Call To Action: Let’s Take Our Stand For Dixie


I will keep this short and simple:

1.) These spontaneous Confederate Battle Flag rallies are a symptom of the outrage that is brimming underneath the surface of the South.

2.) We need to harness this outrage into action and focus it at elected officials in our state capitols.

3.) As we have already done in Harrison, AR, we need to quickly organize Confederate Battle Flag rallies in other Southern states, set up Facebook event pages, and channel all this energy before it dissipates.

4.) We need a simple message: the Confederate Battle Flag is a soldier’s flag, it symbolizes the 1/4 of Southern White men who died defending their homes, it is a part of our heritage, and we are not going to stand idly by why Republican politicians conspire to bring shame and dishonor upon our forefathers.

5.) The flag represents nothing but the Confederate soldiers who died for the South. We should invite everyone to come join us in our state capitols to “Take Our Stand For Dixie.” Standing together united, we shall demand to be heard!

We knew this day was coming. We have seasoned, experienced activists who are poised to take the lead on this issue.

Note: I’ve got some flags I want to see flying in Missouri:

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  1. Hunter, I know you want to define the battle in terms of the South, and I understand and support your goals.

    However, there are millions of traditional Americans in the midst of their own dispossession who need a symbol around which they can rally. I believe the Confederate Battle flag can be that symbol.

    Sadly, the 13 stars don’t align with the 14 words, but that is the type of thinking we need.

    Every American recognizes the Confederate Battle flag as a symbol of rebellion, and now is the time to make it a symbol for all Americans who reject sodomy, Judeo-Cultural-Marxism, and white genocide.

  2. Take a look at how this Prussian officer’s heavily handedness lead to a politcal meltdown in Willemine Germany right before ww1.

    Lt Gunther Freiherr von Forstner.

    He loudly abused Alsatians with a boast that he’d shit on the Tricolor of France.

    He ended up almost sparking a revolt in Alsace and the German civil authorities had to shut him up very dramatically.

    The South is a little bit like an occupied county.

    What you need to do is put a flag up legally in a place that they’d have to tear it down illegally. The results would be catastrophic.

    Any ideas?

  3. anon33,

    You are entirely correct regarding the need of traditional-minded Americans to have a symbol to rally behind and the Confederate battle flag certainly fits the bill.

    Indeed, there are only two historic flags that symbolize Western man’s resistance against the New World Order system that are recognized as such the world over:

    1. National flag of Germany (1933–45)
    2. Battle Flag of the Army of Northern Virginia and its various CSA manifestations.(1861-1865)

    The former has been so successfully demonized by our enemies that it can’t be resuscitated and used for propaganda purposes. The later, however, is still alive and well and this explains why the Judeo-Liberal Establishment is seeking to drive a stake through its heart once and for all.

    There is nothing stopping Americans from supporting it nor do they need permission from “Hunter Wallace” or any other Southerner to embrace and fly the Confederate battle flag. Indeed, when I lived in Ohio, I personally saw more of those flags flying than I have in North Carolina!

    Given the Republican’s cultural jihad against the South, perhaps this will now change. Time will tell.

    In the meantime, have at it and good luck!

  4. Hunter Wallace,

    When speaking to the media, you should have a simple, direct message for the public regarding what the Confederate battle flag represents and why it is being defended.

    Your remarks certainly serve that purpose:

    “The Confederate Battle Flag is a soldier’s flag, it symbolizes the 1/4 of Southern White men who died defending their homes, it is a part of our heritage, and we are not going to stand idly by why Republican politicians conspire to bring shame and dishonor upon our forefathers.

    Great stuff! Especially the last line referencing the Republican’s cultural jihad against common decency.

    However, a highly intelligent enemy agent who does his homework will see right through it given that you and the League of the South are also calling for secession and thus using the flag as a Southern symbol of cultural defiance against Washington imperial overreach!

    My point is that the flag represents far more than those who died to defend it and that you should be prepared to answer it when confronted by a hostile media.

    • I will happily say that I am a secessionist.

      Washington can’t be reformed. America is going down the tubes. The Confederates were right about an all powerful central government, etc.

  5. That’s music to my ears! I was under the impression you were couching your words for political purposes. I like the ‘new you’ — a straight shooter. Works for me.

  6. I recently came across a picture taken on a family trip to New Jersey in 1964 (to visit my grandmother who was living in Yankee territory at the time). It was taken when we stopped off at Gettysburg. My younger brother and sister are standing behind the plaque for the Alabama monument (my great aunt in the UDC was involved in the planning of the monument). My brother, then age 11, is wearing one of those gray kepis and holding the Confederate flag (naval jack) which we had picked up at Stuckey’s.) The flag will not die or go away. The flag actually represents the last stand of the individual against predatory big business and greed. Thomas DiLorenzo’s the Real Lincoln has him pegged right. Lincoln was a corporate bag man and railroad lawyer who was out to destroy anything that stood in the way of greater profits for his masters. The out of control federal monster that “conservatives” moan about is the direct result of Union victory in the War of Northern Aggression.

  7. I’m not sure why “The flag represents nothing but the Confederate soldiers who died for the South”. The flag represents the fight for self determination and independence from an tyrannical government that has overstepped its bounds. This message resonates strongly with people where I live. Its a symbol that everyone recognizes and can rally behind. We have an opportunity to honor the sacrifices of our confederate ancestors as well as unite Southerners against the current tyranny of the federal government behind a banner that has been there and done that.

  8. Hunter,

    Do the Republicans plan to eliminate recognition of Confederate Memorial Day in your state of Alabama? Given the attack on the Confederate flag and war memorials, this would be the logical next step would it not?

    Here’s a propaganda piece by a Jewish writer, Kevin Levin, regarding the Republican’s jihad against Dixie:

    “This pressure is not emanating from outside Southern communities, but from within. . . . It’s an organic process that has nothing to do with erasing the past and everything to do with clarifying how a community draws meaning from the past.

    Get that? According to this Jew, it’s an “organic” process! Of course, it should come as no surprise that he is also calling for leaving historical Confederate monuments standing with politically correct signage attached in front in order to transform them into propaganda pieces to indoctrinate onlookers.

    What a perfect plan: A so-called “compromise” designed to transform the memorials into indoctrination centers while instilling more guilt on Southerners! Are these creatures not living, breathing vessels of demonic persuasion?

  9. Jew-paid outside agitators possibly from Soros-funded #blacklivesmatter groups are on the ground here in nola. They’re working on getting a large statue of Lee taken down. They have support from the usual suspects, local government, business and media. In other words, we too are facing a classic outsider, top-down attack.

  10. >I will happily say that I am a secessionist. Washington can’t be reformed. America is going down the tubes. The Confederates were right about an all powerful central government, etc.

    “The South is our country, the North is the country of those who live there. We are an agricultural people; they are a manufacturing people. They are the descendants of the good old Puritan Plymouth Rock stock, and we of the South from the proud and aristocratic stock of Cavaliers. We believe in the doctrine of states rights, they in the doctrine of centralization. … We only fought for our State rights, they for Union and power.”

    From “Co. Aytch” by confederate veteran Sam R. Watkins, written 20 years after the war.

  11. The flag represents heritage, freedom, and self-determination. There is no point in explaining what it really means to people who don’t like it, because those who don’t like it are going to not like it no matter what.

    Their racist against people of Southern heritage. Anyone who isn’t like them are “rednecks” and “hicks”. It’s disgusting how they can pretend to be anti-racist, when they call people those names. They might as well call people the N-word.

    Occidental Dissident should do a background story on Deray and Bree Newsome. People have already outted Deray as a paid activist. Bree Newsome is not some humble black woman trying to fight an “oppressive system”. She comes from a well off black family and is another paid activist, her father runs a activist organization, and she is from Maryland.

    • Here’s the list of upcoming rallies that we are trying to put together:

      Harrison, Arkansas
      Memphis, Tennessee
      Jackson, Mississippi
      Jefferson City, Missouri
      Gainesville, Florida
      Stafford, Virginia

      Let’s go!

    • The event in Jackson was hosted by a Rainbow who cancelled the event because a Republican insider told him to back off. We’re in the processing of setting up our own event.

  12. That flag represents more than the soldiers, it represents their descendents and therefore the southern ethnicity & founder stock Americans. Whether they like it or not. The federal rag has lost its connection with its people, but not the battle flag. Our enemies recognize the significance of dixie’s flag.

  13. Can we start a fund to place a flag prominently in Columbia, SC on private property should the SC legislature wimp out ? Also, circulate the pic of a Negress hauling down the flag in Columbia – great recruiting tool. But I don’t want to give up on US flag even if Washington is broke; let our enemies do that.

  14. Our young warrior brothers in the video above deserve respect for standing on their own. Not crying, not retreating, being men about the whole situation.

  15. Looks like Shabazz and the Black Panthers had an epic fail yesterday.

    Shabazz and the Black Panthers planned a rally that was suppose to attract thousands in South Carolina against “white supremacy”. Only a handful showed up. In fact, the the local black church started singing Amazing Grace to block out their message.

    I’ve known many nice black people. The excessive Afro-centric hate for whites typically comes from Northern cities. During the civil rights era, most of the rioting and hate for whites was being preached in Northern pulpits. The guy who shot up the AME church was an idiot and did a lot of harm to everybody, not just the black families of the victims he killed, but Southern whites who are once again on the receiving end of all the national/international hate because of what one person did

    He would have done more good for whatever cause he believed in, had he committed self-immolation. He targeted innocent people who had nothing to do with ‘black crime’, and didn’t manage to do much for that issue he was so concerned with, except to make everyone hate white people even more.

  16. Hunter Wallace,

    Taking a stand for Dixie also requires that we name the names of politicians (almost all of them Republicans) throughout the South who have jumped onboard the cultural jihad express to erase Southern heritage from the history books.

    I suggest you start a separate thread for this, profiling each and every treasonous politician who has signed on to this Jewish sponsored, cultural Marxist assault on the South, starting with your state’s governor, Robert Julian Bentley (R).

    Call it ‘PROFILES IN TREASON’. In addition, the League of the South and CofCC must begin informing the RNC that its candidates will be targeted for elimination from political office. Simply calling on your readers not to vote for Republicans is not enough; passive measures must be replaced with active efforts to remove these SOBs from office. I’m talking grass roots kind-of-stuff, here. Of course, grass roots activism combined with flying Confederate flags is all the better!

  17. Displayed en masse, now, that flag would represent the biggest, fattest FU to the establishment that we could hope for, short of – well, you know.

  18. Hunter Wallace,

    In addition, taking a stand for Dixie also requires that we document the psychopathological hatred that our enemies have for us, our values and communicate it to the public at large.

    I happen to be in Waynesville, NC this past Saturday night when I caught the beginning of Garrison Keillor’s ‘A Prairie Home Companion’ on National Public Radio, a live broadcast from Koussevitzky Music Shed at Tanglewood in Lenox, Massachusetts. Just past the four minute mark of the program, Mr. Keillor, a native of Minnesota and a textbook example of a bleeding-heart “liberal,” began a monologue regarding the week’s political news:

    “Well, the President this week had a good week all thanks to Republicans (audience applauding), it was the Republicans who did it for him this week by passing the trade bill the Democrats had some squeamishness about and the [Republican] Supreme Court allowed Obamacare to live despite some grammatical errors in it (more applause), and the REPUBLICANS CAME OUT AGAINST THE CONFEDERACY after 150 years, they have come out against it; it was not a good idea, (audience applause interrupts monologue), it was not a good idea to war on behalf of the institution of slavery (applause continues); and then there was the decision this week by one Republican justice from Sacramento, California that made it possible for our gay friends to get married in this country (applause reaches a crescendo) in all 50 states . . . so it was a Republican week absolutely and I think I have to sing this song. . .

    He proceeds to sing a tune lampooning ‘Dixieland’ and ridiculing Southerners and the Confederate flag. It was surreal to listen to these liberal anti-values being promulgated against Southerners on a local radio station paid for and supported by Southerners. Below is a link to the program:

    PS: The only positive thing out of this foul citation is that Garrison Keillor acknowledges the leading role played by Republicans in promoting all of these anti-values!

  19. The Battle Flag will go back over those monuments and the new national flag WILL go up over a new Southern nation

  20. There will be a “Southern Heritage” rally on July, 4 outside Tampa, Florida.
    7:00 – 8:30 PM at Tampa’s Confederate Memorial Park

  21. Hunter, can you tell me who sings this song? Also, here in Oklahoma, the State courts just said that the ten commandments monument has to come down. I’d like to know if their are any Okies on here and if they are planning any events?

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