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  1. There are a few more rallies that aren’t on this list, including another one in Virginia on July 5.

  2. Yesterday there was another large Confederate Flag motorcade in Georgia, with about 100 vehicles involved.

  3. WE…the State of Alabama are inviting, just as we did in 1861, EVERY Southerner who wants to speak out against the genocide of our heritage and monuments on July 18th in Birmingham. This event will be called “MONUMENTAL DIXIE” and will feature great speakers from all across the south. Thank you for posting it if you do. Presented by the same guys who brought you the one in Montgomery!

  4. There are countless spontaneous acts of defiance breaking out all across the South. We need to provide a focal point for all that anger and bring all these people who are frustrated together en masse for they will be impossible to ignore.

    Karl’s instincts were 100 percent correct in Montgomery. I’m thrilled to see there will be another such rally in Birmingham where it is needed most. We also need to quickly replicate what happened in Alabama in other states particularly in South Carolina to halt this avalanche.

  5. Karl and Hunter, this has become something of a movement. Maybe it’s not recognized by the media as a movement, but it has the appearance of one.

    Wikipedia should have a page for this titled “Southern Rights Protest of 2015”.

  6. Rally in support of Dixie Outfitters in Burlington, North Carolina on July 11th between the hours of 11 am and 1 pm.

  7. Some of them have contacted me (via Tradyouth) and were saying it wasn’t going to be a “robed” event; just regular Christian guys doing a rally. If that’s true, I suspect the media is overplaying it.

    I wont be able to make that one, regardless.

    I’m praying for the success of all the events.

  8. Perhaps in addition to rallies, decent people might also consider pointing game cameras, and motion sensors that will turn on bright lights, at the black churches, monuments, and anything else important to anyone in the south.

    I can think of several groups that would attack churches and destroy historic sites.

  9. Just counted, but there are almost 30 (maybe more) rallies planned for Sunday throughout the South. There is also some other very important rallies coming up after that, including the Birmingham rally.

    I’m still kind of disappointed with the original Mississippi rally canceling, because that would have made a great addition to the other rallies this Sunday. At least someone got a new Mississippi rally planned for Monday.

  10. There is also at least one anti-Southern rally being organized in SC against the flag.

    It is called the “South Carolina Unity” rally. An odd name considering their rallying to destroy people’s heritage.

  11. Yes, the person who foolishly cancelled the Mississippi rally claimed that the GOP had asked him to do so. More than anything else, the GOP wants passions to cool for they can push through their anti-Southern agenda without any resistance.

  12. There were few Confederates at the time of the Civil War from Morgantown & Monongalia County, West Virginia, and, of those few Confederates a few were ancestors of mine who are mentioned in the old WV histories as Confederate soldiers.

    Too bad I only found out about this rally today. I really would have liked to attend and show the flag to Wal-Mart.

    I hope they have a nice turnout, and chances are pretty good that I am related…as Jimmy Rogers sang: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qb1pr-Ff3zI

  13. I’m going to make every effort to attend the Louisiana rally, though that town isn’t very convenient for me. I’m also thinking about picking up a gopro camera for general recording. If it’s allowed, I might record myself burning the American flag.

  14. Well, does anyone here know anything about this group #standbythedlag? I just noticed the #standbytheflag organizers want people to bring American flags, and they’re promoting that stupid line heritage not hate. I might not go. I don’t want to be associated with the American flag or PC accommodationism and beyond that I don’t see how a protest that uses the American flag can be effective.

  15. I’ll probably go and go, but I was hoping to meet up with some fire-breathers ready to stomp the American flag rather than wave it. While I hate to gripe about efforts and heavy lifting other people are doing, it really doesn’t make sense to bring the American flag into it. It shows confusion, understandable I suppose, but still confusion about what’s going on.

  16. Thank you for posting this rally information. This kind of networking and information is VERY important. This is a great issue upon which to achieve greater awareness and to harness the energy of our people. Millions of rank and file normal WHITE people are desperate for leadership and for the chance to do something. In this case, rallying for the flag, the symbol of a government that supported the founding principle of government by consent of the governed, against a tyrannical central government that governs instead by CONQUEST of the governed, is a great way to inspire and energize otherwise inactive people.

    Keep up the good work.

  17. There are ways for intelligent people to effect change…and it isn’t through violence which produces the CHAOS government wants, hopes for and thrives on. Charleston showed this government they can bring change and resolution without their “top down” actions. When you are driven by the “race baiters” and “haters” you are falling into a government trap which needs CHAOS in order to initiate their clamping down, NDAA un-constitutional actions against us. Read about their “CLOWARD-PIVEN” STRATEGY to bring about martial law. Don’t buy into it. Keep us free.

  18. >The KKK event has gotten more publicity than all other events combined including the 1,000 people who came to Montgomery.

    Politically , I don’t understand why a truly pro-Southern KKK would choose now to hold their own Confederate Flag rally. These KKK activists must realize this would play right into the hands of the media. In fact, I wonder if this is actually a hired troupe, much like the midget-filled, staged KKK of Jerry Springer.

    If this forthcoming KKK rally *is* being staged, an expose should be written and the perpetrators unmasked. And “perpetrators” here means, not the robed actors, but the libelous group that staged the event.

  19. Thora.

    It goes to show the kind of media spin at work. The thousands of people protesting elsewhere, for their heritage and rights, are being ignored. While the sideshow that the KKK putting on is receiving more attention.

    I think what Southern patriots need to do, including the League of the South, or any other group is to protest the KKK at their own rally with signs and flags saying the KKK doesn’t represent us all.

    I know the League of the South, Occidental Dissident, and others have pro-white views (as do I), but they should show up anyways, not necessarily to protest the KKK, but to say to the media and the public: Look we’re not all like them.

    • The League is preoccupied with dozens of events all over the South. There’s another one going down in Harrison this afternoon. We don’t have time to worry about what the Klan is doing.

  20. I believe that Southern nationalism is firmly tied to ethnicity and certain Christian values. And yes, the KKK represents some of those values, but the vast majority of people who embrace that flag are not KKK members. The KKK represents only a tiny fraction of all Southern whites who fly that flag. Most people that fly that flag are not racist, and they attach that flag to their heritage. That’s it.

    Southern whites are a distinct people and that Confederate flag is part of their heritage. Likewise, Southern blacks are a distinct people, but in truth, Southern blacks and whites are closer to one another spiritually and culturally, than are Southern whites with say a white person from Boston. For some Southern blacks the Confederate flag is also a part of their heritage.

    I think that defining a flag as “racist” is wrong, because if there is one thing that some Southern whites and blacks have in common besides Christianity it’s that both races have long and deep ties to the South. Both share much of the same history, and removing that flag not only dishonors Southern whites, but also hundreds of thousands of Southern blacks who see it as part of their heritage too, some of whom had ancestors that fought for that flag.

  21. >I think what Southern patriots need to do, including the League of the South, or any other group is to protest the KKK at their own rally with signs and flags saying the KKK doesn’t represent us all. I know the League of the South, Occidental Dissident, and others have pro-white views (as do I), but they should show up anyways, not necessarily to protest the KKK, but to say to the media and the public: Look we’re not all like them.

    This tactic gives the Machiavellian media exactly what it wants: a spotlight on the Klan. The present problem does not lie with a fraternal organization whose membership numbers in the hundreds, the problem instead lies with blanket media defamation of Southerners.

    I’m not certain what slogans should be used to steer the debate, but placards which highlight media culpability for the murders in Charleston would be a start. Something like “Not Dixie’s Flag / But Media Defamation / Kills Southerners”, or, “Dylan Roof is a Product of the Media not the Confederacy”. I’m sure someone can come up with something catchier, but the gist should be to link the perverted, nihilistic media to Dylan Roof’s violence.

  22. This was probably the largest motorcade yet.

    This video doesn’t show much, but I’ve seen other videos on this “Southern Pride” event and there were a lot of vehicles involved. Maybe as much as 300 vehicles.

    Also, here is a report on The League of The South event in Arkansas.

    • No, please continue.

      I spent yesterday with family. I’m on the way home from the event in St. Louis. Keep posting links here. I’m going to do a comprehensive write up.

  23. The Rome rally was larger than I guessed from the pictures.

    This video is amazing, especially when their on the road and all you see in the distance are trucks and cars with confederate flags. They also seem to be well received by the pedestrians.

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