LCMS Statement on Supreme Court Gay Marriage Decision

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The White House is painted with a rainbow in solidarity with the sexual anarchist community

The Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod has issued a strong statement condemning the Republican-controlled US Supreme Court’s decision on “gay marriage” this morning. I believe this is worth spotlighting here:

“A one-person majority of the U.S. Supreme Court got it wrong – again. Some 40 years ago, a similarly activist court legalized the killing of children in the womb. That decision has to date left a wake of some 55 million Americans dead. Today, the Court has imposed same-sex marriage upon the whole nation in a similar fashion. Five justices cannot determine natural or divine law. Now shall come the time of testing for Christians faithful to the Scriptures and the divine institution of marriage (Matthew 19:3–6), and indeed, a time of testing much more intense than what followed Roe v. Wade.

Like Roe v. Wade, this decision will be followed by a rash of lawsuits. Through coercive litigation, governments and popular culture continue to make the central post-modern value of sexual freedom override “the free exercise of religion” enshrined in the Bill of Rights.

The ramifications of this decision are seismic. Proponents will seek to drive Christians and Christian institutions out of education at all levels; they will press laws to force faithful Christian institutions and individuals to violate consciences in work practices and myriad other ways. We will have much more to say about this.

During some of the darkest days of Germany, a faithful Lutheran presciently described how governments lose their claim to legitimate authority according to Romans 13….”

I strongly endorse this position that the US federal government has lost its moral legitimacy and has ceased to be a legitimate governing authority. We have far greater cause to secede from the Union than our ancestors in 1861.

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  1. I would hope some Southern governor would stand up to these old creaking bastards and say “fuck you”..we ain’t going along for this ride”! As for these 5 a Catholic ( i know, the present church is leftist run) I would hope some bishop would excommunicate Kennedy and the spic Puerto Rican sotomayor. As for the rest..what did we expect.? 100 years after letting large numbers of them immigrate to our country..the Jew termites have just about finished their job of eating away at the foundations of decency. I hope all these Christian Zionists with their shabbas goy love of Israel will finally wake up. As for me..Long live the struggle of the Palestinian people! These nation destroyers have to be stopped somewhere!

  2. Excommunication is a must.

    Along with every catholic pol who’s pushed this one.


  3. Suppose for a moment that Charles Lindbergh was swept into office somehow in 1940…

    Or that Halifax became PM.

    Something is truly rotten in the Anglosphere.

  4. There is going to have to be a severe crack down on freedom of speech. The progressives have built a house of cards based on contradiction after contradiction. It will come in the form of defining “hate speech”, which of course will be speech against any progressive policy or agenda. A few States will buck them, it’ll go the the SC and in another 4-5 victory for hate speech laws, it will become the “law of the land”. It’s a sick dance.

    But there’s some humor–we’ll get to watch the “free-dumb” preaching libertarians and Republitards step and fetch, make excuses, but then comply.

  5. Hunter: There is power is laughter, and the good news is there’s going to be lots of opportunity to laugh at this joke of a kuntry and these clowns who pretend to value liberty. “Luv can’t wait”! ROFLMAO

  6. I’m already getting a good laugh at my libertarian friends trying to make this glass half-full.

  7. @Thomas

    The United States signed its death warrant with the 1965 immigration laws in my opinion. The inherent strength present in a good chunk of the White community bought some extra time for the structure itself.

    It’s all breaking apart at the seams at this point, though.

  8. They will only target white Christians, in the propaganda wars that is going to have to be said so as to disqualify the left on moral grounds and make them out to be political monsters

    Think the Brady ranch optics as team tyranny looked really bad

  9. The cultural ramifications of this decision are disheartening.

    By implication, SCOTUS has essentially banned any dissent on the topic of homosexuality. Millenia-old beliefs have now been proscribed by government diktat. Churches, schools, and businesses will be forced to embrace perversion or be destroyed.

    The precedent is clearly set that freedom of conscience is to be subordinated to state-approved orthodoxy.

    Comparisons to Bolshevik Russia and China’s Cultural Revolution are uncomfortably relevant.

  10. The United Methodist Church still forbids homosexual & lesbian marriage. It also does not ordain homosexuals, lesbians, etc. This is church law which is called “discipline”. There is a General Conference (general convention) coming in 2016 where there will be a shootout over these issues. Possibly, literally. Don’t get nervous Brad…

    I saw this morning where a colored Methodist “Bishop” made a weak and indecisive statement that was broadcast by the “UMReporter”. That’s what we have to look forward to…

    When the 3 Big Methodist Churches, North, South, and Protestant merged in 1939 there was to be no integration in the Methodist Church—and the Methodist Protestant’s didn’t even have Bishops.

  11. Christians pick and chose what parts they want to believe . Facebook is full of people claiming to be Christian and yet those same people today have changed their picture to rainbow hues. All morality is American is situational. I’ve known people who were firmly against interracial relationships until their daughter got pregnant with a mixed child and then it was time for understanding. The same process applies when a son or daughter, decides their gay.

    Judeo-Christians will now need to explain how God can bless the United States because we bless Israel and yet not have it condemned because we now support Gay marriage.

  12. The Lutheran Church’s position is laudable on this issue, yet at the same time Lutheran Family Ministries (charitable group spinoff of the Lutheran Church) along with similar Catholic charities are very active in bringing thousands of black “immigrants” into the US via funding from the US State Department. These are the groups responsible for bringing Somalis to Tennessee, Maine (Lewiston, I believe) and even Montana. Though the Lutheran Church’s position may help to mollify outrage at the SCOTUS decision, the “works” of their charitable organizations is helping to destroy us.

  13. Where were all these mainstream church leaders before the door slammed shut? Hiding behind their 501c tax exemptions, for fear of losing them?

    Don’t forget, these same mainstream church leaders support and supported
    1) Already, to some degree, homosexual “rights”.
    2) White /non White interracial marriage.
    3) Unlimited 3rd world immigration, “legal” and “illegal”.
    4) Forced integration into every area of White life, aka “civil rights”.

    Christianity has been supplanted as the country’s de facto religion by the Church of Political Correctness, a state religion in violation of Amendment I.

  14. I’m for Justices Thomas and Scalia retiring after this session, it is time to move forward and stop relying on silly worn reactionary politics. Spencers at radix for further details

  15. The U.S. died in 1856, when the New England Immigrant Aid Society fired the first shots in Kansas and Missouri. Then again at Harper’s Ferry. Appomattox Courthouse put the nails in the coffin.

  16. Unbelievable!
    Queer jew activist Jay Michaelson accuses dissenting Justices, Scalia of treason for dissenting opinion on queer marriage.

    Twisted reasoning.

    Says their rhetoric will cause the next confederate -flag waving zealot to an act of, if not domestic terrorism, at least outrageous revolt.

    Jay Michaelson: ‘Why not just tell the Religious Right to buy pitchforks and blowtorches? Chief Justice Roberts’ ironic opinion is immoderate in alleging immoderacy, extreme in alleging extremism.

    Justice Scalia came next. And he begins thus: “I join THE CHIEF JUSTICE’s opinion in full. I write separately to call attention to this Court’s threat to American democracy.”

    ‘It seems inevitable that rhetoric like this will stir the next Confederate flag-waving zealot to an act of, if not domestic terrorism, at least outrageous revolt. How could it be otherwise?’

  17. Christian- Zionists who pledge unconditional support for Israel, take note.

    World Zionist Congress recognizes LGBT

    The 37th World Zionist Congress, currently taking place in Jerusalem, is making history. The resolution “Recognition of Support for the LGBT Community” passed at the World Zionist Congress with 62 percent of the delegates voting in favor.
    It’s been a lively discussion, in which, unfortunately, a few representatives tried to stop and demolish the decision,” says Assaf Weiss, a member of the Zionist Congress.

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