Cyber Attack Going On?

By Hunter Wallace

What do you think?

Is this like that Die Hard movie? Is BRA getting its ass kicked by China or the Confederate flag or something? I’m seeing reports that trading on the NYSE has been halted, planes are being grounded, various websites like The Wall Street Journal are going down, internet is flickering out, etc.

Breathless types on the internet are saying its JADE HELM!!! Well, it will be an interesting day.

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  1. Brad, I’ve written about what’s beginning to happen for nearly 1 year now. When Greece defaulted, and then said no… lit the fuse on the dynamite that will end the entire Bretton Woods II financial system.

    All the support pillars to it were already deconstructed by the BRICS for the last 6 years…China and Russia have all the gold they need.

    What’s happening now is that the Grefault, coupled with the bursting Chinese equity bubble….is causing credit to freeze and lock up around the entire world. It will spread to every exchange, every bond market….and then it will be declared that the OTC derivative collapse will have begun. By the time you read that, it will be too late to do much about it. It will start in Europe first, likely, and then spread here.

    These are simply the first rumblings. I’ve spent 10 months documenting it. It’s what I do. The Anglo-American(Jewish) financial system was a global ponzi ready to go down….now it’s starting to go, so they’re like gonna blame it on “Russian” or “Chinese” hackers.

    Message me if you wanna ask more questions about it. This is what’s happening. What remains to be seen is whether the collapse takes months, or simply weeks. There is still time to take action.

  2. I’ve heard CT speculation about an unknown but very powerful group with interests inimical to ZOG and the New World Order crowd. A group powerful enough to do the things described above. It’s just speculation though.

  3. Hunter, I actually shut my computer off for a bit because it was bogging down so badly. In the back of my mind, I was wondering about all of this because the computers at the hospital where I work were acting wonky.

  4. Hunter, you nearly got your wish in 2008. 08′ could’ve and would’ve ended everything we know, in a good way.

    What stopped it? TAARP stopped it . TARP was illegal, and immoral, and I opposed it, but without it, the system was hours from going down in 2008. Truly.

    This is Senator Paul Kanjorsk(who I oppose on a broad swathe of issues), who still told the truth about what happened back then…

    It’s going to happen again, except this time….there will be no TARP.

  5. The Eskimo are moving their loot from vaults in the US to vaults elsewhere.

    It’s always like this.

  6. My guess is that we witnessing the equivalent of the set up of the Federal Reserve.

    By the end of the meltdown we will have a banking center in Shanghai dictating lomas and debts to everyone.

  7. I’ve heard rumors going around internet circles that those fuckers at the Pentagram have been playing around with AIs or Artificially Intelligent Computers. A lot of technophobes like the wheelchair bound Stephen Hawking have been claiming that AIs will kill us all like Skynet. I think that’s just neo-luddite technophobia, but then its probably running on unstable software like Microbrain’s Windows 8.1 or something and that OS really sucks.
    Some of these new AI programs are not responding to human controllers or acting really strangely, but its probably not the Singularity where a AI becomes awake so much as bad programs written by Indian H-1B programmers who used to bathe in the Ganges River. However, even if its not Skynet waking up and killing Humanity but really poorly written code, if its connected to 10,000 databases all over the World, it could still crash the whole World Wide Web if it destabilizes the internet nodes to the point where they stop communicating.

  8. If it is the Chinese, maybe they’re ticked off by Hillary’s statement that China is “trying to hack into everything that doesn’t move in America”.

    In 1999, two Chinese generals authored a book called “Unrestricted Warfare” …

    “The new concept of weapons will cause ordinary people and military men alike to be greatly astonished at the fact that commonplace things that are close to them can also become weapons with which to engage in war. We believe that SOME MORNING PEOPLE WILL AWAKE to discover with surprise that quite a few gentle and kind things have begun to have offensive and lethal characteristics”.

    China: A Threat Analysis

  9. The new currency that is coming up the SDR “Special Drawing Rights”. If you’ll look closely the EXACT same people setting up the SDR monetary system at the BIS bank of international settlements are the same bunch that run the current banking system. It’s the same old debt based banking system. It is portrayed in the media as the new sexy China, Russia, BRICS against the old evil FED but IT”S THE SAME DAMN PEOPLE setting up both systems. Don’t believe me. Look up the people who control the BIS and those are the same people setting up the SDR system. The dollar will be caved and the SDR will, of course, come in to save the day like the lone ranger but it’s all bullshit and was planed. They tell you what they are doing so as to not confuse the financial market makers. Everyone else they just treat like mushrooms and feed us O’Reilly bullshit. Read these two guys blogs and you will get the whole picture. All they do is read the public stuff the bankers put out and if you pay attention they lay the whole mess out. The first link has gone pay on many of his articles. He’s extremely good I can’t blame him for not wanting to make a little money off his hard work reading a bunch of dry banking public papers and rewriting it to be understandable. Lots of free stuff remains.

    They have a lot of stuff on these sites. Their information is mostly from the business press, banking industry and the central banks. It’s a lot to read but the short and sweet of it is. The debt based currencies are failing. The reason is if all money is created by debt it compounds until it reaches unsustainable proportions. They are just going to reset the debt into another unsustainable world debt currency. The end result of all of this is the guys who create the debt, with no backing at all, get all the money eventually through compounding of the debt. It’s stupid we have such a currency system.

    The good news is the links I provided before say that while there may be disruptions they’re not going to completely destroy the currency. My take on that is if they do then we might go after the Jews with pitchforks and torches.

  10. The great crash happened in 2008. They held it together with duct tape but that only slowed the end.

    The big question is if what is happening now is part of an actual plan for a crash landing – which will involve imposing martial law in the US – or due to the stresses and strains caused by 2008 those duct tape repairs are now springing multiple leaks everywhere in a chaotic fashion. And thirdly has the US using military threats to support the dollar (as part of the duct tape repairs) pushed Russia/China into actively seeking to bring down the US before the banking mafia start WWIII.

    I think all three are happening at once.

    I just hope there’s a fourth faction – people who realize the banking mafia are the root cause of all this and who are trying to remove them from power in the US before it’s too late.

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