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  1. Haha, “hundreds or protesters”. Leave it to the MSM. There were roughly, at latest estimation over 1,000 automobiles. Considering none of these vehicles are self-driven yet…..it would have to be in the many thousands.

    Considering that estimateof total participants(both parade drivers, and bystander flag wavers)….the number has been put at well above 4,000. Possibly much higher.

    This was the largest pro-South event, bar non, in fact it was such a whopping success, it is now going to an annual event! Plus, the nearby city of Jonesborough(the oldest city in TN) is going to hold their own flag parade.

    I was proud to represent the League of the South at this gathering.

    #SouthernSpring #DixieRising

  2. If Dylann Roof lived in a 93% black town then the “manifesto” saying he got his ideas from reading the websites of groups the SPLC hate is probably a forgery.

    He probably got his ideas from being attacked by the local black street gang every day.

  3. I can’t believe we are going to let this happen. This isnt about blacks at all.The government just wants to let immigrants , gays, and the communists who are buying this country up everday feel comfortable in South Carolina. They will make it another Florida with the Yanks every where , crime, and drugs running it all. Only the House can keep this from happening now. God help us.

  4. Sir, on the video concerning Cartersville, the newscasterette quoted President Obama as saying, on our flag, that, ‘the Confederate flag is a reminder of systemick oppression and racial subjugation.’

    Coincidentally, that just about sums up how I feel when I am constrained to countenance him, on publick or private grounds…

  5. Haven’t been here in a while. Death, illnesses, and injuries in the family have kept me far too busy of late.

    Proud of my hometown folks and relatives who came out for the rally in the “little Confederacy of East Tennessee.” Only wish I could have been there. Cleburne61, thank you for your efforts. I’m almost certain that you and I have some common ties.

    On the bright side, I will be at the rally in Florida. We’re in Indian territory down here, so I pray that all goes well.

    Our people have been pushed too far, too often. Many have been shocked now into the awareness that the federal government is beyond repair. Any Southerner who is not willfully blind can see the extreme hostility relentlessly directed at our people on a daily basis. It is time for a Southern Spring, indeed.

    Rumor has it that Texas may make a bit of noise soon, God willing.

    Deo Vindice. Resurgam!

  6. (Hope this gets seen here. I didn’t want to post OT in one of the more current posts)

    Republicans acted, late Wednesday, to overturn previous restrictions regarding the Confederate flag for sale (National Park Service) & display (in certain federal cemeteries).

    This isn’t over by a long shot, but maybe the flaggings have put a little sense into them (or the pretense of it). Here’s a link


    H/T to kristinn at FR

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