting segregation as a defined stepping stone might be a useful tactic, but segregation is not a viable long term concept. The very fact it failed in the American South is QED. Yes, it might still be here without our hexagonal catalysts, but the proportion of Whites with no Negro blood would be slowly, slowly declining each generation.

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