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  1. Excellent article by Matt Walsh. Unfortunately he cannot see that some of the things he celebrates are part of what led to the downfall of the United States.

  2. the Body Politic of the United States of America, whereof each of us citizens is an individual cell, is in a state comparable only to horror-fiction’s post-mortem pseudo-life, characteristic of vampires, werewolves, zombies, and other supernatural malignancies of like ilk.

    Massive third-world immigration is comparable to transfusing Rh- blood into an Rh+ patient. Allowing immigrants of any ethnicity to agglutinate in enclaves is comparable to formation of obstructive clots in the bloodstream of the Body Politic, and communal autonomy of such only exacerbates the problems.

  3. I’ll note that we have had 20 years of Reagan-Bush-Bush and compassionate conservatism and Moral Majority and Richard Viguerie’s mailing list and Contract with America and Rainbow Confederates and Tea Parties and the Republicans taking back Congress and, etc., etc. And here we are in 2015 with a nation that is self-destructing on all fronts, with the jihad against the CSA battleflag as the latest manifestation.

    All these “conservative” movements failed because ultimately they refused to face the racial aspect of the national question. They instead tried for, at best, an economic solution. But it’s really all about race. Unless white people are willing to stand up for their rights, all else will fail.

    Something to think about in the coming inanity.

  4. In the end, I blame our hapless, housebroken GOP for the nation’s demise as much as the left. If they didn’t exist, maybe a real counter to the left could have formed. What is sickening and hilarious at the same time is seeing popup ads at Townhall promoting the repeal of Obamacare.

    For the few who are paying attention, they surely can’t be stupid enough to keep believing in this garbage. Just how bad does it have to be before people realize what it’s all about, as R_Moreland referred to.

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