John Brown: The Abolitionist Fanatic Who Actually Started a “Civil War”

Abolitionist, terrorist, and mass murder John Brown incites the Civil War at Harper's Ferry in 1859
Abolitionist, terrorist, and mass murderer John Brown incites the Civil War at Harper’s Ferry in 1859


The Derb makes an excellent point about Charleston shooter Dylann Roof who wanted to incite a “civil war”: in 1859, the abolitionist fanatic and terrorist John Brown succeeded in creating so much polarization and ill will between the North and South that he successfully “divided America.” Brown’s terrorist attack on Harper’s Ferry in 1859, its reception in the North, and the atmosphere of suspicion and paranoia in the South it created was the single most important factor in breaking the Union.

Also at VDARE, Alexander Hart observes that the media was quick to dismiss Ismaaiyl Brinsley’s assassination of two New York City police officers as the actions of a mentally ill fanatic. Mark Potok of the SPLC dismissed the actions of Floyd Corkins and accused his critics of “attack[ing] perfectly legitimate criticism by saying the critics are responsible for any mentally ill or otherwise unhinged person who decides that the matter needs to be settled at the point of a gun.”

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  1. That’s correct. If someone with whom the Jewsmedia is in ideological opposition cannot be given a fair trial, then aren’t the Jews themselves, guilty of bias?

    Not that Jews are ever to be considered biased in their worldviews, you understand….

    “We killed Christ, we’ll kill you [Whites], too.” – Israeli youth to Swedish peace workers in Palestine.

    Just sayin’….

  2. John Brown was a Good White Man, Humanitarian, and activest. There is no way you can compare him to terrorism, I think you need too pick up a Book about the Genocide and atrocity of slavery. The so called African American still has not recovered. If your statement that J.B.’s action kicked off the Civil War, Thank God that man had the courage to go against the grain. We might still have THE LEGALIZED INSTITUTION OF SLAVERY, if not for his sacrifice. They need to make a movie about him.

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