Practical Resistance

In the wake of this media fomented campaign of cultural genocide against all things Confederate, it is time to knock out a list of practical things you can do as an individual to help support our cause. There has been a fruitful, ongoing discussion about this in the comment section. I believe it warrants its own thread.

1.) Support Our Own People – Shortly before Dylann Roof’s shooting spree in Charleston, League of the South member Josh Doggrell was fired by the Anniston Police Department for his Southern Nationalist beliefs. The SPLC and the NAACP led the hate campaign to get Doggrell fired from his job.

The single most important thing you can do as an individual is to support principled men like Josh Doggrell who publicly stood his ground, refused to renounce his beliefs, and paid the price for doing so. If our movement is to advance, then the virtues which Doggrell displayed – loyalty, love, idealism, passion, perseverence, honor, courage, integrity, and service – should be recognized and rewarded.

2.) Boycott Companies That Reject Our Values – We shouldn’t be patronizing big businesses which despise our values anyway. In a sense, this campaign to tear down the Confederate Battle Flag has been good for us in that small businesses which are pro-South are reaping a windfall due to the sudden demise of major retailers. This just goes to show that we need to keep our money within our own community.

I used to love Cheerios, but I haven’t had a bowl of Cheerios since 2013 when this commercial advertisement was aired. I decided that I no longer wanted to pay for a bowl of miscegenation for my morning breakfast. I quit eating Cheerios, never looked back, and after a few months passed the habit stuck:

I’m not picking on Cheerios here. I am using it only as an example of how our habits should reflect our moral and political beliefs and how I personally gave up one offensive brand which rejected my values.

Now that I think about it, there is another company whose products I used to enjoy while I was in college, but which I started boycotting years ago. I’m referring to Starbucks which hates guns, loudly condemns traditional marriage, and offers sanctimonious lectures about race to its customers with its overpriced coffee.

If you asked me to pick the single worst company in the South which should be boycotted above all others, it would be Tyson Foods. Ever since our immigration rally in Shelbyville, TN, Renee and I have made a point of refusing to buy Tyson products in the grocery store because of its support for illegal immigration.

In addition to Cheerios, Starbucks, and Tyson, which I have been boycotting for some time now, I have compiled a list of the most prominent corporations which have come out against the Confederate flag. Personally, I won’t have any problem boycotting Apple, eBay, Google Shopping, Etsy, Kmart, and Sears, where I don’t shop anyway. Walmart, Target, and Amazon will be more of a challenge.

In particular, I am sick and tired of Walmart throwing its weight around behind SJW political causes, and I have reached the point where I would rather be inconvenienced than shop there. As an avid reader, I have spent a lot of money on Amazon for many years now, but now I will go to its competitors.

3.) Find Alternatives – We need to quickly find alternatives to two major companies whose services we use: Facebook and PayPal.

4.) Quit Voting Republican – The Republican-controlled Supreme Court has upheld Obamacare, disparate impact, affirmative action, and abortion, legalized sodomy and gay marriage, and has stopped the states from enforcing their own immigration laws. The Republican-controlled Congress also gave us Obamatrade as the cherry on top. Stop throwing your vote away on a party that rejects your values.

5.) Fly The Confederate Battle Flag – If you don’t already have a Confederate Battle Flag, buy one from a pro-White retailer like Patriotic Flags. Display the Confederate Battle Flag online and offline to show your utter contempt for and rejection of the politically correct mainstream.

6.) Get Active – As I write this, spontaneous Confederate Battle Flag rallies are erupting all over the South, and if there is one in your area, show up and participate. If there isn’t a flag rally in your area, consider organizing your own rally. Millions of White people are furious right now and the public is showing a much greater willingness than usual to come out and participate in our activist events.

7.) Join Organizations – The SPLC is moving heaven and earth to demonize the Council of Conservative Citizens for our accurate reporting on black-on-White crime. They are also coming after the League of the South. Join and support organizations which are willing to stand up for our values and beliefs.

8.) Spread Our Ideas – I’m writing with a renewed sense of vigor and purpose. If you are feeling the same way, you can help us by spreading our ideas online. The easiest way to do this is to share links on Twitter and Facebook and other websites to expose more people to our point of view. Now, this alone is hardly sufficient, but it is necessary to advance our cause.

9.) Stop Subsidizing Hostile Media – I don’t really watch CNN and MSNBC anyway. I’m sick and tired of watching so-called “news organizations” demonize innocent men like George Zimmerman and Darren Wilson, foment mobs that burn down entire cities like Ferguson and Baltimore, and mislead the public with extremely biased propaganda. Why am I paying a cable bill that subsidizes the likes of Don Lemon or Rachel Maddow when I get most of my news over the internet anyway?

10.) Stop Sharing News From Clickbait Websites – I have in mind websites like Daily Mail, The Daily Caller, and Breitbart which report on black-on-White crime, but condemn the CofCC for doing the same thing. All these websites are doing is stealing our content to generate revenue from ads.

11.) Boycott NASCAR – If you are a NASCAR fan, tune out.

12.) Police Our Communities – In our own communities, we should clamp down on trolling and violent rhetoric in the comments, and do everything we can to stop something like this from happening again and causing further damage. That doesn’t mean compromising our beliefs and values. It does mean that we need to act more responsibly in areas that are under our direct control to build a firewall.

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  1. Supporting our own people is important, yes. But it is no more “resistance” than a field hospital is a combatant in a war zone.

    Boycotts don’t work. Too much of the corporate infrastructure is involved. Few of us live on self-sustaining farms or such. The best a boycott can do is to target one or two companies for an extended period of time, in rotation. Even that is very iffy.

    The best resistance that can be mounted at this time is to come up with ways to get in the face of our enemies. Enough with the stupid “heritage not hate” apologetics. That flag of ours is a symbol of resistance to many things but most of all it is a symbol of our rejection of our enemies’ authority over us, whether the immediate imposition be racial integration, fag marriage, or whatever. That flag is our most effective resistance at this point.

  2. Off topic here but I’m willing to bet that Nikki Haley is a recipient of AIPAC money. The ADL was behind the Queer marriage movement along with the Communist party. Jews have undermined the moral fabric of America. If the shoe fits then perhaps they should wear it.

  3. Sorry, Marc- but I STRONGLY disagree.

    THOUSANDS of folks are rallying round the Southern Flag, With due apologies at actual Southerners – all Whites are Confederates now.

    The pastor in my tiny church went OFF this AM, about how we can no longer salute the “American” (Judeo-Yankee Imperium) flag. This was mainly over sodomite marriage – but it’s now the defacto flag of the WHITE RACE. There is an instinctive if not overt comprehension, by Whites everywhere. There are Whites in my area who fully understand the Racial element, as well as the sodomite issue.

    The title of this article is PRACTICAL resistance. Money counts Pun (intended).

    I am closing down my Amazon and Sears accounts, and I am stating, in no uncertain terms “why”. I dumped StarSux ages ago – it’s Jew – and most of those logos that Hunter’scited, and many others. I dumped Cheeri-mongrels when they began the obscene miscegenation campaign. Which is everywhere, by the by. Dumping Ebay will represent painful withdrawal – but I’m doing it.

    The upside is that I will be FORCED to shop harder for items I need want – but small business folks and vendors will benefit.

    I took pains to purchase ONLY from White business folks, when I married, It was hard, but my husband and I did not want to pay the Jew. We’re White – we did it.

    FYI -our biggest expense was importing a Southern band to play at our wedding. We had a bagpiper, and the band played Confederate songs during the reception. The guests loved it!

  4. Faceberg is one of the tough ones, but based off of current censorship, shut down Majority Rebellion’s page without warning or an actual worded reason, and future rumors of what they’re planning, it would be the best action to take.

    On another note, I personally use the Barnes and Noble “Nook” reader for a lot of my stuff at this point, although recommendations on other platforms would be welcomed.

  5. As far as being inconvienced by staying away from walmart and such we need to remember the old mountain / hillbilly / southern saying…

    Use it up…
    Wear it out…
    Make it do…
    Or do without.

    I heard that a lot growing up and the wisdom seems even more sound now than ever.

  6. Good post. I’d suggest putting up near you banner a section titled something like “Companies to Boycott,” laying them all out. I currently am switching from my index fund from the Vanguard 500 (largest fortune 500 companies) into many individual stocks because I do not want to support companies like Microsoft, etc. And in my day-to-day life I am doing what I can to boycott certain companies in terms of shopping.

  7. The LS needs to incorporate a bit coin app for their payment section. Not many LS members use it…yet. But soon, many will, and for those who do(or least to use it), you can quickly send the LS $ value 24/7. The cost to transfer those funds too, is virtually nothing.

    I have one on my site, but I didn’t set it up. It’s free though. WHEN the banking system soon goes down due to Greece, we’ll need a quick, independent way to transfer funds to one another. Bitcoin is the way to go.

  8. If people want to get serious about this kind of practical activism, I’ll donate a domain, dedicated hosting, whatever software or developer costs that might be associated with it, and I have a good bit of time to dedicate to help organize everything. Unfortunately, over the years I’ve found that many people either don’t have the time, patience and/or dedication it takes to give this kind of activism teeth. Hopefully the current encroachment of the anti-White establishment will make people finally realize that complaining and whining doesn’t really solve anything.

    Think more along the lines of local, state and regional Buycotts used with pinpoint accuracy instead of short-lived boycotts that are easily countered by the megacorporations.

  9. Denise, I cheer you on in your actions. I do the same things as much as possible. But I’ve seen this all before and it only lasts, for most people, for a short time. Will you continue your own boycotts? Possibly. Maybe even probably. But millions (if there are that many) who sympathize with the cause will only make half-hearted efforts and will return to business as usual in a short time. Sad but true. I know that after a couple of invigorating rallies and an immediate uptick in flag sales it seems like we have momentum. And we do, but it won’t last. I wish it would.

    I’m not being defeatist, I’m only telling you how I’ve seen such things play out in the past with boycotts protesting the latest outrage. These companies you’re boycotting won’t be affected – at all – by the number of boycotters who stick with it, there will be so few.

    Getting in the face of the white liberals and SJWs and their string-pullers would be far more effective. This could be done with endless rallies, except that the rallies will end shortly, as fewer and fewer people will attend them over time.

    Don’t believe me? Wait and see.

    Meanwhile, if everywhere they looked they’d see a Confederate flag sticker, they would start pulling their hair out. And stickers is something that our people would have fun with, thus making it a more sustainable effort.

  10. My personal pet peeve is Lowe’s with all their Spanish language signs and other noise. Lowe’s is a North Carolina company and they really need to do away with the Spanish stuff, which is distracting at best…

  11. Michael Weaver says:

    ‘Off topic here but I’m willing to bet that Nikki Haley is a recipient of AIPAC money. The ADL was behind the Queer marriage movement along with the Communist party.’

    Vice president Biden knows the score. Must read! Let it sink in!

    May 22, 2013|6:41 pm
    While speaking at the Jewish American Heritage Month reception in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday evening, Vice President Joe Biden commended Jewish Americans for playing what he believes to be an influential role in the progression of same-sex marriage in the country over the past few years.

    At the event, which was hosted by the Democratic National Committee, Biden pointed particularly to Jewish leaders in the entertainment business who, according to him, helped America become more accustomed to same-sex marriage through shows exploring homosexual relationships, such as NBC’s “Will and Grace.”

    “It wasn’t anything we legislatively did. It was ‘Will and Grace,’ it was the social media. Literally. That’s what changed peoples’ attitudes. That’s why I was so certain that the vast majority of people would embrace and rapidly embrace [gay marriage],” Biden said during his 20-minute speech at Tuesday’s event, which was held in the American Institute of Architects building.

    “Think behind of all that, I bet you 85 percent of those changes, whether it’s in Hollywood or social media, are a consequence of Jewish leaders in the industry. The influence is immense, the influence is immense. And, I might add, it is all to the good,” Biden added.’

  12. I’m going to “lose my job” is the most common reason why people don’t make the jump from ideas to activism. That’s why when someone does lose their job on account of the enemy there needs to be an overwhelming outpouring of support from our community.

  13. Economic warfare is the name of the game.

    The most successful White Advocate I know of wasn’t White, he was half Comanche / half White. When the New York based groups Brecht Forum and Rosa Luxembourg Foundation used their front organization “One People’s Project” to shut down an American Renaissance Conference he was scheduled to speak at, he brought a lawsuit and won a $50,000 settlement.

    The anti-White left wants to impoverish each of us.

    We need to prosper in spite of them, and furthermore make *them* pay a financial price.

    Here is the absolute minimum each of us should do:

    1. Boycott Hollywood and the mainstream media. Cancel cable, stop going to or renting movies, cancel mainstream periodicals etc. This should save each household $50/month
    2. Save half that money for yourself. Financialy prepare for the day they come after you and your family. (And use the time you formerly spent on the couch strengthening yourself!)
    3. Give half that money to worthy comrades in need – be they professional activists or individuals targeted for their beliefs.

    Its a win-win-win strategy. Hollywood is hurt. You are strengthened. Your comrades are strengthened.

  14. Whatever you may think of Hitler, it look likes little has changed.
    “Was there any form of filth or profligacy, particularly in cultural life, without at least one Jew involved in it? If you cut even cautiously into such an abscess, you found, like a maggot in a rotting body, often dazzled by the sudden light – a kike”
    Adolf Hitler

  15. “Communism is racial. A racial minority seized control in Russia and in all her satellite countries, such as Poland, Czechoslovakia, and many other countries I could name. They have been run out of practically every country in Europe in the years gone by, and if they keep stirring race trouble in this country and trying to force their communistic program on the Christian people of America, there is no telling what will happen to them here.”
    Congressman John Rankin of Mississippi, 1953.

  16. 13.) Vote all scalawags out of office. Make an example out of them. Go on
    the offensive rather than defensive. “L’audace, l’audace, toujours l’audace.” General Patton

    P.S.”Audacity, audacity, always audacity.”

  17. One commenter said, find a roll of stars and bars stickers, and affix them EVERYWHERE, as long as you aren’t spotted.

    It’s the same tactic the Left has long used. Also, Tear down all sodomite ‘rainbow’ crap, and the like.

    Make it visual, personal, and annoying. One mousquito in a room will drive you crazy at night. Be that.

  18. Fr. John+,

    They won’t listen. They’ll continue to do what conservatives have always done, never learning what hasn’t worked.

    I remember back when the flag was originally taken down from the South Carolina statehouse. The protesting rallies were easily ten, maybe twenty, times bigger than these. Boycotts were declared all around. After about a month all activism ceased.

    The thing is, if they let this opportunity slip away by doing what they’ve always done instead of something different, they’ll never be able to rebuild momentum again.

  19. One more note on boycotts.

    The mega-billion dollar corporations that own most other smaller companies few people even know about are under enormous pressure from people who are so wealthy they can intimidate mega-billion dollar corporations. Think about that.

    Then imagine that a handful of boycotters are going to counter that. It never has and it never will.

    Two things:

    1. Recognize reality (learn from what hasn’t worked in the past).

    2. Think outside of the box (try something different for a change).

    • 1.) I’m under no illusions that I am going to put Walmart or Apple or Amazon out of business by refusing to shop there.

      2.) I have the choice to spend my money elsewhere.

      3.) Rather than spend my money on companies that are hostile to my values, I will just pass on their products, which is what I have been doing with Cheerios, Tyson, and Starbucks for a while now.

      4.) I also plan to make an effort to spend more of my money on businesses which share my values. It’s the right thing to do.

  20. Marc B writes:

    “1. Recognize reality (learn from what hasn’t worked in the past).

    2. Think outside of the box (try something different for a change).”

    Jack replies:

    I agree. Also, consider using some of the effective tactics used by Liberals, Leftists, Jews, Gays etc.

    The American Liberal Left rarely, if ever uses guns to fight, get what they want. And the Liberal Left has pretty much gotten what they want on colleges and universities, in the media, in law.

    The Liberal Left doesn’t use guns, Conservative Right Wing types horde guns, when guns are rarely used it is usually used in wrong ways, wrong targets.

    Consider using Lib Left tactics like publishing the private information of particularly noxious ant Southern bigots. Talk to neighbors, employers, employees. Put the word out.

    One bit of activism that seemed to work in a small effective way was a “White student scholarship” for White students in areas where Whites are minorities.

    Hey “We’re for minority rights”.

    Consider an affirmative action hiring program in areas where there are few or no White Southerners:

    i.e. the Supreme Court, Presidents and Chancellors of traditionally Southern Universities like Hunter Wallace’s alma mater Auburn, or my University Vanderbilt University.

    Vanderbilt now has a particularly odious, ugly, straight out of central casting Jew Chancellor Nicholas Zeppos who’s prior academic experience was at flaming Lib Leftist University of Wisconsin Madison – yeah, Liberal Leftist Jew lawyer from U – Mad.

    Check out the ugly J. Mug on Zeppos:

  21. HW, that’s all well and good but we’re talking about two different things, I think. Doing the things you suggest is fine for an individual’s own self respect. Yes, it’s the right thing to do. The problem is that you can forget about purchasing anything in any but the most obscure grocery store, let alone other types of retailers, etc. Unless you’re entirely self-sufficient (on a farm there you never need outside supplies), your boycotts can only be partial. And that’s fine too. As we’ve learned from the past however, most initially energetic activists will not sustain such a thing, to any degree at all.

    What I’m talking about is doing something different than the things that haven’t changed anything in the past. I’m more concerned with our actually accomplishing something than with feeling good about that which changes nothing. However small a thing it might turn out to be, getting under the skin of our enemies is, to me, THE right thing to do at this point.

  22. Does anyone have an alternative for Amazon? Unfortunately I am addicted to ordering books, sporting gear, etc. from their site with 2 day shipping. I would like to stop giving them money due to their recent actions regarding the Confederate flag.

  23. The reaction against the confederate flag after the hostile actions of the young kid in Carolina point more toward a scared shitless elite than a comfortable purge of white culture from a position of strength. The devotion of media to this crime culminating in the political ban of the flag is not the typical hype of white on black crime seen from the ministry of propaganda.

    They are dead terrified it will be repeated. This is not more of the same leftist coverage. They understand how easy it would be for anyone to repeat; thus they need to send the message, we will erase your heritage.

    Their strategy works so long as it doesn’t happen again. We all suffer because of the actions of one person. But if it does occur again, it could reach a point fairly fast where instead of 24 hour news coverage of the event, they begin to censor the news coverage for fear of it spreading out of control into sporadic guerrilla actions. The Marxists have bit off far more than they can chew and are on edge of “unstable” people within the white community instigating and committing such actions.

    If our ruling elite would honestly speak about the horrendous levels of crime committed against whites by blacks with equal devotion they gave the Carolina incident, it would most likely never have occurred to begin with. But as such they do not and most likely will not, undoubtedly among the tens of thousands of yearly white victims are a few who seek the recognition a Carolina incident would bring to their oppression.

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