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  1. Sir – this IS funny, BUT … I really think you got the ‘Republican flag’ wrong.

    No, Sir – that flag ought be the face of a Ben Franklin $100 bill )Ö!Ö(

    … or would the face of a $500 Monopoly bill be more apropos?

  2. That’s brilliant. Wish I’d thought of it. I hope this one catches on. Troll operators should pepper conservative sites with it.

  3. Go to CPAC and hand out “Republican Battle Flags.” Hand them out at LS protests too, especially to fence-sitters who think you’re too extreme.

  4. Hunter – and also getting more and more and more resources to Israel, to protect Israel.

    I saw some GOP hack pol on TalmudVision this AM, kvetching about how Republicans will losing if they don’t deal with changing attitudes on…homosexuality, in this one instance…. I don’t know why they even bother.

  5. No argument with any of the above. But may I say if we actually in the near future come to understand strategy and actually adopt one then the political parties could be put to use

    Say I was a GOP politician in the great state of Alabama I would introduce hate crimes legislation to protect Confederate monuments and graves. A tactical move to be sure but in the service of higher strategy.

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