Deeply Saddened by Charleston Killings

Too many hotheads are living in a world of negativity
Too many hotheads are living in a world of negativity

I would like to make a personal statement about the terrible killings in Charleston.

I’m deeply saddened by this terrible, cowardly act of mass murder against innocent Black Americans in a Christian church in South Carolina. The suspect Dylann Roof has been captured and I hope that the South Carolina justice system conducts a fair, swift trial and finds the appropriate punishment. The evidence is overwhelmingly against Dylann Roof and if convicted, I strongly support the swift implementation of the death penalty – after all, this is South Carolina – a once very solid, conservative state where evil criminals are punished, not my state of Illinois where various types of vile rapists, murderers and even cannibals usually escape justice.

These terrible, cowardly killings in South Carolina are to the best of my knowledge the first incident of White racist motivated murder in a Black Christian church since 1963 in Birmingham, AL. That’s 52 years without such a similar, terrible crime. The cursed Lib-Leftist, anti-Southern, anti-White, anti-Christian media is now on a false morality jihad against all things Southern and Confederate, even claiming that some conservative, neo-Confederate blogs are to blame for turning the young suspect into an evil racist killer! I know that this is not true. Individual murderers are responsible for their own terrible actions, and it’s a lying cop out to suggest that some parts of “society” are to blame for creating “climates of hate” and “violence.”

That said, I also believe that the cursed anti-Southern, anti-White, anti-Christian media only lie 95% of the time. There is unfortunately about a 5% kernel of truth in their biased coverage of crime, race relations, immigration, etc. In this case, we do have a real problem of promoting negativity, doom and gloom, and a drumbeat of carnage on too many race realist, Alternative Right blogs and websites.

By promoting a constant negative soundtrack of terrible black-on-White rapes, murders, and atrocity stories, and then moaning that “no one is really doing anything about these crimes,” this creates an atmosphere of extreme negativity that attracts some unhealthy, mentally imbalanced loners. These losers, who almost never join or make any effort to make a positive contribution in their area, who just want to rant and “sound off” about all that is wrong with America, can and do spread further negativity by committing terrible crimes which are then said to reflect on the whole movement.

Here at Occidental Dissent, we try very hard to present a more balanced view of life where everything is not always doom and gloom or a traffic accident. There are so many good, positive events, people, and groups in the world and we can and must spread true messages of hope and inspiration in our troubled times.

I believe in our First Amendment rights of freedom of speech and we should all understand that the “powers that be” are trying to take away our rights and implement EU/Canadian style restrictions on “hate speech” and “thought crimes.”But with freedoms we must also accept responsibilities and constantly be on guard against negative, unhealthy, criminally minded people coming into our worlds.

We’ve done a much better job of editing the comments sections to reduce the amount of negative, crazy and yes even HATEFUL comments.

The comments in the OD comment section do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Occidental Dissent, Hunter Wallace or myself. If anyone sees any such negative, crazy or hateful comments, please flag them and they will be removed.

Once again, I am deeply saddened by the killings in Charleston. Once in every 50 years or so, the Mainstream Media does actually tell the truth and this does appear to be a terrible instance of a White racist criminal killing innocent African Americans in a Christian church. Given enough time, almost any crime will happen.

All decent people, especially proud Southerners and those of us who support the Southern cause deplore this terrible, cowardly and counterproductive act of mass murder. The best punishment for these terrible crimes is the death penalty.

Thank you,



    • I hadn’t read your thoughts on Dylann Roof.

      You think that Dylann Roof is a hero? Is that what you are saying? He walked into a black church and murdered 9 people who were studying the Bible.

      He chose that target because 1.) he knew his victims were unarmed and 2.) that he would not arouse suspicion in a house of worship. And you think that makes him a hero?

      Well, that makes me sick. I have removed the link to your blog. I can’t believe that you would endorse a monster like that and make a point to bring White Nationalism into further disrepute.

      When I have more time, I will read what you have been saying about this more thoroughly. I think it speaks to a pathological vein in the WN movement.

  1. @Mr.Ryan…

    Sir, I thank you for your comments.

    I think that Mr. Cushman, at Southern Future, has it right : a libertarian attitude towards venting comes at the cost of everything we hold dear. Thus, he has separated himself from violent and hateful rhetorick, because he is working for a resolution to our problems – and he knows that the twain are incompatible.

    I love the writing of this site, the courage and committment it takes to do it – yet, as a Southern Nationalist of my own sort, I oft find the commentary here oft so all-fyred hateful, I ask myself if it does not wipe out everything good achieved in the articles.

    Admittedly, I am not a peer of Mr. Griffin, as he puts his whole life into this, and has done so for years. I can say this, however – since my earliest days, going to the erstwhile SNN site, I have encouraged my fellow Southern Nationalists, of all stripes, to disavow anything but Christian principles, traditional Southern politeness, and constructive statements – to be embodiments, of their own kind, to Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson.

    Anything else is a gift to those who would are roping our hands, as their friends eviscerate us and obliterate all memory of our culture.

    Do we want to do the things necessary to survive as a people – or do we want to rage on the periphery as our way of life goes down?


  2. Sir, I will not say that I condone Mr. Roof’s actions, though I do understand the sentiment which drove him to it with the media’s deceitful obsession with incidents of black victims – even if they did provoke – while ignoring or suppressing black on black and black on white crime.
    That having been said, the South decided that at some point, Arms had to be resorted to. One American offered “Peaceably if we can, forcibly if we must”. Thomas Jefferson wrote “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants. It is it’s natural manure”
    While a peaceful separation is desirable, if one’s opponent is determined to impose its will, there will come a time when one must decide between Arms and Capitulation.
    Thomas Cobb in his speech to the Georgia Secession Convention observed that when a strong spiritual force is unleashed, it can only be sated with blood.
    Cultural Marxism and Radical Egalitarianism are such a force.
    Will the Posterity of the Founding Fathers accept their displacement by immigrants if it is done peacefully ?
    Will we wait until the Demographics are so stacked against us that Resistance is Futile ?
    While I will not endorse Mr. Roof’s particular action, let’s face the facts: While in 1861, some blacks supported the Confederacy, the Marxists have agitated them to the point that nearly all have a visceral hatred of the Confederate Flag. Nor will they identify with Monuments to CS; even names of Military Posts.
    In 1861, Repatriation – bloodlessly – was a real option and had support. Just like Indian Reservations. Now, because of Liberal agitation, this or Segregation will be hard to implement without blood. Also because the fanatical spirit of their doctrine demonizing “Racism” can only be opposed by one of equal fanaticism: “Race Traitor”
    So while a peaceful separation is a goal, I therefore Respectfully Submit that physical conflict is a real possibility – nay, probability.

    • From Jefferson to Cobb, Southerners believed that resorting to violence was always a decision that was invested in sovereign communities. Violence was only legitimate if it had community sanction – the decision to go to war, for example, was reserved to the government; self defense had community sanction; punishing the wicked for their crimes was reserved to the government; while there were duels in the antebellum era, violence was sanctioned within the boundaries of the honor code, which had its own rules. Even lynching was a type of community sanctioned, frontier violence.

      Gunning down 9 innocent people worshiping in a church is a crime that would have shocked Southerners in any epoch of our history. That’s one reason why the terrorist John Brown’s actions were so polarizing. He was a radical individualist who took morality and the law into his own hands. He was a fanatic who acted without the sanction of the community. Like John Brown, Dylann Roof is a murderer and would have been handled in much the same way.

  3. FFS I’m sick of hearing people apologize for this kid like he has anything to do with us in any way. I would say more about how this is pathological altruism, self flagellation by only whites in the South etc etc, but I won’t.

    Bc I don’t agree with shooting folks in church. I also don’t agree with issuing apologies on behalf of a region you aren’t even from nor live in.

  4. Well, now that the world has voiced tons of ignorance about the Battle Flag of The Army of Northern Virginia and seen fit to trash their white Southern neighbors, it’s time we re-examine the issue at hand in Charleston, South Carolina.

    The Charleston shooter’s confessed motive was retaliation for black-on-white murder and rape.

    He said he killed them because black thugs kill whites while other blacks show no willingness to turn them in to the police.

    Under the guise of the “No Snitch” and “Warn-A-Brutha” themes of looking the other way from crime, blacks have long incubated a criminal underclass no longer content to murder, rape and maim just their own. Firm in the knowledge that no black will report them to the cops and firm in the knowledge no media will report them as black, they spread murder, rape and hate to the white community.

    In the mind of the Charleston shooter, this lack of civic responsibility to rat out murderers, rapists and thugs made the black community collective accessories to the murders of innocent whites.

    A white lady turned in the white Charleston shooter.

    Time for blacks to do the same.

  5. Roof is a traitor to all white America people. He may as well been a liberal communist because he sure helped their cause.

  6. There is a story about an old Negro mayor, below this story, who is publicly stating that intends to desecrate the grave on Nathan Bedford Forrest.

    And old man, in power, is publicly STATING that he plans to befoul a grave of a person long, long dead.

    There is no one who will defend this grave.

    THIS story is the sickest thing yet.

    It shows who they are, and who we are.

  7. Mike Miller – why on EARTH do you think Negroes will EVER do ANYTHING to prohibit Negro crime? Still? They CELEBRATE Negro crime. Do STILL don’t know that Whites and Blacks are NOT the same?

    The bitterly funny thing is that Negroes expect Whites to protect them from each other – unless their is some Negro criminal cause celebre that they use to attack Whites. Once Whitey’s gone – and we ARE going, since we refuse to stick up form and defend each other Whites AS Whites – they’ll be left with each other. The way in which Jew treat Negroes in Israel is a glimpse into their fate, once Whitey’s gone. Mestizos are infinitely more functional than Negroes are.

  8. I am not going to praise Roof. My position has been clear on this story since the beginning.

    I’m more interested in the effects of this “narrative” – and in the history of that church. Roof, whomever or whatever he was- his Fate is sealed.

    I think the fact that the church had been decommissioned, the termite-infested run of the building, the fact that the internal fund-raiser failed (Blacks don’t take care of things, or donate much-needed hair-weave money to preserve an alleged sacred cultural artifact), and the 29 million dollar pay-out, for “services rendered” to the “nine families”, which was completely ignored by the Controlled Media, is far more interesting than Roof. And how the Confederate Flag genocide, that sprung out of everywhere, somehow, “all at once” is really truly interesting.

  9. Angry?

    Here are some peaceful, win-win ways to fight back:

    1. Boycott Hollywood and the main stream media.
    2. Always vote for candidates with A+ Numbers USA ratings.
    3. Avoid usury: Don’t borrow money at interest for consumption. Save and buy with cash. (Including when you buy a house.) Invest cautiously, and take a skeptical attitude towards the financial press. Don’t be the sucker who buys high / sells low. Keep insurance to a minimum.
    4. The universities are broken. Either use them as vocational training, or avoid them. The humanities and social science departments are hopelessly corrupted by cultural marxism, and do not deserve to receive your tuition payments or royalties from book sales.
    5. Transform your anger into energy for constructive purposes. Do all you can to strengthen yourself, your family and your local community. A life well lived is the best revenge.
    6. The internet is full of weird ideas, stories of the latest outrage, and madhouse comments sections. Take a step back, and reground yourself in the classics:
    A. The New Testament – your spiritual heritage
    B. Germania (Tacitus) – your racial heritage
    C. Culture of Critique – the enemies of your heritage exposed

    If we all did this, we could weaken enemy power nodes (Hollywood, Wall Street, leftist Academia, and open-borders politicians), while strengthening ourselves.

    It can’t hurt to try.

  10. You cannot state it strongly enough that the left has the larger hand in creating Roof than CofCC.

    It’s great to social signal and the decent thing to do, but to allow evil to sneak past is unforgivable , Miller upthread addresses this correctly

  11. As with anything, the answer is always partition.

    The question in this case is what was Roof’s end game?

    Imagine a nightmare scenario where a million Roofs killed 9 million blacks in America;

    does this solve any problem?

    No, because the fundamental dispute is over rights and the proper order of society. What would Roof have us do with the 10s of millions of blacks that remained? Would they have rights? Would they need to be banished? Would the hunt need to continue to the last man? What of Mexicans, or any other non-white? What of whites whom Roof didn’t agree with None of that was altered by the murder of nine human beings.

    The problem here is that the modern state, in our case the United States is too big and too powerful. It suffocates and imprisons humanity in a pychological and physical gulag. Leftist jihadists think that is OK because only an all powerful state can make people act “Good”; the fact that this has become a nightmare every single time it has been tried doesn’t phase them. They are dangerously assured of their own goodness while simply putting a friendly face on the evil within themselves.

    As an alternative it has been proposed to partition America along organic lines, such as “Red States” and “Blue States”, so that each can pursue an independent destiny. The trouble in the past was that the dominant white faction didn’t have the foresight to cut their losses, wanting impossibly to hang on to total power forever. The trouble now is that our enemies, the anti-whites, have no incentive to give up now when they are obtaining victory after victory.

    Those of us who can be called regular people who see the storm clouds approaching, just want sensible steps taken to get as many people to safety as possible. Some on all sides, and it won’t take many, want to catalyze a Ragnarok scenario. It is imperative that normal people conclude that the current political arrangement is a death trap and calmly and deliberately craft new arrangements. I am not optimistic, as the fear centers in the human brain only respond to immediate threats, not abstract future threats.

    I will leave you with two thoughts: when I called the Governor’s line in Texas, it was swamped in a way I have never seen it swamped before and the little old lady answering the phone corroborated that fact. That’s a good thing! I of course advocated for Texas leaving the United States, for waht it’s worth, and I believe more and more rank-and-file whites are coming to the same melancholic conclusion. Our enemies won’t stop unless stopped.

    The second and final thought is that I’ve noticed a significant overlap between trans-humanists and anti-whites. I think we can leverage this in our attempt to redefine them as the evil ones.

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