The False Narrative: Black Mob Viciously Attacks Pro-Confederate Battle Flag Couple In Texas on July 4th

I’ve written about this over at the C of CC website:

Note: A similar brawl in which a group of hostile blacks violently attacked pro-Confederate Battle Flag demonstrators recently occurred at the South Carolina State House in Columbia, SC. This attack seems to fit a broader pattern which the SPLC has labeled the “false narrative of a victimized white majority under siege by allegedly violent people of color in the United States.”

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  1. White men should know better than this. Never allow a negro to get within a few feet of you. Give yourself a “safe zone” when it comes to blacks and ALWAYS assume they will be violent and try to harm you the closer they get to you. Anything black trying to push its way past your safe zone is a serious threat—destroy it. Don’t think about civility in that split second; don’t think about “the law” or how this will appear to anyone else; don’t think about anything except for ensuring that you don’t become one of the thousands upon thousands of White victims murdered, raped, and/or violently assaulted by negroes every single year. Better to be victimized by the anti-White government than it is to be yet another dead and forgotten victim of black depravity.

    Anyone who still thinks that there is a diplomatic, political and gentlemanly way to combat savage, low-IQ blacks and all of their little White enablers is not the kind of person you want to trust your life with. Remember, all these guys were doing was holding a fucking flag. Negroes will kill you for even less than that. This is what they do and what’s in their DNA.

  2. Hunter,

    I would caution against publishing too many of these “Blacks attack innocent Whites, Whites are KOd or killed, the media suppresses these stories, no one is fighting back”.

    This type of constant negativity – tends to depress our people and does contribute to individuals like Dylann Roof snapping and doing something cowardly, stupid.

    Why not publish some real stories of Whites fighting and winning?

    Whites now dominate international boxing, though the American media doesn’t want to cover White boxing champions.

    I have a story in draft mode here about the unbeatable Ukrainian German heavy weight champions, one now has a very beautiful, Nashville popular Country Music pop music finance.

    White American women would really go for this sports/music power couple if they only knew about them.

    Let’s promote some positive, real news for a change.

    • Re: Jack

      1.) I don’t believe in censoring black-on-white crime. I won’t do so. There’s nothing immoral in reporting the truth. It’s immoral to dissimulate and pretend this isn’t a problem.

      2.) I spent all of yesterday attending a pro-Confederate Battle Flag demonstration with Stephen Dalton and compiling the 50 or so similar events which took place across the country.

      3.) I’m just going to balance crime stories with other material as I have always done.

      4.) No one comes here to read about pop country music or Ukrainian boxing.

      5.) We have more events coming up. The League is participating in an event in Jackson, MS which should be getting underway now.

  3. Jack, you seem to be scared of the reality of the world we live in and the truth about the abundance of black-on-White violence. And you’ve wondered why many people are very apprehensive about your presence in pro-White circles? For someone who claims to be so perceptive and attuned to the common man, you don’t seem very perceptive or attuned to the pro-White world.

    No, Jack, what depresses people the most is that very few entities actually care enough to give this stuff a spotlight. They are sick of being ignored and having this stuff brushed under the rug, only to have it replaced by Hollywood nonsense and the false narrative that blacks are the victims of systemic White racism and constant attacks by Whites. Ironically, you’re talking about boxing who’s marrying who while people not in the entertainment industry are being violently attacked and even killed. You really are out of touch.

  4. Hunter writes:

    4.) No one comes here to read about pop country music or Ukrainian boxing.

    Jack responds:

    I respectfully disagree – or maybe just suggest “we” should broaden our readership and include some more positive stories about sports, culture, fashion, couples – things female readers care about.

    Also, we should consider becoming more “international” and note the positive trend that White Indo European nationalists in places like Ulster, Ukraine, Germany now fly the Confederate Battle flag.

    And for some White 11 year old boy having to go to public school with mean, Black bullies have White boxing champions is very inspiring, and is a great come back to taunts that “whites can’t fight”.

    “Oh yeah, so home come the best, toughest fighter in the world is White – Wladimir-Klitschko, plus his girl friend, fiancé is a beautiful pop music singer from Nashville TN.”

    I’m not saying we/you should not publish real Black on White hateful crimes, just mix in some positive news for a change. CoCC is too negative and with the fixed, extremely depressing Presidential campaign coming up, why not include a few, positive, inspiration stories where Whites are fighting and winning?

    That’s “Winning” as opposed to always losing – for those who want to go that route there is always the Ron Paul/Rand Paul Libertarian losing rout.


  5. I think that maybe the powers that be are tired of coddling this worthless breed of pavement apes. Thy’re stupid, but the level of stupidity in trying to claim Whites who are actively discriminated against by the jews are actually privileged and that worthless pavement apes that get free room and board are actually victims is too stupid to be accidental. I think that maybe with a new race of brown slaves from Central and South America arriving who themselves want to exterminate the negro that maybe the Government and media is setting up a good old fashioned genocide to get rid of the rubbish that comes in dark brown and black. With the new brown slaves and their antipathy towards negroes there is little or no need for futhering this worthless race of useless breeding stock that won’t work like the good slaves from taco Hell.

  6. Here ‘s a beautiful photo of the young couple – he Ukrainian German Heavy weight champion boxer, she beautiful blonde American Nashville TN actress pop C&W singer.

    And their newborn daughter

    The flag protests have been great, but these are mostly macho guy things.

    Our women readers would prefer to read, see stories and photos about celebrities like Hayden Panetttiere.

  7. “I would caution against publishing too many of these “Blacks attack innocent Whites, Whites are KOd or killed, the media suppresses these stories”

    Many people who grow up and live in all-white enclaves relying solely on the anti-white media for information have no idea that the true reality is the exact opposite of the media’s lies so pointing out the lies, censorship and hypocrisy in the media’s reporting of black on white crime is absolutely key.

    It’s true dwelling on the victim hood aspect can be dispiriting but as long as the focus is on *attacking* the media filth over their constant anti-white lies is both psychologically uplifting and politically critical.

  8. Sir, I’m glad that, in reporting these events, you use them as a platform to reprove the SPLC.

    Keep it up.

  9. “Removed for violating YouTube’s terms of service.” Which undoubtedly include, “thou shalt not show the googles as they are.”

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