CNN Interviews Pat Hines, LS South Carolina State Chairman

This interview has just came to my attention:

Note: I would add here that spree killings are becoming more common in the United States as we move further and further away from the Confederacy. Of the 70 mass shootings since 1982, 33 of them have happened since 2006. If the Confederate flag was driving spree killings (no one seems to have thought so after Columbine or Sandy Hook), they should be becoming less common and should be confined to the Southern states, but that’s clearly not the case.

Instead, spree killings are overwhelmingly driven by things like morbid fantasies, extreme individualism, mental illness, cultural breakdown, social isolation, and an overwhelming narcissistic desire to express one’s own individuality, and a guarantee that “manifestos” will be publicized by the 24/7 cable news media and clickbait websites. Not unlike Caitlyn Jenner or Rachel Dolezal, evil people also yearn to realize their True Selves and are becoming less restrained by traditional moral norms.

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  1. Mr. Hines conducted himself very well.

    Let’s remember that the Roman Catholic Cuomo’s ancestors were stomping grapes in Italy at the time of the American Civil War.

  2. Pat did a rather poor job of handling these smears .

    He s always on defense. Tries to say slavery was good because it brought Blacks here – that s lame.

    Much better to go on offense .

    For all we know the suspect snapped and went violent because of some violent program presented on CNN.

    Just state the truth that the Confederate Battle flag represents the South, Southern history and culture. Disavow any link o the shooter. LotS never ever suggests anybody invade Black churches and slaughter people.

    We need beer spokesmen.

    David Duke handles these things well.

  3. Selfies with guns are also a lot of trouble too.

    I’ve noticed an iconographic pattern here.

  4. One thing we need to make clear is that we will define the meaning of our symbols, not our enemies.

    We should stress that it is a contemporary symbol representing the culture, heritage, and human dignity of Southerners. Those who hate the flag basically hate Southerners. The flag also is a modern-day symbol of defiance of oppressive federal rule and it present potential for tyranny.

    The flag today has nothing to do with slavery. That institution died 150 year ago, and will never return. Those who obsess about it are people who truly live in the past.

  5. I’ll go with Ryan on this one, just another conservative taking his beating in the interrogation room of the Left.

    Get on message stay on message, asked a leading question like when did you stop beating your wife deflect it and go back to your message.

    I honestly tried to watch that video, but I have seen it millions of times, sorry Pat you have to do better than play conservative dupe.

    I still wait for the day when a conservative goes on to one of these shows and flips the script, gets on message, stays on message and disqualifies the little POS trying to interrogate him.

  6. @Mr. Ryan…

    ‘Pat did a rather poor job of handling these smears .He s always on defense. Tries to say slavery was good because it brought Blacks here – that s lame. Much better to go on offense .’

    I heartily agree with you, Sir, that the offence is the only way, that defence only when it is a brief expediency between offensives – because it is the only way that can create enough intellectual pain to make those who would undermine us, wax circumspect.

    Yes, Mr. Hines was, quite clearly, nervous and on the defensive, probably owing to the fact that he has not often been in this position. As a former professional musician, I can easily attest to my own difficulties at learning to feel comfortable in front of a large audience – much less an interview who was politely pressing to score points.

    Dr. Hill might have been better here, but, even then, i have seen and read some interviews where he did not fare so well.

    For my money, I would have preferred Mr. Cushman, or, perhaps, slightly better, (owing to a greater intrinsick acerbity) Mr. Griffin, in this interview – for, both would have taken the offence.

    I felt Mr. Hines’s self-consciousness (knowing how he was being perceived) here, and, though I realize this will make him a fine family man or professional, it did give him trouble, in this context.

  7. I like the debating technique used by Dan Ackroyd in the 1970s Saturday Night Live news, point counterpoint (based on a real show with some conservative James Kirpatrick).

    Dan Akroyd as the Conservative guy responding to liberal Jane Curtain would usually start:

    “Jane you ignorant slut….”

    This was clearly designed to get off of defense and to get on offense by being, we’ll offensive.

  8. South Carolina’s affirmative action Neo Conservative Indian woman Governor is caving on the Confederate flag – she doesn’t want it to divide us!

    I’ve been writing for a long time that South Carolina wouldn’t be able to get away for ever for not having a straight Southern male in the offices of US Senator, Governor. The terrible Neo Con Jew wars inThe Middle East actually served as a distraction to Southerners in SC – some pretense that “We’re fightin’ em” – might as well go full Monty and fly the rainbow queer flag over the state Capitol and then ban public displays of Christmas as it offends the soon to be majority immigrant Muslim population.

  9. Pat was not at his best here. As someone said before, he should have been prepared to come out of the gates running, with talking points ready. Two points he could’ve made in this interview: 27% of blacks interviewed responded that the flag wasn’t offensive to them. Nearly two-thirds! That’s worth bringing up right there, just to make some points against the narrative. Before his interlocutor had a chance to respond to that, he should’ve moved to his second point: Every reason to bring down the flag is a reason to bring down the marble monument it flies next to, as well as every one of the thousands of like monuments across the South. And rename every US base—Bragg, Benning, Hood—that is named for a Confederate. And rename every High School, highway, state park, etc that is likewise named. State flags in Mississippi and Georgia will also come under attack*, as well as those using a moderated Confederate design like Tennessee, Alabama, North Carolina, and Arkansas. Massive tax monies will be levied to deface Stone Mountain in Georgia, and all other such historical markers. In short, he should’ve spoken over the head of his interrogator and said,

    “Fellow Southerns, it won’t stop here. The media will next ask for every evidence that there ever was a distinct Southern people be removed from the public sphere and regulated to a museum—where it can ‘reinterpreted’ to the point of meaninglessness—in an act of pure cultural cleansing of our states. And if history is any guide, cultural cleansing is always a precursor to ethnic cleansing. To Americans, I will say: This won’t stop with a cultural cleansing of the South, but will extend to an amendment of Free Speech as well: Mark my words, if this succeeds, in a few short years there will be laws passed that will ban the display of any Southern heritage symbols on private property as well. With that accomplished, the laws will be ‘interpreted’ to mean any symbol that offends someone somewhere—as has already happened with the Federal/US flag in California—even if displayed on private land, can be outlawed.”

    I’m sure he wouldn’t be given the time—his mic would be cut, at least—to get all this out, but he should’ve been prepared to use this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to talk directly to the people and not entertain his ‘host’s’ Q&A session.

    *Gawker is already bringing this point up, in an article titled, “Why the Confederate Flag Will Never Truly Go Away.”

  10. Lol. God forbid you be a critical thinker, or a stand-out. If you’re not a pod, or a hive peon you might start mass murdering people.

  11. The comments about Dolezal and Brucie Jenner are apropos.

    This is the era of the self- the maniacal obsession with one’s person, alone.
    And the rest of the world be damned. It is corporate narcissism, aided by psychotropic medications given out by immoral doctors, and Big Biz Pharma, rather than referring such sick minds (Whether Dolezal, Jenner, or Dylann) to a caring Christian counselor.

    Sin leads to death. Of the person, or of the society. St. Paul stated this, 2000 years ago.
    “The wages of sin is death.”
    You didn’t just think it was individualistic, and not corporate, did you?

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