Allen Tate on Social Justice

Here’s a quote from Allen Tate, one of the Vanderbilt Fugitives and a leading Southern Agrarian, on the South’s traditional racial caste system:


“I am not moved by the Negro’s demand for social justice and equality (worthy as those causes may be); I am interested in order and civilization, which in a crisis take precedence over all other aims.”

– Allen Tate, 1967

Note: In Allen Tate’s poetry, order and civilization take precedence over the claims of equality and social justice.

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  1. “Do you know what future historians will regard as the most important event of this age? It will not be Hitler or World War II, its will not be the release of nuclear energy, it will not be the menace of Communism, It will be the total abdication of the white race!” Lord Chetwell

    “The struggle of our time is to concentrate, not to dissipate; to renew our association with traditional wisdom; to reestablish a vital connection between the individual and the race. It is, in a word, a struggle against liberalism!” T.S. Eliot

  2. “Here’s a quote from Allen Tate, one of the Vanderbilt Fugitives and a leading Southern Agrarian, on the South’s traditional racial caste system:”

    Thanks for posting this as this gives me another reason to present my self as an intellectual leader of Southern separatists, Southern cultural activism now.

    I’m a Vanderbilt alumnus. I was aware of the Vanderbilt Agrarians at the time I was in college, the most famous being Robert Penn Warren. It seemed at the time that Black and White relations in the South were always on the back burner with this group and perhaps that’s the way it should always be.

    It works well to present a positive program for avoiding the horrors of mass urbanization, big banks, big government, big “International” things that no one in some rural area of the South can understand or would ever support.

    Yes, best to chuck most of all this stop and say and act:

    Not this.

    This ain’t us.

    Ours is a different way, a Southern agrarian way, where people all know each other, know their kith and kin, know their history and will see to it that the present and future will be consistent with this good, Southern Agrarian way of life.

    Now that said, be VERY VERY CAREFUL not to give current Southern Agribusiness owners, leaders are free hand to do what they want, as they will say:

    “Just get government off our backs and let us do what our grandparents did, run our farms and businesses the way we wants”.

    There was, is and will be huge problems of selfish Southern Agribusiness owners like the Georgia Onion King, Tyson Foods CEO Donny Smith who want to use/import the lowest cost non White, non Southern labor including Somalian Bantu Muslim polygamists!

    Work to know your local Southern Agrarian neighbors – are they living a positive, good life doing what is best in the short term and long term for the Southern agrarian people?

    If so (family farms, hiring local Whites, local decent Blacks, or rehabilitating local ex convicts) yes, support them.

    If they are getting rich using a hideous new form of neo Slavery, lowest cost non White/Muslim labor – they are your/our enemies. Identify the traitors and work to punish them in a fair and just manner – social ostracism is the most appropriate form of punishment.

  3. @Jack Ryan: I think the quote is timely, considering the current state of the country and massive black insurrections sponsored by EveryJew&Co. It’s eerily reminiscent of the 1960s when racial bonds were strengthened even more under a current and very real threat.

    Now of course I live in AL where the blacks are pretty easy going, but the creeping South of this kinda behavior is happening and its reawakening many whites who have been in the semi racial slumber. It seems this violence (social disorder), in itself is separating the wheat from the chaff – from the 95% of white Southerners who know in their soul what the black masses are capable of, and also how to stop it – away from the 75% of white non Southerners/Yanks who still feel the need to apologize to the blacks and go and help them protest or cry for their mistreatment, while their house is being robbed and their children raped.

    Another very stark distinction that Southerners are their own distinct ethnicity; they have common sense. (exceptions may be for given dares and trying to make anything go ‘faster’)

  4. Blacks didn’t know they had any “civil rights” until outside, Leftist agitators told them that they did. The same people who exploit them as political weapons against Southern whites, while feigning concern for their plight and well being. The same people who express a false morality based on non existent principles found nowhere in Scripture or in any Political or Theological theory found anywhere in the World. All religions preach racial and cultural exclusivity, and all polities, except that of the Yankee, enforce it.

  5. Thank you CT for sharing these excellent personal observations.

    Let s try to live positive, productive lives in our local communities, treat people fairly our kith and kin and also other decent folks, including decent black folks. I interacted with many today, also one crazy, crack cocaine or something worse street creature. I handled the situation just OK.

  6. Mr. Ryan is absolutely right : decency and kindness über alles. No passer-by deserves to be the target of another’s political frustrations.

  7. Who was ever encouraging anyone to be rude or take frustrations out on them? I notice we get on with blacks much more amicably here than 99% of other places. Especially including Chicago. But the poem is true, we can’t accept abstract human rights theories over order and civilization, that’s what’s gotten us into this mess.

  8. It’s amazing how Jews continue to be the outside agitators of blacks, while constantly telling whites that “no passer by deserves to be the target of another’s political frustrations”. As if ANY WHITES ever randomly attack blacks randomly for political reasons. Yet due to these same Jews, white women are raped once every seven minutes by a black and white property and lives are destroyed in the most gruesome fashion. White children being burned to death seems to be a common theme now – just like the young white boy around 4 years old burned alive on the day Trayvon died. No Jews media for him.

    In one fell swoop the sentence is the accuser, assuming, and the pre judgement- that we (Southern Whites) will start attacking blacks if not reminded that “no one deserves it” *tears* another Shoah© no doubt.

    Why don’t the Jews go tell their brothers in Israel to stop the “attacks due to policy reasons” on blacks? They are literally keeping them in concentration camps and deporting them en mass. Oh yeah, they think Europe should take them all as well. The chutzpah! It’s definitely in the genetics of the eternal agitators.

  9. Amen, CT. Right back in their faces. You call it “chutzpah.” Actually, I believe that Ashkenazi Jews have an evolved module (this is a concept of evolutionary psychology) in their brains that allows them to be utter hypocrites without showing a trace of shame. Such a module facilitated the economic and therefore reproductive success of the individuals in the late middle-ages in Central Europe who were engaged in loan sharking, peddling, tavern-keeping and tax farming of the peasantry for the minor nobility. If I am correct, they just cannot help acting as they do. Destroying European lives is inherent in their psychology.

  10. @Jay…

    ‘ If I am correct, they (Ashkenzaick Jews) just cannot help acting as they do. Destroying European lives is inherent in their psychology…’

    Sir, I am sure that you have read that, many times over, as your rhetorick shows . That said, as my daddy’s folk were Ashkenazick Hungarian Jews, my knowledge comes from 3-D life, and what I know is this…

    It’s a competitive thing, a drive, inculcated by family pressure, to be on top of all in your professional category and in your life position – above all other Jews, non-Jews, Negroes, Irishmen, Finns, and what-not- it matters not) – It’s a money, security, and, thus, influence-driven thing, NOT a killing thing.

    Jews learned what my mama’s Southron folk have yet to learn, and that is : if’n ye don’ speak up an’ peddle yore own dadgum interests, someone ‘ll fer ye, an’, whin thet happinz, it ayn’t gunnuh be lik’lee the result ye wawnt.

    However, if it gets your juices rolling to think of it as solely a killing thing, from start to finish, then, by all means, carry on as is, Sir.

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