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  1. Thanks Hunter that was great!

    I always maintain one of the best self defense weapons that has gotten me through life in rather rough, no fun PC Lib places was….

    A good sense of humor.

    I always try to use sarcasm with no fun PC Lefty women mouthing off about RACISM, SEXISM, HOMOPHOBIA, ISLAMAPHOBIA etc

    “yeah sweetheart those Muslims in the Sudan are really going to go for your feminism and gay LGBT rights stuff – oh and you’re probably not going to much like Islamic female genital mutilation”.

  2. Hunter,

    You know what makes the removal of the Confederate Flag even more offensive is that it is violating the 2000 compromise. The 2000 compromise agreed upon between white and black groups established an African-American monument on statehouse grounds, and moved the Confederate flag to the Confederate soldiers memorial. Now, their attempting to remove the flag and so they broke the deal and therefore the African-American monument should also be taken down.

    Please sign petition. Not too many more signatures needed.

  3. That skit is damn near prophetic. All that’s needed is to rename Jefferson Davis (JD) Hogg to MLK Hogg.

  4. @Denise “Screw Cooter. He’s a Race Denier One Worlder.” Cooter is far better than Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Carlos Slim, Larry Ellison, the Koch brothers and the other higher-ups. It’s difficult to live without a pay master.
    HW: “You can have blacks, freedom and equality, and civilization, but you must choose two out of three.” Tanstaafl: “You can have a judaized media and its anti-White brainwashing or you can have civilization. Pick one.”
    An Interview with Robert Stark, January 2012
    HW should write a book about race and politics.

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