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  1. When you focus too much on other races and their problems it distracts people from the what nationalism is all about. Nationalism is about focusing inwards and improving our own lot.

  2. And the GOP trashes our symbols and heritage for these wild feral chimps? (with an apology to chimps_

  3. “Nationalism is about focusing inwards and improving our own lot.” Who are the enemies of White Christian-culture people? IMO the six main enemy groups are Jews, Muslims, blacks, mulattos, white-skinned race traitors, and race-mixing advocates of all ethnic groups. James Edwards said in one of his broadcasts that one percent of Whites are bad and twenty percent of Blacks are bad. IMO twenty percent of Whites are bad and twenty percent of Blacks are bad. The race-destroying Whites such as John Brown, Abe Lincoln, and George McGovern are the twenty percent bad whilst the hard-core hood rats are the twenty percent bad. The first lesson of politics is to understand who the enemy is. Are Muslim our enemies?
    Kidnapping, Rape of Egyptian Coptic Christian Girls at Record High
    Blacks and mulattos are the enemy because of biology. Jews and Muslims are the enemy because of ideology. Race traitors are the enemy because of money, ideology, brainwashing, misdirection and distraction.

  4. “… focus too much on other races and their problems …” If races differed only in outward appearance and cultural conditioning, then focus on other races might not be a life-or-death task, but let us consider some questions from Angelo John Gage: “Will there be affirmative action and racial quotas for us? Will we get scholarships for being White? Will we have a White history month? Or will we end up becoming a slaughtered minority like South Africa, living in a country as shitty and backward as Brazil, and eventually become nearly extinct like the Native Americans?”
    Angelo John Gage: March Against Marxism
    We need sane, reasonable, pro-White leaders who tell the truth, but first the majority of White people should understand some important, relevant truths. Think about Sweden and South Africa and listen to James Edwards and Angelo John Gage. If the preceding statement could be imprinted into the public hive mind then we might be in business.

  5. They say that blacks eating and loving fried chicken is just a stereotype….bullshit! If that flag comes down in South Carolina….everything else will fall, the South’s Cities will quickly collapse to a waste for people like this, another Detroit or Baltimore….hell its already begun.

  6. Re: Another

    Normally I would agree, but I am temporarily in charge of maintaining the CofCC’s website while Kyle is on vacation. He’s been under a lot of stress and has a ton of business to take care of because of the flag bans.

  7. Y’all really need to employ an ebonics to English translator. I can’t understand a one of them. Sounds like a bunch of witch doctors chanting.

  8. If you go into a store or restaurant that has plexiglass between customers and employees turn around and get out.

  9. Is this a game show? I can’t tell, the announcer keeps saying (BLEEP) over and over again. And what do they win?

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