Republican Controlled Supreme Court Upholds Obamacare

Chief Justice John Roberts rides to the rescue of Obamacare - again
Chief Justice John Roberts rides to the rescue of Obamacare – again

Now that the Republican-controlled Supreme Court has upheld Obamacare for a second time, the GOP is relieved that it will no longer have to feign resistance to the federal control takeover of the healthcare system:

“Even as Republicans rose in a chorus of outrage Thursday over the U.S. Supreme Court’s refusal to gut the unpopular Affordable Care Act, party leaders were privately breathing a sigh of relief.

Had the court gone the other way, Republicans would have faced their most serious governing challenge since taking control of both houses of Congress earlier this year.

Former Republican National Committee chairman Ed Gillespie called it “a bad legal outcome, but a good political outcome” for Republicans. But he added that it will increase pressure on his party to come up with a specific alternative to the law ahead of the 2016 election …”

Are you as excited as I am about ¡Jeb! 2016? I’m told that he will appoint “conservative judges” to the Supreme Court like his father and his brother. This is a victory for ¡Jeb! and Republicans because this allows them to get on with the serious business of advancing the Left’s the agenda and attacking their own supporters.

Note: At this point, no one but an idiot or a fool would vote for the Republican Party. Friends don’t let friends vote Republican. I told you so!

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  1. Not only Obamacare but they also upheld laws banning housing practices that cause “disparate impact”.”

  2. The GOP was founded as a liberal, anti-Southern party. After a short period of flirting with our ideas during their Southern Strategy days they have return to their founding principles.

    • You know, I hate to say it, but the movement is experiencing a boom because of all this. It’s not being reported by the media, but all the publicity hasn’t hurt our cause at all.

      If they had been content to showcase Dylann Roof as a terrible murderer, it would have been a terrible blow, but they have overshot by going after everything Confederate. They are giving a free hand to the SJWs and an enormous backlash is building against this.

      Virtually everyone in the SN movement and the WN movement except Alex Linder was horrified by Dylann Roof. They had the whole country united in solidarity with the victims of Charleston.

      Now, it has become completely polarized. They have “radicalized” so many people by their reaction that people are joining left and right. They are putting big business out of the Confederate flag business. That helps small business.

      I could go on.

  3. How many times do you have to get pissed on before you realize it isn’t rain? Perhaps this and the current White hating warfare on Southern culture and history will get millions of Dixie folks to stop voting GOP.

  4. And hopefully it will finally make Southerners aware of the total worthless con game that is the GOP.

  5. Well the good news for Congressional Republicans is that they don’t have to bother hustling to get a piece of legislation passed to restore the Federal ObamaDontCare subsidies to help insurance companies, which shovel a lot of money to Republican candidates, Republican oriented think tanks, 527s and Super PACs. John Roberts just saved them that trouble.

    So now it’s back to regularly scheduled programming: More free trade treaties, more open borders, trying to start a war with Russia, peddling paranoia about Iran’s nuclear ambitions, making sure that internet gambling remains a damned near capital crime so that people keep going to Sheldon Adelson’s casinos for the sake of moral values, and waging cultural genocide against Dixie.

    Because Amurrika.

  6. BTW, it is reported that Steny Hoyer told the media that Paul Ryan was running around the Capital with a big fat Cheshire grin on his face today. Gee, I wonder why he’s happy.

  7. Did you post about the governor of Alabama taking down the CBF? Republicans do so much it’s hard to keep up.

  8. I’ve had quite a few SSM-supporting liberals tell me they’re uneasy with what they’re seeing. These are transplants that I’m on friendly terms with, and they despise the Old South and the CBF. They don’t share our politics, but they’re thinking, intellectually honest people who can recognize a dangerous impulse in society when they see it.

  9. About my first post, evidently this system doesn’t recognize the strikethrough tag. The words “people keep going to Sheldon Adelson’s casinos” should have had a line across them.

  10. “The GOP was founded as a liberal, anti-Southern party. After a short period of flirting with our ideas during their Southern Strategy days they have return to their founding principles.” Palmetto Patriot

    ‘Ostensibly flirting’ would be a more accurate way of putting it. Frankly, I believe the Republican party leadership cynically exploited Southern concerns for short-term political gains. Regardless, they certainly have returned to their roots and in a ‘in-your-face’ kind of way.

    And that will be their undoing in the not-too-distant future provided the people of the South still retain a modicum of manhood and self-respect and boycott these slime balls.

    The GOPs cynical use of the Southern strategy has backfired because it is now stuck without another alternative. It’s kind of like Uncle Remus’ tar-baby story where Br’er Rabbit gets ensnared by Br’er Fox’s tar and turpentine doll. The GOP is Br’er Rabbit and the “Southern strategy” is the doll.

    The Party of Lincoln has relied on the white South (the irony!!!) for so long that it has effectively alienated an ever growing population of non-white voters that were never inclined to vote for its candidates in the first place.

    The more the GOP attempts to solve this dilemma by pandering to non-white interests, (via banning the Confederate flag and spitting on the heritage of the South) the more they alienate its voting base (white people in general and white Southerners in particular) and sink further into oblivion.

    They are literally stuck in the tar baby of their own making! Its a delightful catch-22 and I for one look forward with great anticipation to the party’s complete and total destruction! Check mate!

  11. “No one but an idiot or a fool would vote for the Republican Party. Friends don’t let friends vote Republican.” – Hunter Wallace

    These words should be enshrined! How about using them to make a delightful bumper sticker? ‘FRIENDS DON’T LET FRIENDS VOTE REPUBLICAN’ sandwiched in between a pair of Confederate battle flags?

  12. At this point, no one but an idiot or a fool would vote for the Republican Party.

    Yes, very true, and I’ve received flak for saying that exact same thing(verbatim, actually) for at least 15+ years now. As a racialist or proponent of Western values, you just can’t win in a closed system that is designed to promote unchecked diversity, multiculturalism and fantastical stories of multiracial bliss as its foundation.

    If “winning” during an election cycle actually meant something, then you would see serious reversals and repeals of past and present laws and policies that are harming society. But those cases are few and far between. Unless, of course, you are talking about anything to do with combating “racism, sexism, homophobia, anti-Semitism, White Privilege, police brutality, blah blah blah.” If that’s what you’ve elected your officials combat, then you’ll see repeals and new laws all day long. Best case scenario if you vote for and get a Republican is that you’ll get a reprieve(House Arrest) until the next election cycle. But considering the ebb and flow of Republican cowardice, you’re not even guaranteed of a reprieve should you put them into office.

    So there remain two simple questions to answer in order to move to the next stage:

    1) Are people ready to admit to the fact that much of what they’ve been told and what they’ve been taught to argue about all of these years are nothing but poisonous lies and distractions? For example, gay marriage doesn’t really matter to me all that much right now when presented with the very real scenario of waking up and realizing that there are a whole lot more black and brown faces replacing White faces in my country.

    2) Are people ready and willing to follow someone who might just know more than them or have a better plan, or are they still content with being led around just because they want to believe they were right all along? There’s a difference there. Credulity would be that difference.

  13. The answer is so simple its elegant. Unplug from the system. Leave the matrix. Tell your employers you won’t accept US DOLLARS anymore. Set up an alternate underground White economy that keeps every non_white and Federal Official out of it. No taxes for them, and more money and resources for Whites and only Whites. How many of these freeloaders will stay if they have to starve. They are not receiving living wages. Without your tax money they will have to either go back to where they came from or riot and burn down the shitty cities that form the political base of these rat bastard traitors.

  14. “Yes, very true, and I’ve received flak for saying that exact same thing(verbatim, actually) for at least 15+ years now.- Celestial Time

    Flak from whom? Probably diehard “fiscal conservatives” who don’t give a damn about anything but the “bottom line” and view the Republican party as the best political platform available to maximize their bank accounts and investment portfolios.

    You should wear their criticisms as badge of honor.

    BTW, I’ve seen plenty of the these types posting at this blog over the years. They were particularly active back in 2012 bragging about how Willard Sh!t Romney and the Republicrats were going to take back the White House from “BRA”.

    Perhaps that will now change given that the owner of this site, “Hunter Wallace” has finally seen the light and changed his tune regarding his views on Lincoln’s Party.

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