League of the South Rallies In Jackson, MS and Columbia, SC

League of the South member are on the ground in Jackson, MS

By Hunter Wallace

Editor’s Note: I wrote a separate article on the C of CC website yesterday about the League’s rallies in Harrison, AR and Stafford, VA. Check it out.

Jackson, MS

On Monday, the League of the South joined the Magnolia State Heritage Campaign in a demonstration in support of the Mississippi State Flag at the Mississippi State Capitol in Jackson, MS. The rally was a response to the recent campaign to redesign the Mississippi State Flag to purge it of its Confederate symbolism.

More than 50 people attended the demonstration in Jackson. The protest was covered by the Associated Press, Jackson Clarion-Ledger, and local television stations. William Flowers, the Vice Chairman of the Georgia League of the South, addressed the crowd and gave a full throated call for secession. He was joined by Jeppie Barbour, the brother of former Gov. Haley Barbour, who quipped that the Confederates “were fighting for the freedom of the South not to get bossed around by a bunch of Yankees.”

Matt Heimbach has a podcast with William Flowers on his recent activism in the South.

Columbia, SC

Yesterday, I was surprised by media reports that the the League of the South had representatives on the ground at the South Carolina State Capitol in Columbia, SC. I wasn’t aware of any planned League demonstration in South Carolina. It turns out there wasn’t one, but at least two League members were in Columbia to protest the vote on the Confederate Battle Flag and an Al Sharpton sponsored National Action Network event which was taking place on Capitol grounds.

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  1. Great work (again) by the League of the South. I have personally been to two League of the South rallies (against Tyson Foods importing Bantu Somalian Muslim low wage slaves to Middle TN). The LotS rallies were/are excellent – well organized, disciplined, good mix of youth and experience, even pretty Southern women and families came and participated.

    It’s clear from the success of these defend the Confederate flag rallies that the Southern people are with us and we can take our message of heritage, pride in Southern history and work for a decent future for Southern people in the South.

    I just don’t know what the next step can or should be after these successful street protests.

    Can’t we get some traction, public leaders from LotS to step up and win local office?

    Can’t we get some type of businesses from these protests? New Southern media like the Political Cesspool where the pro South media personalities become very successful and make $, become known all over the South?

    What’s the next step? Surely nothing to do with the Presidential election.

  2. Do you think it will end when they are successful when all the Confederate flags come down? Liberals always have another item on the back burner that gets moved front and center. A conservative can lose on one issue and throws in the towel. Liberals will lose time after time but keep on and on because they know they will wear the opposition down so much so that conservative will think; God God! Let it go! Sigh. OK, we will give in a compromise if you promise do drop the issue.
    Of course, promise the liberals. And then as soon as they achieve a victory a new issue suddenly wins their heart much to the dismay of the befuddled and Retarded Right in American politics. It never ends and never will end until we have a nation of our own. Think Ethno-State!

  3. “I doubt it will stop just with the Confederate battle flag.”

    Of course not. The whole thing is simply the disguised anti-white racial hatred of groups like the SPLC.

    It is however a perfect opportunity to point out to people who still trust the media the media’s consistent double standard when reporting crime:

    1) white crime is magnified and used to condemn white people as a group

    2) non-white crime is minimized and always either the actions of a lone individual or the fault of white people as a group

    The media is so blatantly racist against white people it’s amazing every white person hasn’t noticed yet. I guess they’re confused by most of the journalists having white skin (hint: read their names).

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