Confederate Battle Flag Rallies Continue

In Salisbury, NC, a spontaneous Confederate flag rally draws two dozen
In Salisbury, NC, a spontaneous Confederate flag rally draws two dozen

Editor’s Note: Please use this thread to report activism and share links to upcoming events as you come across them.

I’m hearing reports of more spontaneous Confederate Battle Flag rallies:

1.) The Virginia/Maryland League of the South participated in a spontaneous rally in Stafford County, VA.

2.) I’m also seeing reports from Hendersonville, TN.

3.) Brian Pace participated in a large event in Jasper, AL.

4.) Dozens rallied in support of the Confederate Battle Flag in Easley, SC.

5.) There was a spontaneous event in Giles County, VA.

6.) There was another spontaneous event in Franklin, TN.

7.) Same story … a spontaneous event in Fort Oglethrope, GA.

8.) Same story … a spontaneous rally in Salisbury, NC.

Note: I know of at least three more rallies coming up in Harrison, AR, Jackson, MS, and Memphis, TN.

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  1. Awesome sights! Hopefully the word can get out to more folks when and where. I was free to attend the rally in Stafford, VA but didn’t even know it was taking place.

  2. Another spontaneous Confederate rally in Huntsville. Amazingly unbiased and fair coverage.

    The group looked to be mostly young people, and they received a lot of support from passerby’s who honked their horns. I think the honking tells us a lot about popular support.

  3. I also like this video, because 10 #blacklivesmatter activist who planned to burn a Confederate flag were countered by several hundred in Brooksville, FL.

  4. There was a huge pro-Southern motorcade in Dolton, Georgia. From the looks of it at least 100 or more vehicles were involved. The guy filming whines a lot, and there is an embarrassing accident between two of the cars in the motorcade, but it’s impressive nonetheless.

  5. Some vindication to be had here.

    The attempts to snuff the existence of such banners is only going to create a reaction like this.

    The media was foolish to allow Dylann Roof to have appropriated a symbol like that. For heavens sake the flag is painted on Beau and Luke’s General Lee.

    One of the great symbols of Americana.

    And there’s certainly no reasons for Americans not to mull over the 1860s and the cataclysm of war. It’s a great reality check for all populations, races and communities in America. Even a dot Indian probably ought to have a passing understanding of the flow of the war, which constitutes the decisive struggle in American history.

  6. The yellow bellies of the SCV have probably furled the Confederate banners, literally (they did so figuratively years ago). Probably waving that striped rag with their Black Confederate heroes.

    • The SCV was embroiled in a fight with various flagging groups immediately before Charleston. From what I understand, Mike Williams stepped forward and organized his own rally in Montgomery.

  7. The conflict between SCV and other Southern/Confederate groups is one of the main reasons a large protest like the one back in 2000 in South Carolina, will be hard to pull off right now. The 2000 Heritage rally attracted over 10,000 Southern/Confederate supporters.

    The SCV has a lot of resources at their disposal to make a rally happen. The recent spat between SCV and other groups will probably be resolved sooner rather than latter, because the SCV is now under pressure and there is attempts to target monuments and license plates which are things that the SCV leadership really cares about. Most. While the national leadership of the SCV is hiding away, the local and regional membership is friendly with other Southern groups.

    SCV and UDC involvement would certainly help with resources and people, but their not really needed. These protest show how resilient Southern pride is. You have a lot of young people organizing these protest. All across the South, without any centralized coordination, people have come together to protest in dozens of towns and cities.

    It would be cool to see more coordination between groups., including the SCV who should put their pride aside and work with other groups, because right now, at this time in history, all of those organizations are in it together. Everything they love and care about is being targeted, and if there is no fightback, than they won’t just stop at removing a flag from the South Carolina statehouse, which is something the SCV should care about because they along with other groups agreed to a compromise between the State and the SCV and other organizations to remove the flag to it’s current location. The black organizations agreed on this, and now their reneging on the deal and trying to get it removed. The SCV has as much at stake in the Flag fight as any other group. They helped sponsor the South Carolina Heritage Act, which protects that flag, and by law can’t be removed.

    Once their done with flags, they’ll go after monuments, plates, museums, even cemeteries. In fact, their doing all this right now.

  8. We can’t wait for the SCV to get its act together and do something to preserve our heritage.

    Thankfully, the League of the South has been doing activism all over the South for two years now, and we have a network of seasoned activists in place who can step up and provide leadership in this crisis. In fact, we have been preparing for this day for a long time now.

    I will have more to say later. I will say now that SCV members should follow Mike Williams example and step up to the plate now. We need our leaders to show initiative, and if they won’t lead, then we need men to step up from the ranks and seize the day like Mike has done in Montgomery.

  9. New leaders are emerging now. Leaders like William Flowers and Brad Griffin. This is our time and we will determine if our heritage and our people continue. The GOP is the past. They surrendered and adopted the Anti-Southern Strategy, returning to their American liberal roots. We now lead the fight for the South.

  10. Mike should cicumvent the national SCV leaders and cooperate with local SCV and UDC camps. Get them to see how important the fight really is.

    This fight is real, it’s taking place everywhere. Even the SCV is being targeted. States are trying to remove license plates, even the glass windows in the national cathedral are being removed. This fight is more than about the flag.

    These attacks on the flag, monuments, plates are all part of a plan to erase Southern identity. Without Southern identity, groups like the SCV can’t exist. The stronger the Southern identity, the more people are interested in their Confederate ancestors and their local culture.

    Either way, we must take notice of the many young Southern people rallying despite the lack of SCV support. This is more encouraging than if there were thousands of well organized SCV members rallying. Nothing is more original or telling as spontaneous action, especially when it’s on this size, across the South.

  11. I care a lot more about the monuments than public displays of the flag. Those old monuments are one of the few redeeming features still left in the soulless New South landscape.

  12. I agree that the League of the South has done excellent activism.

    Spontaneous protests have some big plusses and minuses.

    Be on the lookout for infiltrators posing as Southern patriots shouting “I hate N………” I am sure the SPLC is funding Hollywood Nazis to try to get free TV airtime at these rallies.

  13. Is Dr. Hill doing radio interviews? How about Hunter Wallace?

    I will be pleased to assist with sending out press releases, offering Dr. Hill or Hunter to do talk radio interviews throughout the South.

    It’s much harder to get on talk radio with our perspective than it was 20 years ago, but it still can be done. Plus it’s good practice in doing effective PR.

  14. I agree Jack Ryan.

    That is why there is need for cooperation and coordination. The only effective way to keep those types out is for different groups to come together, put forth a strategy and a list of what is and isn’t acceptable for this movement.

    When I talk about the “spontaneous” nature of these protest as a good thing, I’m referring mainly to the fact that people are being active without any mass movement behind them. Right now, it”s a mass movement of spontaneous actions. It needs to become a movement of coordinated actions.

  15. I’m not going to link anything to anyone’s site. It will be on Sunday in Porthmous, City Park at 11:00 a.m. The rally is being organized in defense of a monument.

    The rally will probably be decent in size.

  16. Look up this Dumb Prussian officer.

    Lt Gunther Frieherr Von Forstner

    He was an officer stationed in Zabern Alsace.

    He was a flag trashed of the lowest sort.

    He said he’d shit on the Tricolour and the local French responded by calling him a Bettschisser.

    The story gets wilder. Look it up. All over a flag. It was an event intimately connected to ww1 kicking off.

  17. If the Marxists cry that the Confederate flag can’t fly because of what it means as symbol of oppression, then let’s take down the US flag for what means to the Native Indians (some of whom fought for CS) and victims of Sherman’s outrages.

  18. It appears that the Dolton, Georgia rally has attracted national attention because of the fender-bender.

    Also, according to the media reports, the Dolton protest had approximately 150 vehicles. Most of the vehicles probably had 2 or more passengers, so it was probably several hundred participants at that rally.

  19. Hunter Wallace says:
    June 29, 2015 at 5:04 pm

    We need to create a focus for all of this spontaneous rage.

    Uh, yeah. That’s something I’ve been suggesting a vehicle for! In addition to, not instead of, the rallies and boycotts.

    I’ll not mention it again unless I hear more than crickets.

  20. Re: Marc

    I’m not sure how long you have followed this website, but we have been putting out Secede stickers for a long time now. I don’t have any objection to distributing CBF stickers,

  21. Hunter Wallace,

    If you want to get the most bang for the buck, try substituting Confederate battle flag stickers for the ‘secede’ stickers. As I’ve pointed out, calls for secession is tantamount to empty rhetoric. Not only will Confederate flags garner more press coverage, it will also enrage the Establishment given the recent Republican led campaign against it.

  22. Scipio Americanus, thank you for saying it for me. Most SJWs probably don’t even know the meaning of the word ‘secede’. They know they’re supposed to go insane when they see that flag though and we’re morally obligated to help them with that.

  23. Hunter, I know that we’re all free to do a sticker campaign. What I had in mind was encouragement and a coordinated effort. I live in a large city. If I was the only one doing this it MIGHT make the local news. If it is done in many cities and towns throughout the South, or even nationally, there’d be a panic. And that’d be a good thing.

    I in no way am suggesting that people like you or the LS do or say anything that would get you into trouble. Just an endorsement of buying or printing stickers followed perhaps by a reminder of what a nice weekend is coming up. Eh?

    The upcoming 4th of July weekend would’ve been ideal, for example.

  24. I read there is another rally also being planned for Montgomery. Seem this weekend into Monday there is going to be a lot of activity in the South. A lot of these rallies are on short notice, scheduled in a week or less, but the fact that their happening is good news. Regardless of their size, it shows people are responding, and responding quick, considering the lack of unified movement among the many Southern groups out there right now.

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