UNESCO Director Condemns “Cultural Cleansing” of Iraq by ISIS

UNESCO director condemns “cultural cleansing of Iraq” as a war crime

By Hunter Wallace

It is a surreal experience watching what ISIS is doing in Iraq and then watching the next news segment on NBC News about what American leftists and their Republican allies are doing in South Carolina and other Southern states:

“ISIS’ rampant destruction and looting of millennia-old heritage sites amounts to a form of “cultural cleansing,” according to the head of the United Nations’ heritage body.

UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova told NBC News that the extremists’ campaign of wiping out antiquities in Iraq and Syria was unprecedented in contemporary history and classifiable as a war crime under international law.

“Cultural cleansing, in my view, is exactly what’s happening in Iraq,” Bokova said in an interview. “These extremists want to impose a different vision on the world. They want to tell us that there is no memory [of these sites], that there is no culture, that there is no heritage.”

Irina Bokova says regarding ISIS, “culture and destruction of heritage has become an instrument of war. It is to shock all of us. It is deprive people of their identity.” American leftists, too, are “extremists who want to impose a different vision on the world.” They tore down the Tom Watson statue at the Georgia State Capitol and intend to replace it with a statue of Martin Luther King, Jr. They also want to wipe out the memory of the Confederacy, destroy our heritage, and deprive Southerners of a positive sense of identity.

The War Against The South is nothing less than a cultural genocide. It should be labeled a war crime.

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  1. Just as the Mainstream Media has not let a crisis go to waste in order to eradicate the CBF from Southern memory, the Southern-cuck Avenger has used this opportunity to further disassociate himself from his past. His over the top repentance and prostrating himself is repulsing. And like the Left, he is not sad over the Charleston shooting. He’s using it as an opportunity to promote himself as a reformed racist. It is absolutely sick. I don’t know how any of his friends and family can look at him with respect.




  2. Spot on. But it also took Iraqis a minute or two to figure out how to fight back properly. Some of them actually thought we were there for their benefit. The same with right wing Southern Whites and America. How many still choke up at the Star Spangled Banner? Failure to discriminate friend from foe is a biological death sentence.

  3. Equating the SJW with ISIS is a entirely appropriate. I told this to others and it made them really think.

  4. Interesting to see so many against cultural cleansing in Iraq, but many of those same people are supporting cultural cleansing in our own Southland.

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