The False Narrative: 69 Year Old White Woman Found Murdered In Mississippi

Sharon Wilson, 69 was a victim of the false narrative of a victimized white majority

By Hunter Wallace

Oh wait, this is something we are not supposed to talk about, right?

“VICKSBURG, Miss. (WJTV) – A man accused in the shooting death of a 69-year-old Vicksburg woman is denied bond.

Vicksburg Police said 33-year-old Rafael Arnez McCloud appeared in court on Wednesday before Judge Johnnie Price.

The Warren County Coroner said Sharen Wilson died of a gunshot wound to the head. Her body was found near the old Kuhn Memorial Hospital on Martin Luther King Blvd. Saturday. ….”

So, capital murder, rape, sexual battery, arson, home invasion, and burglary … and a dead 69-year-old White woman found lying in a pool of her own blood on Martin Luther King Boulevard in Vicksburg, MS.

This can’t be happening because the SPLC has assured us all that the CofCC is only propagating “this false narrative of a victimized white majority under siege by allegedly violent people of color in the United States.” Sharen Wilson must be alive in her own home this evening baking cookies or doing grandma stuff because Obama’s son Rafael McCloud is only an “allegedly violent” person of color.

BTW, you may have seen a recent video which purportedly shows the sack of the Wal-Mart in Macon, GA by a rampaging mob of black youths. That is also part of this “false narrative” of black people participating in violent flash mobs. Their mothers have assured us that they are all good boys who just didn’t do nothing.

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  1. Rape? Seriously…rape? What is there to rape in an old woman? How is sufficient arousal reached in order to be able to rape an old woman? And why so often old white women?

    R.I.P. Sharen Wilson.

  2. It’s not uncommon.

    In fact, I have read this is why so many Whites abandoned Tuskegee, AL in the 1970s. In Columbus, GA, there was a notorious black serial killer who was terrorizing elderly White women when I was growing up.

  3. She looks like she was quite the picture in her youth.

    What a god damn savage.

  4. DD,

    There is no outrage that Negroes are incapable of committing. Really – their is NO bottom to the depths their depravity takes them.

  5. Anti-whites make it taboo to talk about black criminality but it is public secret which “white flight” attests to.

  6. A potential tactic is to go up to the typical left wing mush-mind and ask in a patronizing and condescending tone “So, can we have a conversation abut race?” Could be mildly entertaining.

  7. The CofCC seems to have chickened out since the Roof incident when it comes to highlighting these crimes.

  8. using the word “animals” is really incorrect. Monsters is a better fit. Could be our wives or Moms folks.

  9. Wow you guts are awesome. I wasn’t aware that they Americans with common sense who can see clearly how disgusting this country is becoming.

  10. The only place it’s made racial is here. One day we’ll all argue “why does it have to say woman and man?” We say if it’s a “white male” or an “Indian male/female”. Fact is, black on white crime happens all the time but is feared reporting because people like you run off and place the race card. As far as your “obama son” comment, the total percentage of blacks in America is around 13%. Obama won by a landslide which means he had a large white voters. We don’t care if your black but when you see anyone who looks like a thug you’ll be a little intimidated. If I see a creepy white dude I get scared too. Has nothing to do with race. Remember white people stand with black people all the time those of us don’t see color. It’s a design to distract us from the real segregation, rich vs poor.

    • I think the reason behind the issue is the media tends to sensationalize white/Hispanic on black crime versus black on white crime. The FBI data reports that if you are white and over 65, you have more of a chance to suffer violent crime from a black person than if the tables were turned. But this president chooses to ignore that and he himself focuses on white on black crime.

    • People like YOU are a big part of the Problem !

      Blacks prey on Whites. The statistics show it. Blacks prey on Blacks too !

      Blacks are a violent people….and most violent racial crime is Black on White…. NOT white on Black.

  11. The t urd escaped but the good news is that the people he tied up, one was able to free himself…get a gun and k ill this b astard in their bathtub. Justice served….taxpayers money saved. PTL

  12. Were the couple whose house he broke into and tied up and Stabbed the husband white Too ????????????????????????????

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