South Carolina Senate Votes To Remove Confederate Battle Flag From State House Grounds

By Hunter Wallace

In South Carolina, the Republican-controlled State Senate voted 37-3 this afternoon to remove the Confederate Battle Flag from the Capitol grounds in Columbia:

“COLUMBIA, S.C. — With protesters outside and the desk of a slain member draped in black, the South Carolina Senate voted overwhelmingly on Monday to remove the Confederate battle flag from the grounds of the State House.

The 37-to-3 vote propelled the state toward a landmark moment that many hope could come within days: the lowering of the flag that has flown outside the seat of state power here for more than five decades, even as it became a symbol of the segregated South and white supremacy. …”

As Jesse Jackson looked on and watched the vote, South Carolina Republicans voted in overwhelming numbers to remove the Confederate Battle Flag and appease the NAACP. After one more procedural vote, the action will shift to the State House where anti-flag forces are said to have enough Republican votes to carry the day. The bill will then go to Governor Nikki Haley who led the call for its removal.

This sudden turn of events isn’t hard to explain: the corporate CEOs who control the South Carolina Republican Party leapt at the chance to vanquish the Confederate Battle Flag, and they announced their decision to Gov. Nikki Haley in one unanimous voice:

“South Carolina’s corporate titans have long held a simple view of the Confederate flag: It was terrible for business. Under Ms. Haley, a Republican, the state had devoted itself to luring major companies like Mercedes-Benz and Boeing through tax incentives and relentless recruitment from the governor. In many ways, the campaign was a success. But the flag, and everything it stood for, always endangered that progress, leading to repeated calls from business groups for its removal.

After the killings in Charleston, the business leaders saw their chance. The chairman of the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce, an old friend of Ms. Haley’s named Mikee Johnson, polled his 56 board members about the future of the flag. Everyone who responded was of the same opinion. He called Ms. Haley and told her: If she was ready to bring down the Confederate banner, they were behind her.

So was the South Carolina Manufacturers Alliance, the muscular association that represents giant international companies like BMW and Bridgestone Tire. Over the weekend after the shootings, its president, Mr. Gossett, urged members to draw up a strategy for finally ridding the State House of the flag.”

The South Carolina Republican Party has finally raised its own Republican Battle Flag over Columbia: a stainless and meaningless white banner of surrender, which represents the corporate philosophy of the “New South.” It has finally abandoned the pretense that it cares about cultural issues when its real agenda has always been keeping taxes low for millionaires and labor cheap for foreign and out-of-state corporations. In the words of Gov. Robert Bentley of Alabama, “a flag is not worth a job.”

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  1. Shameful. A dark terrible day for the once proud Southern state of South Carolina….

    But, with the State’s political leadership entrusted to a Hindu Indian woman governor , an Affirmative action Black Neo Con Senator and a flaming queer Neo Con Christian Zionist Senator lisping Lyndsey Graham now running for President , well what did anyone expect?

    Shameful. Terrible.

  2. GOP – Genocide Occupation Party of the Communist/Jewish NWO

    They’re all scalawags. ( I think that’s the correct term? Southernors, please correct)

    Simple as that. Secession. Now. Today. Forever.

  3. Vote all of these Scalawags out of office. The Republicrats are joining hands with their Bolshevik brethren aka the Democrat party. Joseph Stalin,Pol Pot,and Mao would be proud.

  4. “Republicans hate Dixie.” Yes, it’s the abominable party of Lincoln. HW’s message is basically correct. We need to follow the game plans of James Edwards and Angelo John Gage. We cannot surrender because surrender means Reginald Denny-ization. Liberals and non-whites cannot be trusted to honour guarantees, safeguards, constitutional rights, treaties, the letter of the law, the spirit of the law, or anything else.
    “… unite with zeal and energy in repelling approaching dangers …” — John C. Calhoun
    First they destroy White supremacy. Then they destroy White freedom of association. Then they destroy anything thing that might lead to White supremacy or White freedoms. Then they dig up and remove the bodies of White supremacists. Then they kill White men and rape White women. Oogah Boogah, mo’ 1804.

  5. Judas betrayed for 30 pieces of silver. The Republican traitors have set their sights for a higher payoff.

    I trust there are millions of Southerners, like Hunter Wallace, who will not forget about this by the time next election rolls around.

  6. Honestly I don’t care. As long as the American flag remains, that’s the only flag that should be on government buildings (With the exception of Mississippi because their state flag incorporates the Confederate battle flag). Now if civilians or privately owned businesses wish to fly the Confederate battle flag they should have the right to do so. I still believe that people are ignorant as to what the flag means, it’s a battle flag and was never the flag of the Confederate States of America.

  7. Vote all of these Scalawags out of office.

    and what will that accomplish?

    Conservatives really are specific breed of stupid that just can’t come to terms with their lack of vision and outside-the-box thinking. If they vote these clowns out of office, they’ll just rally behind some other jackass giving lip service to them just long enough to get into office. Those little darlings and diamonds in the rough will then turn around and stab their constituency in the back and claim they are doing it because it’s what is best for everyone. Everyone besides the majority and the ones that voted for them, of course. These hopping-mad Conservatives will call themselves a Tea Party or something along those lines and then proudly vote for another type of Nikki Haley. They’ll even embrace whatever Uncle Tom they can find, because they want to make sure that they can proudly say to their friends, “I’m no racist, sir! He’s black and I would vote for him.”

    There are Republicans and Democrats. There are Liberals/Leftists and Conservatives. And then there are Racialists and Nationalists. I’m more liberally-minded in my views on social issues, but a tad more conservative when it comes to economics and fiscal policies. But I’m about as hardcore as you can get when it comes to being a racially-aware Nationalist. I know people who are almost the exact opposite of me when it comes to social and economic issues, but they are equally dogged and unapologetic when it comes to being a Nationalist and a Racialist. I will never ever vote for another Democrat or Republican or even Libertarian. May they all die a turbulent and truly violent death.

    The trick—it’s more like a form of art—is to place yourself ahead of the curve and anticipate where a crash will occur so you can be the best one prepared to pick up the pieces and build from the ashes. The core voting blocs of Democrats/Liberals and Republicans/Conservatives are content with riding on a bus and incessantly bickering among themselves about who gets to drive, when it’s pretty much written in the stars that the bus is going to crash no matter who is driving. Racialists and Nationalists of every stripe would be doing themselves a great service by getting off the bus and preparing to be the first ones on the scene offering assistance and offering a way out of the tragedy once it happens, not pretending that driving the bus is going to make much of a difference at this point.

  8. Another, that would be a complete waste of resources. Three voted No and thirty seven voted Yes. Three(3)! That’s what Conservative Inc. in Conservative South Carolina could muster to stand up to political correctness and defend Southern history and heritage.

    You have a Rolls-Royce and then proceed to remove the engine, transmission, doors, frame, body, axle, brakes, seats, radio and all of the electronics, etc. Everything except for three balding tires…. Do you still have a Rolls-Royce?

  9. Why are we surprised? The Republicans were the party of Reconstruction. All that has happened for the last 50 sum odd years has been Reconstruction Redux. It has been insidious & in slow motion (the boiling frog analogy), but many have been “reconstructed” just the same.

    I remain of the opinion that secession is the only hope- both for the South & for America, but one problem is that we’ve been infiltrated by yankees & leftists. We need to make it so uncomfortable & untenable for them that they “self-deport”. Shunning is a Biblical remedy. Downright ostracism is better.
    There is more than one way to skin a cat. 😉 Within the confines of the law, I mean.

    just my .o2

  10. “In South Carolina, the Republican [White] Battle Flag flies over Columbia” – Hunter Wallace

    The white battle flag flying over Columbia pictured above is not the flag of the Republican Party. To say that it is implies that the Republican Party was always with us but, in the end, simply capitulated to enemy demands on this issue.

    In reality, the Republican Party was always part of the Judeo-Liberal Establishment from its inception and thus never with us.

    Sam Francis pointed this stuff out 15 years ago in his essay “Capitalism, The Enemy” in the August 2000 issue of Chronicles which was recently republished on the RADIX JOURNAL website.

    In it, he summarizes Republican and capitalist treachery on this very issue . . . 15 YEARS AGO!

    “The betrayal of the Confederate flag by the Republicans and the capitalism by which the GOP is so hypnotized says as plainly as can be stated that neither institution can any longer be counted on as defenders of either Southern traditions or national and civilizational ones. There are few traditional Southerners who did not already know this, though most have supported the GOP since the 1960s in what was really an alliance of convenience for both sides, and most conservatives of all kinds have allied with capitalism against the more militant forms of egalitarianism of this century. But the entrancement of the Republicans by capitalism— and the disengagement of capitalism from every other social institution in pursuit of its own profits and its antagonism to any institution that presents an obstacle to profit—pitches the usefulness of these alliances in the garbage dump of history. If serious conservatives are going to salvage whatever remains of their civilization, in its local or national or civilizational forms, they will have to start working toward not only a new political vehicle but toward a new form of economic organization as well.?”

    In all honesty, the white flag represents the Southern Nationalist cause (minus the black ‘X’) given that we have lost the political battle. Indeed, it is not just a loss, but a complete rout!

    Is it not time to finally shelve the petty reactionary conservatism of yesteryear for a forward looking ideology and course of action that can actually achieve something worthy of our ancestor’s blood, sweat and tears?

  11. “The only remedy…DO NOT VOTE GOP>>STAY HOME…these corporatist bastards need to lose big time. – Reynauld

    HEAR HEAR! I’ve been doing this for over 10 years and let me tell you something — it’s liberating! No more feeling unclean and in desperate need of a hot shower to wash the filth and stench off your body for having voted for Lincoln’s Party. And best of all, it doesn’t require an effort!

  12. “and what will that [voting scalawags out of office] accomplish? . . . If they vote these clowns out of office, they’ll just rally behind some other jackass giving lip service to them just long enough to get into office. – Celestial time

    Yes, assuming that they vote for more Republicans down the line. That won’t be possible if the GOP is destroyed. At the national [presidential level], the GOP is already dead-man-walking and has been effectively reduced to the status of a regional Southern party that continually stabs in the back its regional constituency. Given that 90% of the GOP’s voting base is white and predominantly Southern, it stands to reason that in order for a truly nationalist party to arise, the GOP must first go “bye-bye.” Now, I don’t think its possible to “take back the country” via the ballot box. However, having a viable regional political party to vote for and rally behind when the proverbial “sh!t” hits the fan and the country begins to break apart is desperately needed and can not be achieved so long as the GOP stands in the way.


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