Rotherham Scandal Expands

Even an atrocity like Rotherham didn't discredit multiculturalism in the UK.
Even an atrocity like Rotherham didn’t discredit multiculturalism in the UK.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Rotherham was one of the catalyzing events that “radicalized” Dylann Roof. Remember, he said that he was furious because they were raping our women. That’s what set him off.

Note: Among other things, the CofCC is being condemned for our reporting on Rotherham. It’s immoral, you see, to make a fuss about the White victims of Asian sex predators, and the anti-racist movement and the culture of political correctness that made this unfathomable atrocity possible. The real victims are violent thugs like Trayvon and Michael Brown and those suffering from Islamophobia.

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  1. The British Nationalist Party [BNP], like the CofCC, was also viciously attacked for running political ads on the same issue. Yep, apparently it’s see no evil, speak no evil. Given the industrial scale rape of Briton’s children by these Asiatic monsters coupled with the lack of outrage by the British citizenry, I’ve come to the conclusion that the United Kingdom, as a nation, is completely unfit to exist and I fully expect the sun to finally set on that once sceptered isle for one last time at some point in the future. The $64,000 question is how would Americans respond in a similar situation? I suspect no better.

  2. He said that non-Whites were raping our women. That’s why he was so furious. Who can look at what happened in Rotherham and say with a straight face that it isn’t true?

    Over in the UK, the Labour Party, political correctness, multiculturalism and the anti-racist movement created a climate of fear that institutionalized the gang rape of countless innocent White girls.

    Oh wait, that’s not something we are allowed to talk about, right? We can’t make a fuss about that. It has nothing to do with race and anyone who says otherwise is probably a racist.

  3. For some reason, of all of the crimes against our people, the Rotherham scandal is the most heartbreaking for me.

    All of those white British girls, as young as 11, often living in broken homes (thanks to drug abuse, fornication, loose divorce laws, etc.), given drugs and alcohol by their abductors, raped hundreds if not thousands of times by non-white invaders.
    At least one of the girls, apparently, went to the police bleeding from her crotch, asking for help, and was turned away by the authoritites.
    Also, if you look at the linked article, you will see that the parents of some of the girls were arrested for trying to rescue their daughters.
    Words fail me.

  4. Latest news: Police knew grooming gangs were targeting Birmingham schools five years ago but did not alert public.

    These pieces of shit should be arrested as accessories to industrial scale gang rape!

    The confidential report, obtained under a Freedom of Information Act, also shows police were worried about community tensions if the abuse from predominantly Pakistani grooming gangs was made public.”

  5. @Denise…

    ‘FYI – the GOP vermin just passed the TPA. America is OVER. Get ready.’

    M’am, this is just the latest in a century and a half of ‘American’government devolution – sadly – often patronized by my fellow Southerners, or, if not that, then accepted in a manner ovine.

    Even if I discount the war to force us to stay in the union, the sovereignty of said union began to be subverted with the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 – it giving our currency away to foreigners who answered, and answer, to no constituency.

    At the end of WWII we made 44% of our own goods. Now we make less than 10%.

    ‘America’ was long gone, M’am, before you were born, even if not so many knew it. We didn’t have the internet back then, so it was hard to realize what had been done. Still, the deed had been done.

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