Rod Dreher’s Bolshevik Revolution

First, the SJWs were offended by the General Lee, and I said nothing
First, the SJWs were offended by the General Lee, and I said nothing

Epic post coming up this afternoon, folks. Stay tuned.

I’m about to call out these mainstream American “conservatives” on how they have destroyed the South. These people, who Rod Dreher exemplies, know very well what they have done. Now that we are spiraling over the falls into something like Mao’s China, they want to put up a murmur of protest that they oppose what is about to happen to the Southern public landscape.

The SJWs are coming for their beloved churches, their Jesus, and their precious Bible, which will also be condemned as “haet” and homophobia, just as certainly as they are trying to outlaw our Confederate flags and bulldoze our Confederate monuments and memorials. Within days, their target is going to shift to Christianity.

I hope Rod realizes that he has set the stage for the demonization and complete eradication of Christianity in America. Thanks to the foolish reaction of these cowards to Dylann Roof, all it will now take is one lone wolf Christian terrorist – indeed, one who no one even knows – shooting up a gay pride parade for the same people who run the media to launch a similar campaign now that this dangerous precedent has been set.

Note: Unfortunately, I left my laptop at the airport, but I have access to another one.

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  1. Rod has accepted the Left’s morality play. So yes, he’s next. Rod, like most Americans, are ignorant of history. Slavery did not start and end with the Confederacy, which only lasted from 1861-1865. Slavery existed during colonial times, during the American Revolution, up to and including the War of Northern Agression. Southern slave owners fought in American wars, served as presidents, congressmen, senators, foreign diplomats up to 1861. So why do they have a specific problem with the Confederacy when slavery existed in the South centuries prior to the WoNA? If slavery is their problem, then they should have a problem with all of US history from colonial times up to 1861. If memorials to Jefferson Davis must be torn down then memorials to Thimas Jefferson and George Washington must also be torn down.

  2. The one reason I became a Southern Nationalist was that I realized the traditional South was the true heartland of authentic sacred and secular conservatism in the USA. These evil attacks on it in the last few days have confirmed my view points. I will as a Copperhead Illinoisan, of Southwestern Virginian descent, will stand by you, even in the face of ridicule and slander of my person. And, if things get too degenerate here, even if it means never seeing the graves of my parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents ever again, I’ll move south, maybe even back to Pittsylvania Co., Virginia, where my ggggrandparents came from. Deo Vindice!

  3. Brilliant analysis.

    I know I am not alone when I say please keep up the great work for those of us that must remain in the shadows for now. I applaud all your hard work these last few days.

  4. Jeff, they are working to discredit Thomas Jefferson and George Washington. In the past, Washington was portrayed as some kind of vaguely New England figure. Now, he’s being dispossed of. A Northern commentator stated that among Northern students, Washington is a distant, foreign figure about whom little is taught, and little is known.

  5. “Mainstream conservatives”, aka respectable conservatives, are backstabbing traitors and probably the biggest obstacle to securing freedom of speech for Whites, Northern and Southern.

    Without their assistance the SJW’s and liberal anti-Whites would be no where near the problem that they are.

    • more of the same,

      Amen! These people exist only to lose and to suck up all the time, energy, and money that would be better spent elsewhere. They need to be attacked at every opportunity.

  6. Here is what Rod states to me when he didn’t post my comments

    [NFR: Just to spare you any more trouble, I’m not going to post your trollish remarks. If you want to participate in the discussion here, fine. But you don’t seem to want to do that, only to gripe. — RD]

  7. I see on Gayhoo (Yahoo) that the Confederate flag is being compared with the Nazi flag. I knew this was coming. This is the reward for our forefathers fighting for this kuntry.

  8. “If slavery is their problem, then they should have a problem with all of US history from colonial times up to 1861. If memorials to Jefferson Davis must be torn down then memorials to Thimas Jefferson and George Washington must also be torn down.”

    What’s your point, Jeff? Liberals routinely decry slavery as America’s “original sin,” routinely disparage Jefferson and other of the Founders as slaveholders, etc.

    You Southerners have spent the last century-and-a-half trying to find contradictions, hypocrisies, inconsistencies, etc. in the Union actions from 1861-65. You haven’t persuaded anyone.

  9. According to progressives, in the extremely rare circumstances when blacks are killed by whites, society must be thoroughly examined and action must be taken. However, according to these same progressives, the much more numerous incidents of whites killed by blacks and the extremely high rates of murder and violent crime among blacks have nothing to teach us.

  10. I need a list of black spree killings over the last few decades where the victims were exclusively or predominantly white. Colin Ferguson, Omar Thornton, etc.

  11. I don’t think you’ve scratched the surface yet of Rod Dreher’s finely crafted posture of public righteousness and private hypocrisy in all this.

    Are you aware of where Rod Dreher has chosen to move with his family? His home county of West Feliciana Parish, LA. What’s one of the major economic drivers of West Feliciana Parish? Plantation culture tourism. The places boasts two major Civil War plantations, plus the Audubon tour. It’s current parish president was born on one of the plantations that his parents ran as a B&B.

    And one of the major draws of Dreher’s recently created Walker Percy Weekend in West Feliciana Parish, LA is that very same Civil War plantation culture. None of them sign up for the official tours of the nuclear plant or the prison, what idiot would, but I bet plenty of them having already paid their money to get down there take every little chance they get between events to make a side trip to this or that living remnant of the old Confederacy.

    So, Rod Dreher might try to score all the public points he can with liberals wanting to demolish anything Confederate, but he loves living and raising his family in a county in the bosom of the old Confederacy, one with more current day Confederate culture than just about any place else.

  12. ‘First, the SJWs were offended by the General Lee, and I said nothing’

    As expected!

    Cowardly wuss had no problems with the car previously.


    Long-hitting PGA Tour standout Bubba Watson announced that he will paint over the Confederate flag on top of his Dukes of Hazzard official General Lee Dodge Charger that he bought for $110,000 at an Arizona auction in 2012.

    Watson plans on painting an American flag on top of the car to replace the General Lee’s Confederate symbol.

    Last week’s winner of the Travelers Championship and two-time Masters victor tweeted on Thursday the reason he decided to give the 1969 Hemi classic a makeover:

    bubba watson: ‘All men ARE created equal, I believe that so I will be painting the American flag over the roof of the General Lee’

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