Blood and Soil: How Southerners Became a Separate and Distinct People

By Hunter Wallace


Why is there a “South”? What is this place we call the South? What makes it different from other parts of the United States?

Many years ago, the Alabama writer Clarence Cason wrote that the South was “self-conscious enough and sufficiently insulated to be thought of as a separate province.” Echoing the same theme, W.J. Cash called the South, “not quite a nation within a nation, but the next thing to it.” In his book The American Dilemma, the Swedish sociologist Gunnar Myrdal agreed that the South was “a nation within a nation.” The historian Ulrich B. Phillips once quipped about a ferryman calling the north bank of the Ohio River “the American shore.”

Surely, there is something to this notion that the South is a separate and distinct place, and that the Southerners who live here are a separate distinct people, unlike other Americans in some critical way. Southern writers, political theorists and historians have been defining the South for generations. The Southern people are studied by academics both at home and abroad more intensely than ever before. Among other universities, the University of Mississippi even offers a master’s degree in the subject.

I’m going to argue here that the land made the people, and the people made the land. The South is a bioregion. Think of the South as being like a bottle of fine aged wine. The bottle provides the shape while the contents provide the taste.

The Soil

Image 1: Climate Zones of the Continental United States

Long before humans arrived in the South, there was just the land. Like China, the vast majority of the American South lies within a “humid subtropical climate” zone. Everyone who has lived in or traveled through the South is familiar with our subtropical climate which is not found elsewhere in the United States. We have long, hot and humid summers and short, mild to cool winters.

It’s usually bright and sunny in the South. The air is sweet and sultry. Because of the milder temperatures, we have a longer growing season and fewer winter freezes than the North. It doesn’t snow as much here as it does in the North and our skies are far less cloudy and overcast than in Britain.

Image 2: Physical Divisions of the United States

Geologically speaking, the majority of the American South is dominated by the Gulf Coastal Plain and the Atlantic Coastal Plain, which are low lying areas that were underneath the sea for millions of years. The bedrock here is deeply covered with sediment and the soil is more sandy than the continental soil in the Midwest. The rivers that flow through this region are slower because of the low elevation.

The Upper South is dominated by highlands: in the west, the Ozarks and Ouachita Mountains in Missouri, Arkansas, and Oklahoma; in the center, the Interior Low Plateau in Kentucky and Middle Tennessee; and in the east, the Appalachian Mountains and the Cumberland/Allegheny Plateau.

The Piedmont lies between the Appalachian Mountains and the Atlantic Coastal Plain. The Atlantic Fall Line, which is where rapids begin and rivers typically cease to be navigable from the ocean, divides the Piedmont from the Atlantic Coastal Plain. This is the border of the ancient ocean and used to be the shoreline.

Image 3: 100th Meridian

The 100th meridian is the unofficial border between the American East and American West. West of the 100th meridian, the climate rapidly becomes arid and rainfall becomes scarce. This is also nature’s border between the Southeast and the Southwest.

Image 4: America’s Rivers

There are more navigable river systems in the wet, humid, subtropical American South than anywhere else in the United States.

Image 5: Great Plains

Along with the 100th meridian, the Great Plains which run through Texas and Oklahoma form the natural western border of the American South.

Image 6: Black Belt Region

The Black Belt is a crescent shaped band of rich, dark topsoil that stretches from southern Virginia to eastern Texas. Until the spread of the boll weevil between 1900 and 1920, it was the ideal soil for growing short staple cotton.

Image 7: Coal Production, 1901

By 1901, coal mining had spread across Appalachia, but before the War Between the States, coal mining was concentrated in the anthracite fields of eastern Pennsylvania, which contain the highest quality coal in the United States.

Image 8: Iron Regions, 1899

By 1899, iron ore was being mined in southern Appalachia around emerging cities like Birmingham and Chattanooga, but before the War Between the States, iron ore was mined primarily in Pennsylvania. Geologically speaking, the American South is simply inferior in iron ore to the North. Even today, 95 percent of America’s iron ore is mined in Michigan and Minnesota.

So what’s the point of all this?

The point is that the climate and soil of the American South, the sum of our environment, set us down a different development path than the North. Among other things, it determined which crops were grown, where these crops were grown, who labored in the fields, where cities were built, the size and scale of plantations, where the rich and the poor settled, whether wealth was concentrated or dispersed, the racial composition of the population, why agriculture was favored over manufacturing and commerce, why the South had less need for internal improvements, trade policy and so forth.

To a large extent, the land itself determined the nature of our culture and economy, and by extension the course of our history. We needed fewer railroads because we had more navigable rivers. Although we had more navigable rivers, our slower rivers were less suited for textile mills. It made more sense for us to export cotton than to build factories. Climate and soil imposed hard limits on where cotton and tobacco could be profitably grown – the South’s subtropical climate all but ruled out sugarcane, except in southern Louisiana – and where Southern civilization could spread in North America.

The South is a bioregion. It has a certain unity about it that has given us borders, molded the people who live here, and given them fixed interests which are in some ways antagonistic to the rest of the United States. Even when there has been conflict within the South, such as the conflict within Appalachia during the War Between the States, this can be explained in terms of one ecoregion overlapping with another.

As the history of New France and New Spain show, that’s obviously not the whole story. Let’s take a look at the founding stock who settled the South and the ideas which they brought with them from the British Isles. It was the English, not the Spanish or the French, who ultimately established their dominance in this region and determined its destiny.


Image 8: British Origins

In the beginning, we were English and Christians, but our ancestors who founded and settled the Southern colonies weren’t any ordinary English Christians. The founding stock of the lowland South were disproportionately drawn from the South of England, the West Country, metropolitan London and other English cities like Bristol. The Scots-Irish who came later and settled Appalachia and the backcountry were drawn from the North of England, the Scottish borderlands, and Ulster in Ireland.

This is highly significant because the founders of Virginia and Carolina, whether rich or poor, were drawn from the “mainstream” of English society. They established the Anglican Church in all the Southern colonies except Maryland. They were commercially motivated. They were not religious fanatics who fled the Old World to create a religious utopia in the American wilderness. Instead, our ancestors were country gentlemen, soldiers, the adventurous sort, merchants, and poor indentured servants, or in the case of the Scot-Irish, refugees who were pushed out of their lands.

The key point here is that our real founders, unlike their counterparts in the Northern colonies, were not ideological. They were conservative in that they sought to reestablish familiar patterns of life.

Image 9: British West Indies

Before we go any further, we have to stop and take a look at a long lost branch of our family tree, the British West Indies. The exact same people from England who settled the lowland South also settled the British West Indies. It was here in a true tropical environment, principally in Barbados and Jamaica, that “Southern civilization” flourished on an even grander scale than it ever did here.

Many of things we commonly associate with the South are exports from the British West Indies. Unfortunately, the 17th and 18th century Caribbean proved to be too sickly of an environment for our forebearers to demographically establish themselves there. They created slave societies, but failed to create settler societies.

Image 10: Cultural Hearths

In Virginia and Carolina, they succeeded. The humid subtropical climate of the South was better suited for White people and slave societies to flourish. The South was too far north though for sugarcane. As a result of this, Southern plantations and their slave labor force were smaller than their counterparts in the West Indies.

The founders of Virginia set out to recreate the country gentlemen society of the South of England from which they had came in the Tidewater region. Initially, they imported indentured servants to work as laborers on their tobacco farms – in a world of abundant land, labor was in scarce supply – so bonded labor was required to get the job done. By the late 17th century though, the English poor had better options at home. Ultimately, Virginians learned to cultivate both tobacco as an export crop and to import black slaves to work on their blossoming plantations from the Barbadians.

In South Carolina, the Barbadian influence was more clear cut. The founders of South Carolina were culture bearers from Barbados who had already spread their civilization across the Caribbean. From the outset, they introduced the established West Indian model in South Carolina, with the full suite of slavery, white supremacy, the racial caste system, plantations, and export based cash crop agriculture that prevailed in the tropics, in this case, rice, indigo, and long staple cotton. The planters even built themselves a town, Charles Town, modeled on Bridgetown in Barbados.

In the early 18th century, the Scots-Irish arrived in America through Philadelphia and other Chesapeake ports, and began their epic migration out of Pennsylvania and down through the Great Valley into Appalachia and the Southern backcountry. The fiercely independent, warlike Scot-Irish carved themselves out a homeland on the frontier and yearned for nothing more than to be left alone to prosper.


Image 11: Americans Spread West

By the mid-18th century, the first “South” had emerged out of the confluence of these three “cultural hearths”: Jamestown, Charleston, and Appalachia.

The introduction of black slavery, frontier warfare with Indian tribes, and the arrival of European minorities like Germans, Irish, and French Huguenots had also given rise to something new: White racial consciousness. After several generations in North America, Southern identity was English, Christian, White, and free.

The American Revolution replaced English with American. The course of the Revolution, the debates at the Constitutional Convention, and the onset of sectional conflict within the Union began to nurture a new identity: Southern.

As Americans spread west in the 19th century, Southern came into sharper and sharper focus as the conflict with the Yankee became more intense. Until the 1850s, Southerners had dominated the presidency, Congress, and the Supreme Court. Lulled into a false sense of security by decades of tranquility, Southerners hadn’t given much thought to the tension between Southern and American identity.

Image 12: Slave States vs. Free States

By the 1850s, the “irrepressible conflict” between the slave states and free states was underway, and American identity was polarizing into rival camps.

Led by Sen. John C. Calhoun, Southerners had nurtured their own political philosophy, the states rights theory of American government, which sees the Union as a voluntary compact of sovereign states created by mutual consent. This tradition was derived from Jeffersonianism, the Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions of 1798, the Anti-Federalists, and John Randolph and the Tertium Quids. Since each state had separately ratified the Constitution, it follows that any state can withdraw from the Union.

In contrast, Northerners led by Sen. Daniel Webster argued in favor of an indestructible Union that preceded the Constitution and was created by the Declaration of Independence. Under this theory, the states had been created by Congress, and no state could unilaterally withdraw from the Union without the consent of Congress. This set up an irreconcilable conflict over what the US Constitution really meant.

The conflict with the Yankee raised deeper, more fundamental questions because the “freedom” that Americans had fought for in the American Revolution meant different things to different regional cultures. “Freedom” to the Scots-Irish had meant the “freedom” to be left alone and settle the trans-Appalachian West.

“Freedom” to the lowland South had meant “independence” from Lord North’s consolidationist policies. It did not mean “freedom” or “equal rights” for Southern slaves. It was the British, not the Continental Army, who had fought to free the slaves. In fact, the Declaration of Independence had condemned King George III for the crime of inciting “domestic insurrections” among us.

Whereas Yankees had risen in revolt in the name of a few taxes on tea and stamps and the abstract universal rights of all mankind, Southerners revolted against King George III because, fundamentally, we felt we had been disrespected.

Image 13: Southern Crops

By 1860, Texas and Arkansas had been added to the roster of slave states, and the Southeastern Indians had been relocated to Oklahoma. Southern slavery had reached its bioregional limits. There was still plenty of room for the Cotton Kingdom to grow, but in the future this growth would occur within existing states.

The balance of power within the Union was shifting toward the Free States with their booming population. The marginalization of the South within a Northern-dominated Union hostile to Southern interests was inevitable. Yankees would use the Union as their instrument to reduce to the South to the status of an internal colony with the Northeast reprising the metropolitan role of Great Britain.


Image 14: The Confederacy

That’s why we got out.

There were good reasons to stay put. Slavery would have lingered on for decades. Leaving the Union endangered slavery, but staying within the Union meant domination by a people with ideas and interests fundamentally antagonistic to our own.

Getting out of the Union was easier than constructing an enduring Southern Nationalism. The architects of the Confederacy were conservatives who were forced by public opinion into secession. They essentially copied the US Constitution out of fear that making bolder changes would divide the South in a military crisis. They even copied the US flag which they replaced with the Stars and Bars.

Southern was still too weak of a national identity to take such risks in the secession crisis. Southerners were just beginning to reflect on their ethnic and cultural origins like the Irish, Poles, and Italians in Europe. When the war came, we were still pondering our Norman and Cavalier origins and lacked the public schools to instill belief in a common ethnic identity in the minds of the masses.

Image 15: War Between the States

During the course of the War Between the States, Southerners acquired our own flag, national anthem, and heroes. “The South” even acquired a proper name, “Dixie,” which was the land of “Southrons,” a term borrowed from Sir Walter Scott. These were all ingredients of a blossoming national identity.

Nothing stimulates the emergence of nations like an old fashioned bloodletting followed by a humiliating defeat and a brutal military occupation – just ask our next door neighbor, Mexico. The defeat that Mexico suffered in the Mexican War pales in comparison to the magnitude of the defeat of the Confederacy. Whereas Mexico lost half its territory, we lost our independence to the United States.

Nearly 1 out of 3 Southern White men lost their lives in the war. Countless more were maimed for life. The war wiped out $3 to $4 billion dollars in slave property. While Northern wealth grew by 50 percent during the 1860s, southern wealth declined by 60 percent. The numbers don’t do justice to the abyss of poverty in which the defeated South was hurled into during Reconstruction.

The war was followed by 12 years of carpetbagging and occupation and about 35 years in total before the South was fully “redeemed” and something resembling normalcy was restored. Where the Confederate war effort hadn’t succeeded in unifying a separate and distinct Southern people, the Northern yoke of generations of suffering, poverty, and oppression succeeded where our armies and philosophers had failed.

Image 16: The Solid South

In the decades that followed, we chopped our own cotton, and we worked for the Northern banks, railroads, timber companies, textile mills, steel and mining corporations which plundered our natural resources as the fruits of their victory. We bought Northern manufactured goods at inflated prices while selling our cotton for nothing. We were taxed to pay for the pensions of the Union Army veterans who conquered us. Under this “New Birth of Freedom,” we borrowed money from Yankees to be crucified on their cross of gold.

Southerners found greater political unity as the one party “Solid South” which had never before existed. We raised monuments to the Confederate dead. We became a “nation within a nation” with the custom of celebrating public holidays that commemorate a generation of men who died fighting against the United States.

Image 17: The Jim Crow South

“Home rule” was the hard fought and long sought consolation prize for our second place finish in America’s “Civil War.”

Just as Alexander Stephens had described slavery as the “cornerstone” of the Confederacy, segregation emerged as the “cornerstone” of the Jim Crow South. Even though we had lost our independence, our money, and many of our lives, we continued fighting into the 20th century for what the historian Ulrich B. Phillips labeled in 1929 the “cardinal test of a Southerner” and “The Central Theme of Southern History,” which is our “resolve indomitably maintained – that it shall be and remain a White Man’s Country.”

By the 1940s, Southern identity meant being White, Christian, Southern, and free. In his scathing 1941 book The Mind of the South, it is worth noting that it never occurred to W.J. Cash, who was an iconoclastic critic of the Old and New South, that the Southern mind meant anything other than the collective consciousness of the White South, 98 percent of whom believed in segregated schools in 1942. Such a statement today would probably be met with a mixture of befuddled shock and confusion and talking points about “Black Confederates.”

In The Mind of the South, Cash had written about the “Savage Ideal” and the “Proto-Dorian Bond” that he believed were at the heart of Southern culture, which were his terms for the bond that unified all Southern whites, no matter their class, to maintain the racial caste system, and suppress dissent by liberal Whites. In fact, Cash was right on this score. The White South had a long tradition of driving its own Uncle Toms into exile. A short list would include John G. Fee, the Grimké sisters, John Rankin, Hinton Helper, Walter Hines Page, William P. Trent, George Washington Cable, and Erskine Caldwell.

Image 18: Southern Crops, 1925

Between 1860 and 1890, the Cotton Kingdom nearly doubled in size, and it more than doubled in size again between 1890 and 1925.

The lyrics of Dixie begin with the line, “Oh, I wish I was in the land of cotton,” and that was never more true than it was in the 1920s, when sharecroppers chopped far more cotton than slaves ever did during the Confederacy. A century ago, the South was still an overwhelmingly rural and agricultural world.

This benighted land of boll weevils, kudzu, and pellagra was in a world of economic pain – in Dixie, there was never a Roaring Twenties, and Southerners had been mired in the “Great Depression” since 1865. Several generations of poverty had tied our people to the soil, but left them relatively homogeneous and rich in a folk culture that was rapidly disappearing in the modernizing North. Their closer ties to the land gave them close knit communities, stronger families, and a sense of place around which they oriented their lives.

A major theme of the poets and writers of the “Southern Renaissance” of the 1920s and 1930s focused on how an individual could exist without losing their own sense of identity in a world where family, religion, and preserving the social order counted more than one’s personal and social life. Then the Second World War came and shook our social system to it foundations. The decades that followed turned our world upside down.

Between No South and Enduring South

Image 19: Dixie

The Second World War was a watershed moment in the history of our people.

Seventy years later, journalists and academics are still arguing over whether we are living in George Washington Cable’s “No South” or John Shelton Reed’s “Enduring South.” The truth is that we are living in both.

Before the mid-twentieth century, culture tended to be local and was generated by the interaction between the people and the land. Mass circulation newspapers, magazines, and the telegraph had been chipping away at that since the early 19th century. The rise of the modern mass media – radio, film, television, and finally the internet – introduced a third element and tilted the scale toward outside influences. It has made a global popular culture possible for the first time in history.

Globalization and modern telecommunications has opened debates about identity in all Western nations, not just the South. The French, for example, are just as concerned about losing their cultural identity as we are. The paradox of globalization is that while it has increased the number of deracinated Westerners, but it has made identity a more pressing question than ever before. We live in an age of identity politics.

In this Age of Identity, cultural geographers have chartered the boundaries of an enduring Southern culture that owes more to geography, climate, history, demographics and migration patterns than to artificially drawn state lines.

Image 20: Dixie Coalition

Southern culture is not homogeneous and contains regional variations on a common theme. Colin Woodard has labeled these clusters Deep South, Tidewater, Greater Appalachia, and New France. We no longer live in the South of hoop skirts, lynchings, or polio, but “Dixie” is some form is still very much with us.

Look at it this way: in the Sunbelt South, the bulldozer has a created a world in which we have gone from dirt roads to interstates, from the family farm to the suburbs, from the general store to Wal-Mart, from the Big House to the McMansion, and from Waylon Jennings to Florida-Georgia Line. We still eat BBQ. We still enjoy football as much as before. We are still stung by mosquitoes, but we get our guns, ammo, and outdoor gear at Bass Pro Shops and Paula Deen teaches us how to cook.

We live in the age of Joel Osteen, Cracker Barrel, NASCAR, and Dollywood – a world that is still Southern, but which feels inauthentic. Yankees are still with us too. Instead of The Beverly Hillbillies and Lil’ Abner, we are treated to Honey Boo Boo and Swamp People. The old feeling of difference is still there.

Image 21: Largest Ancestry By County

According to the US Census, Dixie is still dominated by African-Americans and plain old “Americans,” who are Southerners whose ancestors have been here so long that they have lost touch with their British roots. Elsewhere, two centuries of European immigration has changed the ethnic mix of White Americans in the North and West and has the made the South more ethnically distinct than it was in 1860.

Image 22: Southern English

Believe it or not, but the Southern accent still prevails across most of Dixie.

Image 23: Christianity Conservatives By County

H.L. Mencken coined the term “Bible Belt” in 1924.

Nearly a century later, self-identified Christian conservatives are concentrated in the South. As the North and West have grown more secular and liberal, the South has become more distinct as an enduring bastion of Christian conservatism. Religion has become more important to sustaining Southern identity as race has faded.


Image 24: Core and Peripheral South

In 2015, Southern identity is stronger in some states than others, but there has always been a Core South and Peripheral South. Writing in 1935, Southern poet Allen Tate, one of the Vanderbilt Fugitives, defined the South this way: “it begins in the northeast with southern Maryland; it ends with eastern Texas; it includes to the north even a little of Missouri. But that the people in this vast expanse of country have enough in common to bind them in a single, culture cannot be denied.”

Image 25: American South

Anthony Smith, a British ethnographer and expert on nationalism, defines an ethnie as “units of population with common ancestry myths and historical memories, elements of shared culture, some link with a historic territory and some measure of solidarity, at least among their elites.”

In his 1997 book Power in the Blood, the Canadian writer John Bentley Mays traces his roots back to the South, and beautifully describes the Southern tradition as “noble, failed attempts to raise on Southern ground a culture rooted in the natural order of our seasons, to build a civilization free of cruel utopianism and metropolitan alienation, sustained by loyalties to place.”

In his 1862 essay, Southern Civilization; or, the Norman in America, J. Quitman Moore traced the origins of the conflict with the Yankee back to the English Civil War. He put it this way:

“Opposite under the banner of the king, stood the Cavalier – the builder, the social architect, the institutionalist, the conservator – the advocate of rational liberty and the supporter of authority, as against the licentiousness and morbid impulse of unregulated passion and unenlightened sentiment. No idealist, enthusiast or speculative system-builder, upheaving ancient landmarks and overthrowing venerable monuments; but a realist, a practical and enlightened utilitarian, bowing to the authority of experience and acknowledging the supremacy of ideas, forms and institutions that had received the hallowing sanction of time . An institutor by genius and a ruler by race, his pride was at once the sword of his most eminent virtues and greatest weaknesses, while honor was the touchstone of his character. Chivalrous in sentiment and magnanimous in deed, glory was his ambition, and loyalty the inspirer of his every thought, impulse and action. Elevated in his ideas and tolerant in his views, his selfishness was vicarious and his very faults wore the semblance of virtue. Unyielding in his principles, but compromising in his opinions, his conduct was governed more by sentiment than reflection, and more by association than either. Courtly in his manners and splendid in his tastes, a knightly generosity he practiced even toward his foes, and never lost his faculties in volumptuousness. Without being an abject advocate of passive obedience or a supporter of arbitrary power, he yet took ground against the revolutionary party, not as an enemy to liberal institutions or a well-regulated liberty: but, discovering in the doctrines and principles of the revolution a greater danger to the social and political system than from the alleged existing abuses, he preferred yielding his loyalty rather to institutions than abstractions, and felt it a duty to attempt to quench the lights of the incendiary philosophy, whose torch had been applied to the noblest monuments of civil wisdom yet erected by the genius of man.”

Even in its degraded state, the dominant Anglo-Celtic ethnic core of Dixie and our Southern tradition still exists. It’s the ethnic and cultural glue that holds together these contiguous states as “the South.” If that ethnic core which was built up over three centuries is allowed to be displaced or its historical sense of solidarity is allowed to disintegrate, “the South” will lose its coherence and whither away. We will become strangers in our own land.

That, my friends, is something we cannot allow to happen. Thank you.

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  1. You left out the elephant in the room- the African. Were I a progressive I would be telling you the African was the source of much Southern culture, but I’m not.

    The presence of the African in the South was strictly economic. He was useful. He was also, as Jefferson said of fire, a dangerous servant, but worth the risk for many, to the extent they failed to see him as a risk.

    Northern whites however wanted neither the benefit nor the risk, but especially not the risk. The African little to no economic use outside of the South and the North did not have the culture to control him and did not want to develop it. Northerners were satisfied to keep the African in the South, but this option was flatly rejected by Southerners.

    The real objective of Northerners was to keep Africans out of the North, despite what the abolitionists wanted. African rights had little support even among progressives. African political rights was mainly of interest as a counterbalance to Southerners who wanted pretend nothing happened. The North succeeded in this goal for about 60 years.

    Global capitalism, and thus America- all of it, North and South- is based on the movement of labor wherever it is needed. If resources can be exploited by smallhold farmers, they will be moved in. If they can be exploited by slaves, or skilled or unskilled wage laborers, they will be moved in. The rich reap the benefits, the poor the costs. The presence of Africans as slaves in the South, or wage laborers anywhere, is a benefit to the rich and a constant fear to the poor.

    The South has managed the presence of Africans one way or another for centuries. It’s an ingrained part of the culture. But Africans aren’t the basic source of commodity labor in the US any more, Latin Americans are. They have come, and more are coming, and this will change the South.

  2. Beautiful. Really excellent efforts here.

    We need a history book for kids (ideally various ages and adults as well) written from a Southern viewpoint, I realized this awhile back, and this just reinforces it. I’ve tried looking even for old history textbooks which may be more sympathetic but haven’t found much.

  3. And just to clarify, I focus on the kids history book first because this generation is growing up being taught they belong to the most evil race of people to ever walk the earth (Southern Whites) and have it far worse than anyone else before, with Hollywood and mass media pushing it in their face constantly. Whereas most others just had to deal with some Federal school regulations.

    I have much hope for them because most don’t buy it and are just as defiant as their parents are – but I can see the wane coming if they aren’t educated in the truth of their great inheritance and the honorable and noble race of heroes they descend from. It would be inevitable, you erase someone’s history and then can rewrite their future.

  4. The Africans in the South most likely would have been sold off to Brazil as technology moved forward. They would not have been needed anymore and would have just been a financial burden on the owner. Freeing them was a monumental error. Giving them equality and the vote was just plain wreckless. They are here for good now, I don’t think mass deportations will ever happen. Things worked better for them under segregation. Their families generally stayed together, black men actually owned small businesses and worked. They had their occasional knife fight, but nothing like the automatic weapons and everyday slaughters in the black community of today.
    Blacks are not cut out for self rule in an advanced society. They just are not hard wired for it.

  5. Just looking at the most basic definition of an ethnic group, of which a nation of people is derived from, I don’t see how Southerners would not fit nearly every key component. A worthy endeavor (although possibly a fools errand) would be to begin petitioning the UN or whichever larger group confers protected ethnic status on peoples, for us in the South.

    It’s not impossible since many Euro groups within a country are granted this status; it’s a beginning and it gives not only legal protection, but more stature so to speak, in the worlds eyes. Bypass the US altogether and appeal to another, albeit Jewed out, group. Jews have done this type thing forever and have been roundly rejected 99% of the time, but it doesn’t deter them from trying over and over and they only needed to win once – to have one sympathetic person get into power etc.

    Don’t expect to win status the first go round but even attempting it draws much needed publicity and unites Southerners…particularly if we are unfairly blocked when obvious reasons and facts are on our side.

    Ethnic Group (From wiki which uses the formal definition accepted by most):

    “An ethnic group or ethnicity is a socially defined category of people who identify with each other based on common ancestral, social, cultural or national experience.[1][2] Membership of an ethnic group tends to be defined by a shared cultural heritage, ancestry, origin myth, history, homeland, language and/or dialect, symbolic systems such as religion, mythology and ritual, cuisine, dressing style, physical appearance, etc.”

    “Depending on which source of group identity is emphasized to define membership, the following types of ethnic groups can be identified:

    Ethno-racial; emphasizing shared physical appearance based on genetic origins;
    Ethno-religious; emphasizing shared affiliation with a particular religion, denomination and/or sect;
    Ethno-linguistic; emphasizing shared language, dialect and/or script;
    Ethno-national; emphasizing a shared polity and/or sense of national identity;
    Ethno-regional; emphasizing a distinct local sense of belonging stemming from relative geographic isolation.

    In many cases – for instance, the sense of Jewish peoplehood – more than one aspect determines membership.

    Ethnic groups derived from the same historical founder population often continue to speak related languages and share a similar gene pool. By way of language shift, acculturation, adoption and religious conversion, it is possible for some individuals or groups to leave one ethnic group and become part of another (except for ethnic groups emphasizing racial purity as a key membership criterion).

    Ethnicity is often used synonymously with ambiguous terms such as nation or people.”

  6. This is first class work Hunter. Easy to read and ties in social and material effects together in one nice package.

  7. Excellent job, Mr. Wallace. You could easily expand this article into a book.

  8. ‘The North had slavery, too.’

    Should we not, Sir, amend that to…

    ‘The North still has slavery, and imposes it on The Southern people’?

    If it is not so, Sir,what do we consider the migrant labourers who live in squalor?; or the infinite products of slave-labour that arrive at the superstores, undermining our people’s capacity to produce much of our own products, and the well being that comes with being a part of all that?

  9. By the way, Mr. Griffin : thank you for the fantastick report you provided on our history.

  10. “What makes it different from other parts of the United States?”

    The South is the “most American” region of the United States, in two very important regards.

    First, the South is the region with the highest percentage of people who are American, in the original ethnic sense of the term as used by Crevecoeur and Jay – descendants of the original colonial era White population, and of those subsequent European immigrants who fully assimilated. In Tennessee, Kentucky and West Virginia, a plurality of respondents list their ethnic identity as simply “American”.

    Second, the South is the region with the highest percentage of Americans who have remained faithful to what was, originally, the religion of the overwhelming majority of Americans – sola scriptura Christianity.

    Both of these peculiarities trace their origin to the civil war.

    First, the economic devastation caused by the war discouraged mass immigration to the South in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, preserving its American ethnic character. In the North, on the other hand, a booming economy drew in mass immigration, which displaced old-stock Americans from the major cities.

    Second, the shared experience of total mobilization for an unsuccessful defensive war helped bridge the cultural divide between elite and non-elite Whites in the South. The wartime religious revival in the Confederate army helped ensure that the renewed common culture of the South would be based on sola scriptura Christianity. Elite post-Christian belief systems, such as Jefferson’s deism, declined. In the North, on the other hand, the division between elite post-Christian culture and non-elite Christian culture continued to deepen. This division began when Boston rejected the Great Awakening in favor of Unitarianism, deepened as Unitarianism morphed into Transcendentalism, and has continued to deepen as Emerson’s old fashioned Transcendentalism has been supplanted by the New Age movement.

    As a result of mass immigration and elite disdain for sola scriptura Christianity, the Northeast and West coast have become insanely leftist. Alabama on the other hand, which has been comparatively spared these two developments, has become THE citadel of American conservatism.

    But this hasn’t always been the case. In 1856 it was the upper South, especially Maryland, which gave the most support to Millard Fillmore’s immigration restrictionist American Party. In the 1790s and early 1800s Connecticut was, by far, the most conservative state, with an established church, with a government still based on the colonial era charter, and with overwhelming popular support for the Federalist Party, the determined foe of the ideology of the French Revolution and the enactor of the 1798 Alien Acts. (Indeed, while modern New Jersey as a whole must seem to be the very epicenter of multiculturalism and leftist insanity when viewed from Alabama, heavily old-stock Ocean County is a different story. When Steve Lonegan ran for Senate on a platform that could have been written by Pat Buchanan [reduced immigration, no war in Syria], he received twice as many votes as Cory Booker in Ocean County, despite being outspent twenty to one.)

    Different regions of America could, at different times, play the role of American conservative standard-bearer because they were all so similar in origin: Northwest European, English speaking, Protestant, Whig, and, thanks to the cheap land and expensive labor of a frontier society, *relatively* egalitarian.

    Consider South Carolina, for instance, that alleged antithesis of Puritan New England. The first governor was a Bermuda Puritan whose earlier attempt to colonize the Bahamas was underwritten by English gentlemen, the majority of whom had signed Charles I’s death warrant. The Charlestonians named *both* of their rivers after the founder of the Whig party, and their original instrument of government was written by John Locke himself. Any intelligent critic of Puritanism, from Matthew Arnold to H.L. Mencken, would instantly recognize Charleston Huguenots, upcountry Presbyterians and the crowds that gathered to hear Whitfield for what they were, even if the fire eaters could not. The largest SC slave-owner never had more than 2,000 slaves – petty compared to the hundreds of thousands of serfs owned by his contemporaries among leading Russian noblemen, or the tens of millions who cowered at the feet of Kublai Khan or Aurangzeb.

    Thus, while I wish the South every success, I think it is a mistake to attack either American identity or “Puritanism”, since these are precisely what make the South distinct.

  11. Whites Unite: I couldn’t agree with you more. I think some Southern nationalists are quite mistaken when they repudiate America. To do so is to cut ourselves off from the land of our birth and our historic and cultural roots. Trying to create a new and abstract South is to play the fantasy games most typical of the left.

    This is not to say that we should endorse contemporary “Americanism” and the American Empire. In fact, we must oppose them because they are the moral enemies of the true organic America. And as a purely practical matter, a Southern nationalist movement will go nowhere with the patriotic Southern masses if it identifies as anti-American. Our message should be that Southern nationalism upholds America.

  12. I disagree.

    It is Americanism which has cut us off from our racial, cultural, and ethnic roots and which has substituted in their place the worship of an abstract, universalist American creed of “human rights” which is derived from the civic nationalism of the American Revolution.

    There is a mythology that “the South” began with the “Founding Fathers.” In reality, the real founding fathers were the founders of the Southern colonies in the 17th century. They laid the foundation of a culture and economic system which had no parallel in the North and which set us down a different course of national development.

    The Constitution was a bargain imposed on us by the Federalists that attempted to weld together disparate regions which had and will always have antagonistic interests. Within two generations, the Constitution had failed and unleashed on us the leveling forces which are still with us today.

  13. “But Africans aren’t the basic source of commodity labor in the US any more, Latin Americans are. They have come, and more are coming, and this will change the South.” – Young hispanics are in the same boat the young blacks are, it is adult immigrants who are the basic source of commodity labor today.

  14. If Southern Nationalism is destined to fail due to American patriotism, why did most White Southerners support seceding from the Union?

    From the Mexican War to the War Between the States, it took less than a decade to alienate the South from the Union and for American patriotism to collapse in the South.

  15. American patriotism in the Modern South is largely linked to a stable economy – because, in many other areas, there is a lot of disagreement and tension. If the Federal economy ever faced a crucial failure, the other cracks would become quite large, besieging the entire mentality.

    It’s a question of time and history how fate will play out.

  16. Nice piece, Hunter. Though, I have to say that many southern whites didn’t fare so well due to certain feudal aspects of the culture, and the harshness of many wealthy Southerners towards them. Sometimes, I think that the only time a united front was observed among southern whites was when it was needed by the elites to stay in power, such as during the Civil War and Civil Rights Era. Otherwise, it suited the elites just fine for everyone else to remain uneducated dirt farmers. Maybe I’m wrong, but many southern whites, who are loyal Southerners, feel this way. Is there even a southern elite that would represent the traditions and people of the region at this time?

    Also how much of the slave culture of the Caribbean was Jewish? I know that Caribbean Jews had a role to play in introducing slavery to Savannah and surrounding areas.

  17. @Todd…

    ‘Sometimes, I think that the only time a united front was observed among southern whites was when it was needed by the elites to stay in power, such as during the Civil War and Civil Rights Era. ‘

    This is an excellent observation – and, even in those eras there was no united front. A closer look at The South, in the Civil War, show there was no unity – not in the overwhelming sense.

    An example? In North Carolina, as early as 1863, women united under future governor and newspaper man William Woods Holden, to protest and riot in Raleigh – demanding that the State government withdraw from the war – and send their husbands home to them!

    Thoughout the state, during that war, men flockt not just to the Confederate ranks – but to the Union – the state producing more troops for either side, than any other Southern state.

    Yes, that was North Carolina – but, then again – the desertion rate from the Confederate Armies, in the last 18 months of the war was significant – telling of a different kind of disunity.

    ‘We’ never have been ‘united’ – even at times when it might, at a cursory glance, in retrospect, seem so.

  18. Junius, I’d guess that the average wealthy southerner was just as likely to call my grandfather “white trash” as was any northerner. I still celebrate my Confederate ancestors and southern heritage, but the South wasn’t utopia.

  19. @Todd

    Sir, of course you are right. Class has always been one of many issues in any Western Society.

    You know, Sir : I grew up in the capital of my state : North Carolina, where many, particularly of my ilk, lookt down on good-ole-boys and rednecks. I didn’t and don’t. My mama’s mama and daddy were some of those folk – getting up at 2:30AM and going to work in the mill, coming home to a big supper at 12:30pm – then spending the rest of their day managing their subsistence farm, in addition to maintaining 50 head of dairy cattle. After supper my granny watched some TV, while my Granddaddy read the good book.

    Neither of them graduated ‘grammar school’ (8th grade) nor knew what a participle was – but, they bought 50 acres and a torn down farmhouse and built the place into a quiet panacea. They never put upon anyone, preyed on anyone, nor askt anybody for something they could do themselves – and they could pretty much do it all, except cast buckshot and raise coffee beans:)

    These kind of people are my kind of people. If that makes me white trash – or half white trash, then so be it. I’ll live with the title easily.

    As to a living Southern elite : I’ll speak only for Northeastern North Carolina, and say this : they are still living in their great great great grandaddy’s antebellum mansions, and still carefully nurturing their own interests, keeping up their plantations in great style and unabasht to shave a white workman’s wage, by hiring a negro or a Mexican who will do the same, for much less…

  20. Well done. We could use a couple hundred more like you. My Scotch ancestors came into Nova Scotia, some family still there. Then down into North Carolina. They were Quakers. My generation moved to the Western side of the mountains.
    Thank you so much for your time and effort in putting this together. I am going to become a patron of your website.

  21. Junius, I would like to see a free South under self-rule, because Washington is as close to evil as I can see, and no other Americans would represent me fairly. I just don’t long for the past, or believe that I wouldn’t also have a hell of a fight on my hands in a free South, due to immigration, transplants who aren’t going anywhere, blacks, or “elites” who would be greedy and self-serving. I’m not even sure what a modern free South would look like. Even small town churches, spend more of their time building schools in African, Latin American or Caribbean villages or aiding immigrants and inner city children than they do helping white Southerners in need.

    There is much that I love about the South and its culture, but there has always been a bad side for many whites, also.

  22. Whites Unites’ post is a nice exercise in reverie, but not much more.

    “As a result of mass immigration and elite disdain for sola scriptura Christianity, the Northeast and West coast have become insanely leftist. Alabama on the other hand, which has been comparatively spared these two developments, has become THE citadel of American conservatism., etc.”

    As St. John of Kronstadt put it:
    “Hell is a democracy, Heaven is a Kingdom.” ?????????? – ? ???, ? ?? ???? – ???????.

    The South was genteel, the North was mercantile. But both were atomistic, to the degree that they willfuly and consciously strove to be Protestant; and therefore, are bound to engage in hellish behavior sooner or later. Atlanta has had for some time, one of the biggest Sodomite Communities in the USA- it is #8, above Boston, in fact. [

    The duplicity and crevecouer style of Atomistic Protestant-schism, lies clearly at the feet of the SBC, who clearly are as corrupt and miscegenated as, say the UCC, or the Episcopal Church today, no matter what the ‘sola scriptura’ claptrap may tell us.

    No, gents. The South has much to commend it, and, like other geographically isolated parts of the USA, might- just MIGHT- have lasted, if it were not for the ubiquitousness of the American Capitalist Orgy. Even our neighbors see it, when we don’t.

    I’m not saying Orthodoxy, and/or Russia are sinless, but they certainly show forth the fruits of righteousness, far better than the area of the USA that gave us Tammy Faye, Jimmy Swaggart, Elvis the Pelvis, Lindsey Graham, and Pat Robertson- hypocrites all.

  23. ?????????? – ? ???, ? ?? ???? – ???????. – sigh. Cyrillic characters, that your comment feature couldn’t identify.

  24. Southern

    First, I remember when I was in public school (the 60’s and early 70’s) all the textbooks were published in either Boston or New York (The North).

    Look back into (HISTORY), real history.

    Starting with Cain and Abel, there has always been hatred and hostility. In the Bible slavery was permitted by GOD himself.
    Giving due credit…. ALL GREAT POWERS were built on the backs of “FREE LABOR” – Slaves.

    I was born in Alabama and grew up in Mississippi during the racial riots. Everyone take notice, Our “Federal Government” aka Federalists from the time the first settlers first set foot on American soil they made friends with American Indians, It was a matter of time before the “American Greed” started. Now we start the “American Holocaust”. The “New American” began a process of conquering and dominating the Indians and overthrowing and killing them, then making SLAVES of them.

    But our Federalist Government wanted more. In order to create our empire, We as a new country have a rush of new settlers with ideas that they brought from the “Old Country”. Now we have “Conquer and Divide”. So now we back to the old Cain and Abel. Battle after battle, killing and taking. Then we have to have new rules “The Constitution” … Sounds good on paper. The “WEALTHY” always end up making the rules and are the first to break them. They choose to call the new government a Republic. A Democratic Republic, hence Democrats and Republicans! Of course there were the Whigs, Federalists and others.

    And everybody is an “EXPERT” on how we are to govern the people. Now we need to break ties with England which brings on The Revolutionary War and the “FIRST NATIONAL DEBT” requiring more tax.

    This raises the bar! How are we going to build this “GREAT NATION” if we are in debt. Yes, you guessed it, SLAVES. Free Labor, Just like all the Empires before. The Incas, The Romans , The Egyptians, etc. Now our “Democratic Republic” grows to what it is today and in the times that brought on the “Civil War”. Think for a minute like a southerner, Civil and War …. “Hi my name is William … Mine is Luke, you shake hands and shoot at each other??????

    Regress back to what brought this on. The southerners had built their new way of lifestyle as an agricultural center, while the North became an industrialized center. Now comes “Cain and Abel” again. Only now we have a new motive. The USA based in the North wanted the whole pie, “Control and our Money”. Biblically owing money makes you a “SLAVE” to the person you owe money to. So we have left the Old World only to start a “NEW OLD WORLD”. The South is satisfied with their new found freedom, but it comes with a price. Paying taxes to the North and what for? And don’t tell the Northern leaders did not have slaves. The South has decided enough is enough. Now here is the time for a revolt … Don’t forget the American Revolution (revolt) War.

    By now things have gotten out of hand. Our Democratic Republic has turned into a “Democratic Republic Dictatorship. Our government needs a cause for this “CIVIL WAR”. While the South was looking for freedom from the Northern Dictatorship the North claims it was to free the slaves. Actually they could not afford to loose their “CASH COW”. As the Northern and the Southern Army collide, The North has the South’s tax money the factories have their factories, so they have a advantage over the South. When the North invaded the south they burned and destroyed and stole as they went. Remember only the RICH could afford slaves. We have a repeat of what they had done to the Indians.

    They can take away our flag and try to change History since the history books, TV, newspaper and all our media is censored before we can be exposed to it. Washington DC has control as a form of Dictatorship. The Southern Heritage and way of life will always exist until the end of time.

    Before I end my rant…. Look where we are now. Trillions of dollars in debt and at war with most every nation in the world. And then giving our tax money to other countries, just to be our friends. Our government reeks of corruption, with government officials, law enforcement and even clergymen going to PRISION! Now we have the GREAT DECEPTION and I feel like we are bound for another Civil War. Don’t take my word for it, do some research for yourselves.

    Also I was in a class with some folks in their 30’s and 40’s
    That did not know what the PLEDGE OF THE ALLEGIANCE stood for or what it means. Our government took the pledge, prayer, obedience, respect, honor, manners and all the things that the South stands for.

    The South is NOT that flag and it is not racist.
    Only people can be racist and they are NOT ALL WHITE!
    There is plenty of hatred to go around and the government likes to add fuel to the fire.
    Evil gives way to more Evil, just like Lies are followed by more lies.
    The TRUTH shall always be the TRUTH. History can only be supported by facts.

    As for me I was born a Southerner and I will Die a Southerner and they can’t take that way from me.

    My lesson for y’all is HISTORY repeats itself.

  25. Don’t forget that British settlement was totally different between North and South. The North was settled by Puritans who in the old country wanted to *reform* the Church of England. They have been *reforming* America ever since the Constitution was ratified. It is ironic, though it matters not one whit that they have changed their religion from Puritanism to The First Church of Liberalism. They are activists and idealists by nature just as their ancestors were.

    The Southern colonies were populated of course by more Scots, but even the English that settled the South were a different breed from the English that populated the North. The English and Scots that came to the Southern colonies came for the opportunity of acquiring so much cheap land. They may have been no less religious than the Puritans, but they were not eccentrics that were unwelcomed for causing trouble in the old country.

    These differences are no doubt influenced by genetics as they remain distinct today. Again, the Yankees are still just as religious as ever, only the new religion is Liberalism.

    Even if there were no differences in land or climate, we would still be distinct peoples today for the mere fact that we came from different stock.

  26. The South’s very formation in the early years created a lot of the friction that caused so much problems during the war. The Cavaliers, basically younger sons of the Anglo-Norman Gentry and the Hugenots, predominately French Aristocrats made up the two strongest parts of Old coastal Dixie’s Plantation culture. These people tended to be liberal and urbane, even more so in some ways than the North.

    The Scots-Irish when they arrived largely through the Northern ports ie Boston, Philadelphia and began the trek down the Appalachian ridges were very different. They were strict Calvinists, similar in some beliefs to the New England Congregationlists but unlike the English in New England, their Celtic Blood made them warlike and harshely conservative. They had much larger families and they were the backbone of the South west of the Appalachians.

  27. A few things happened to make the South become harsh conservative between the Jefferson and Jackson Administration. The first was the growth of the Baptist Church, Campbellites, etc which slowly gained in influence with every year. The second was the new states ie, KY, TN, AL, MS becoming politically dominant. These states dominated by Scots Irish and traditional Christianity took the power away from Tidewater Virginia. The third were the slave revolts such as Gabriel Prosser in Richmond in 1800 which had been helped along by Southern abolitionists and Denmark Vessey in 1822. By the time of Nat Turner in 1831, the old generation of urbane Virginia liberals like Jefferson were dead and the Scots Irish/Conservatives seized control and thank God they did.

    The Scots-Irish, because of their rebellious nature and inability to be tamed, did cause some of the more isolated, less educated ones to become Unionists during the war, but all in all the Scots Irish are the backbone of Dixie and invented everything that makes Dixie what it is. Without them, the South likely would have degenerated and become just like everywhere else.

  28. Regarding the third world tragedy — The reason is simple for this government program to make whites a racial minority in a country founded by their ancestors: you are silent. This slow motion genocide is moving forward because most aware people are doing nothing. The invasion will stop and these troubling trends will start to reverse only when we say enough:
    – join the 2 million citizens’ army at numbersusa.
    – become members of immigration reform groups like FAIR.
    – always go to the polls.
    – when you get letters begging for money, return, in most cases, the free Business Reply envelopes with letters protesting our demographic replacement. For envelopes not free, it’s worth your while to send back.
    – Mow your own lawn and avoid restaurants.
    – contact congress and sat enough.
    Don’t be part of the problem, be a part of the correct solution. ALL patriots must take action.

  29. Thank you for this comprehensive, concise and heartfelt summary. I have a better understanding, and motivation to learn more. Although born a northerner, as I’ve watched the direction of our nation over the past 40 years I have concluded the wrong side won. Having now seen many surprises from … left field … now, I can easily imagine the south may rise again.

  30. So the white southern human needs free labor to prosper, lacks the intelligence to use the crops produced by free and unpaid labor to manufacture goods and thereby create additional wealth. It would seem that the so called southern white is nothing but a social leech, violent, unintelligent and dependent upon the labor of others. No wonder there are so many welfare recipients I southern states. Without the taxes paid by the industrialized states you poor southerners will be dying by the thousands.

    • “social leech, violent, unintelligent and dependent upon the labor of others”

      Another Black devoid of the concept of hypocrisy.

    • Not really, it seems much like the Earth/Nature/God, however you look at it, provides for all other life on our planet… There exists methods for survival, life, and even living, that don’t rely on oppressing anyone, or industrialization, and can actually maintain pretty lengthy and quality lives.

      Even many certain animals know that certain things in nature are medicinal, or medicinal when used in certain contexts… You have a K-9 animal companion, you ever see it eat grass when it has an upset stomach?

      But yeah, these “White Southerners”, when the majority of them descended from indentured servants, who were often worked harder and treated more poorly than actual slaves, are just all lazy?

      As long as we’re going on what things “seem”, you just seem another disgruntled African who would have much rather his line remain in Africa? Africa is such a wonderful place, especially in the regions the slaves were taken from….. Still butt-hurt some neighboring/feuding tribe sold your own ancestors to most likely Dutch or Jewish slave traders who sold your ancestors into slavery, which ultimately lead you to the freedom you have talking smack to “whitey” today, or a month ago……?

      You should really brush up on the history of “indentured servitude” which is what the White oligarchs named white slavery that was limited to long periods of time, like prison sentences of hard labor….. Maybe learn how the English intentionally targeted the Irish, Scottish, and Scotch-Irish for such, and populated much of America, even the South, with those white slaves in numbers far greater than that of the poor African slaves. You ever think the descendants of white slaves are about sick and tired of the descendants of African slaves spew ignorant garbage……?

      • white indentured servants were freed after serving 7 years and could then become another member of the white dominating class. Africans were slaved for life as were their children. Exploitation of labor, white or black, made the wealth accumulation of capitalism possible. However, black labor was particularly ostracized, denied their humanity, their children enslaved, subjected to violence of all whites, raped, beaten, tortured, at will and denied citizenship. So there is no comparison between indentured servants and African slaves.

        • Nigger – please. White slave owners – and most of ’em were JEWS. not Whites. treated their property rather well, since your Race actually produced something of value. You must be confusing the way your fellow Moon Crickets treat your own kind. Now, today, in Afreaka, slavery thrives as Islam advances/ Hey NAGA – you OWE Whites for all the Whites kidnapped from Europe, and enslaved, tortured, abused, and murdered. YOU owe ME for the relentless vicious rape and murder of White women, children and men. YOU OWE ME. PAY NIGGER PAY.

          • please do not display your lack of information so shamelessly. Jews were victims of white terror as well as blacks that is why we joined hands in the Civil Rights Movement. By the way, while your ancestors, the Celt, were painting themselves blue and howling at the moon Africa, a continent not a country, had large cities, universities and vast trading routes. But I doubt that your stunted mind can absorb accurate information because it is teisted by self hate projected unto others who are your betters.

          • LOL! you noxious Porch Monkey – you only know what your Hebe Masters have spoon fed you!
            The ONLY developed civilized regions in Afreaka were above the Saharan desert. Created by WHITES, of course .Sub Saharan Afreaka – blue gummed bone through the nose coal black Afreaka? No .there were no Nations until White colonized. Only stupid bipedal genetic throwbacks. Any now that Whitey’s left – Afreaka is reverting to the Subspecies mean. This happens whenever Nigger infestation and ruin occurs. Tell you co-ethnics to stop raping babies to “cure” AIDS, and eating each other. Wait – I don’t care.

          • ROFL Cities and Universities in Africa? These Negroes are so incredibly stupid. The whole concept of Negro Studies was invented by the Jew Franz Boaz and another Jew Melville Herschovitz who admitted inventing history re: lying to uplift the Negro

            By the way I am surprised he even acknowledges the Jews existence, most Negroes now believe they are the Hebrews re:Black Hebrew Israelites. Watch their videos if you want a laugh

          • This Is Afreaka:

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          • well don’t use zero, wear shoes, use stoplights, benefit from blood refrigeration, etc. But human learn from each other, Arabs brought the Greek classics to Europe and ignited the end of the Dark Ages, Africans contributed to science and navigation. Look up Greater Zimbabwe, Mali, Congo Empire. You do know what the Greek Classics are my savage friend?

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          • Sub-Saharan Africans never invented the wheel. They never developed a written language of any kind – some fab universities those must have been. Exactly what have Sub-Saharan Africans ever contributed to science? Navigation? From where to where? Using what?

    • LOL! What would a Nigger know about paying taxes? The South is larded with your ilk – let’s study who eats the most welfare.

      • really your lack of information is shocking as is the shallowness of your vocabulary. Do you know, my poorly informed one, that the Irish were called white niggers and that the largest riots in NYC, that is New York City my intellectually limited friend, was caused by the Irish protesting enrollment in the Northern Army to submit the rebellious South? Now regarding welfare, the Southern States are dependent the largesse of the federal government, have the most people on the social safety net, worse health indicators and are hardly the best the nation has to offer. However, if we include corporate welfare, the absurd tax system that allows a con artist like Donald Trump to fly a private free for free, white folks still come out ahead. So please read some reports on welfare and who receives what before you embarrass yourself. The good thing about ignorance is that it is curable

        • What is it that you are trying to accomplish black man? To convince white racialists on a white racialist site that white southerners are bad? This enmity between large segments of our races is further proof we must seperate.

          • Well aeuropeans could go back home and allow us, whose sweat and blood, build thid country to either stay here with our autochtonous brothers and sisters or return to our ancestral homeland.

          • Oh, you built this country did you?
            So, how many of the settlers at Jamestown and Plymouth were black? What about the signers and composers of the colonial charters,Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, and U.S. Constitution? What about the factory workers, miners, railroad builders, shippers, trappers, explorers, and entrepreneurs of american history?
            While I know that all of the physical labor hasn’t been white, the large majority has!
            Cottonpicking slaves and sharecroppers did not build America.

          • Who provided the plus value to make the other enterprises possible? Europeans would have perished was it not for the misplaced kindness of the autochtonous population and the labor of Africans. To this day imperialism ensures an inequitable trade system to secure europeans survival.

          • The indians harmed us much more than they helped us, regardless if some whites gained knowledge from them in isolated incidents.
            Blacks certainly aided us agriculturally, but they did not build this country, and the long term damage from their is much worse than what they gave us 100+ years ago.

          • Indians did much more hrm to whites than help.
            Yes, blacks did provide the boost for the south’s agriculture, but the long-term consequences are not worth the benfit they gave us 100+ years ago.

    • To be happy, free, prosperous, you and the other Blacks should self-segregate into your own communities where EVERYTHING IS BLACK-police, hospitals, cops, grocery stores, medical personnel, etc, etc. Only then WILL BLACKS BE ABLE TO LEAP INTO PROSPERITY, FREEDOM, RAPTURE, AND A NEW FLOWERING AND EXPLOSION OF BLACK CULTURE WILL BLOSSOM LIKE A THOUSAND TOADSTOOLS IN A PACIFIC NORTHWEST RAIN FOREST.

      Yes, yes, Mr. Vernet, the White Man has held you down since the dinosaurs, and you need to be free of him, get him “off your back”, so that the true abilities and superior nature of Blacks can shoot to the sky and be the envy and wonder of the World.

      And we know this will happen. Just look at South Africa and Mozambique. And all the rest of Post Colonial Africa. When the European colonial powers left, why, Africa exploded into prosperity, human rights, industrialization, and advanced technology. Recipes for cannibalism increased exponentially,

      Watch out First World, here comes Africa and pure Negro societies with technology and enterprise that will knock out Mercedes, BMW, rockets, computer hardware and software!!!!

      • You must be the 4th Marx brother, separation would only work if, like the jews leaving Egypt, we were given our due. Your understanding of economic history is abysmal, neo colonialism and imperialism mean that the european powers never left Africa merely refined their tools of control and thievery. This is similar to the situation in the US where policies have prevented blacks from accumulating wealth in a manner similar to whites. I assumed my comical friend that you have heard of red lining and other economic discriminations? One should ask the question of how wellwhites would fare in even competiton with blacks and others? History, from the scientific to the sports and culture arenas, would indicate that without the undue advantage of racism whites would not do well.

        • You are amusing, in a blabbering, psychotic sort of way. You expound like a child or a Jewish troll. Always making excuses for a 15 point deficit below Whites.

          • Bozo Marx, you don’t know much about the history of IQ and its unreliabiloty as an indicator of intelligence. Consider that the 15 points advantage of whites has not prevented 2 world wars, a cold war and the adaptation of self damaging policies such as reduction of the social safety net that keeps a far greater percentage and net number of poor whites alove that it does any other group.

          • Yours is a truly Negro brain that spits and sparks illogical, non-syllogisms. The Ancient Egyptians were Negroes like you, correct? Tell us they are your ancient ancestors, and that the “White Main” is the source of all your problems. Go ahead, cough it up.

            You should get down on your knees and pray that your cannibal, African slave ancestors were sold to the Jewish slave ships and made it to America-which you by default pull down to the Turd World Dark Continent.

          • So why were whites in Africa and elsewhere? To bring the gospel? I understand the biological imperative driving your last gasp, after all your children are increasingly marrying outside of your so called race and your grand children are not considered white by your onw definition.

          • Changing dirty underwear is not cognitive intensive. And piss pseudo-elegant prose doesn’t change the demographics and average IQ of your race, the genetic impulsiveness, and short time horizon. The Negro Race is the least intelligent, least civilized, least capable of all the Planet’s inhabitants.

            Don’t fool yourself. You are where you are because of skin color and scarcely anything else. You will always be under suspicion as an underperformed, having displaced a harder working, more capable applicant for your present job.

    • “No wonder there are so many welfare recipients I southern states.”

      Yes, and as happens in Northern cities, such leeches are overwhelmingly Black. The truth is that Blacks—because of several factors, but mainly low IQ—are incapable of being part of a modern technology-oriented society. That is true where Blacks form an all-Black society, as in Africa and various Caribbean islands, and it is also true where Blacks form a minority within a larger society, as in the United States. However, it is ALWAYS true.

      • Really? The problem is that intellectual achievements of nin whites are accaparated by a racist capitalist system, the cell phone, traffic light, etc are all inventions of black folls not to mention jazz, the only authentic american art form.

    • Jean Vernet: Did you know that during the 1800’s that the South had only 20% of the nation’s population, but was paying 80% of the nation’s taxes ? Also, only 8% of Southerners had slaves. The Northerners also had slaves .Slaves were brought to this country by Union slave ships, mostly into Boston, & there was never a Confederate slave ship. The African tribes fought each other, & the winners sold the losers into slavery. Africans sold each other into slavery. Robert E. Lee never bought a slave. He inherited them from his father-in-law & released them, but most of them refused to leave because he was so good to them. He released his slaves before Grant or Lincoln did. Social leech ? Most of the people in the South receiving welfare, food stamps, Medicaid, & such are Blacks. You, sir, need to research history & present day more.

      • Be the fiscal contribution of the South as they may its economy depended upon slavery. While the northerners had slave their industrial economy could not use slave labor efficiently unlike the agro-pastoral economy of the South. New Orleans was a slave market and whites collaborated in the ignoble but lucrative traffic.

        African societies were undergoing a serious collapse when exploration by Europeans bega, some of the large empires were falling apart and yes wars fuel the slave trade but how much was due to interference of whites who privided guns and delibarately encouraged animosity as in the Utus and Tutsis in modern times?

        Welfare recipients in South are whites, look at the folks who voted Trump and now regret it because whiteness is great but it does not pay the bills unless it is use to give unqualified people jobs they do not deserve at unjustified salaries as it was traditionally done.

        You, Sir, need to read up real not alternative history and look uo some real statistics not the stuff from Breitbart and Stormfront

  31. My father’s family all came from Scotland, both sides as far as we can tell. One branch was descended from a man who moved to London with James I in 1603, his son became a doctor and was later sold as a slave to Virginia by Cromwell. Following the restoration he was freed and became a wealthy plantation owner. The other family, my namesake is clouded in mystery. Both families migrated from Eastern Virginia after the War of 1812 through the Cumberland Gap and into Kentucky, both only making it less than 20 miles in from Virginia.

    Unfortunately, most of them fought for the Yankees in the direct line, I did have peripheral cousins in the Confederate Army, a whole regiment of cousins were in the Stonewall Brigade and a cousin was a Colonel under General Breckinridge in Kentucky, he was wounded at Chickamauga, he has a statue in Glasgow to this day.

    The war never ended in Eastern Kentucky, they continued killing one another as a result of the banditry and anarchy for the next 75 years or better. Same with the bordering counties in Va and W Va who usually got dragged into the anarchy that Ky is famous for. To this very day

  32. Appalachia was so isolated in 1860, it was a land of bandits, renegade Indians, Melungeons, and others. There were no roads in much of it, in Kentucky once you got South of Berea or East of Lexington, you did so at your own risk. Even outside Appalachia, western Ky had so many bandits and horse thieves that wealthy men with prize race horses had to demand the Governor of Ky clean them out to keep them from stealing their horses but that didnt happen till long after the War of Northern Aggression.

    The side you ended up fighting on during the war depended a lot on who the main families in the county favored. If your county had been a hard Henry Clay county, you likely fought for the Union, if it had been a Democrat county, you were a Confederate. Of course many just signed up for the Yankee Army to get food and a pair of shoes, as these commodities were dear in the mountains. Then they would desert and use the uniform as an excuse to burn out their neighbors.

    Today mass communication, railroads and highways connect Appalachia to the rest of their respective states and mountain people no longer a people apart. Unfortunately this connectivity did not exist in 1861 and it cost the CSA

  33. As for the Scots Irish I think the Scots Irish saved the South from liberalism. In 1776, Anglophile Virginia was more urbane and liberal than Massachusetts in some ways. Many of the Jeffersonians were openly hostile to Christianity.

    The Scots-Irish on the other hand revered the Scripture, even though they were often routy and fought alot. It was a dichotomy, they could out drink you and out shoot you but they often out prayed you as well. After the Revolution, when the religious revivals hit the backcountry from the Blue Ridge up into the southern parts of the Northwest Territory and south to the French counties in Mississippi, Lousiana and Alabama they created a Conservative culture based solely on the Bible, rifle and sword. Their influence in VA, NC, SC, GA, TN, KY MO, AL MS LA AR, TX and eventually OK is immeasurable.

    In South Carolina, where they combined with the extremely conservative Hugenots, they created Calhoun’s South Carolina. Calhoun was an Ulsterman who was revered by the Hugenot Aristocracy of South Carolina. In Virginia, they displaced the more Liberal Jeffersonians which I believe saved Virginia from aristocratic decay.

    Unfortunately, their influence was almost nil in Maryland and by 1860, Maryland ended up with a split culture, where the Confederates held almost all of their support among the Aristocrats while their support among the lower classes was much less.Gen’l Bradley T Johnson’s book MARYLAND IN THE CIVIL WAR documented this.

  34. The interesting thing about the so-called Border States is where the Scots-Irish dominated, you had feuding and banditry for a half-century plus following the war. Kentucky and Missouri were almost destroyed by it. Maryland for whatever reason never had this, I assume this was because of her more English Aristocratic temperment.

  35. I do not know if Hunter ever did a story on slavery and understanding 1860 but I will. Alexander Stephens in 1860 said that as the North had no legislative power to end slavery. Lincoln was of no real danger, but that the South should secede if the Fugitive Slave Act was not enforced.

    What we all must understand is that the North was using a form of SOFT ABOLITION against Dixie and by this we mean as High Tariffs ate into everyone’s profits a plantation owner could not reinvest his profits into internal improvements or supplies. He would thus be forced to free slaves to save money. Less Slaves=Less expenditures for food and clothes but also less production which then cuts into profits. As the tariffs slowly bankrupted the South, it is likely Virginia Kentucky, Missouri, North Carolina Maryland would have became Free States and thus upset the balance. As Western States came into the Union, an amendment to free the slaves would have happened likely by 1900 at which time the South would have been politically neutered without the war.

    The Fire-Eaters understood this. They understood that the South had to be independent to grow, meaning expand into the Carribean so that it’s excess slaves could be moved to new plantations. At 1860 Technology most of Texas and Florida was absolutely worthless, so it necessitated finding land that could be used for agriculture.

    I have seen many articles about 1860-61 and I have read Lincoln speeches but you always must look behind the words. While the goal of Lincoln may never to have been to interfere with slavery except in the territories PER SE. causing economic conditions to destroy the institution was merely SOFT ABOLITIONISM therefore abolitionism nonetheless. THUS IT WAS EVEN WORSE THAN THE OPEN FORM PRACTICED BY THE RADICALS.

    Soft Abolitionism is like it’s unholy Kin White Genocide. If you pass programs that are ANTI-WHITE though you as yet aren’t killing white people PER SE you are creating the conditions to destroy them.

  36. I always “knew” instinctively that the Southern people were a distinct ethnic group, now I know why. Thanks so much for this insightful article.

  37. I was born a third generation Texan, from the central region. I have always identified myself as a Southerner, having lived, worked, and known many Southerners.

    Going forward, it is beyond obvious that Whites can only SURVIVE when they have their own country, complete sovereignty and incorporate much of the governance and political culture of Singapore. The Chinese will always control Singapore, because they maintain a minimum percentage of the population. They exhibit very strong cultural, racial, ethnic and other bonds as a people.

    Southerners should look to other places in the World to learn and apprehend what is useful and what NOT to do. I have other ideas toward a future White National Homeland, found on this forum.

  38. Dear Occidental Dissentisaurs: There is no WN “extermination” or “genocide”. WN is committing suicide. Simple. WN denies the truth and deludes itself. So simple. WN are not cooperating, so WN cannot compete. So very simple. WN are Abel, Others are Cain. Cain evolved, Abel expired. So very, very simple. Natural Law, God’s Law & Constitutional Law are not false. Your interpretations of them are. Ockham’s Razor. As plain as the N noses on your rationalising W faces.

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