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  1. The Russellville rally had well over 700 participants according to one of the Facebook account of one of the participants.

  2. Myself and a friend stood with Confederate Naval jack flags (3 x 5) at an overpass in Richmond, VA yesterday (July 5) for about two hours. Traffic was heavy due to the holiday weekend, huge amounts of folks beeping horns and waving, truckers laying on their air horns, very encouraging.

    The small amount of opposition came from blacks who saluted with one finger, but who cares, we were not there for them anyway.

    Question to Ryan do you have more info on the Powhatan County rally for July 11 the guy who was with me yesterday and a few others I know live their and would probably attend, thanks.

  3. Hunter can you remove the above comment. I didn’t mean to post my twitter account to this site. However, if you want you can copy the picture, which is also found on one of the Confederate Flagger websites. Also, don’t post this comment either. Lol.

  4. The Cornerstone Speech outlines the mission of the Confederacy.

    “Our new Government is founded upon exactly the opposite ideas; its foundations are laid, its cornerstone rests, upon the great truth that the negro is not equal to the white man; that slavery, subordination to the superior race, is his natural and normal condition.”

    You will not succeed because the only thing you can rally for is hatred. The south will not rise again we won’t allow it.

    • Actually, Alexander Stephens was quite fond of his slaves, and your argument that Stephens hated black people because he was a racialist and a slaveowner is irrational and historically false.

  5. We are legion says:
    July 6, 2015 at 9:48 pm

    “You will not succeed because the only thing you can rally for is hatred.”

    You’re projecting your own hatred onto others. You think we hate like you do. No, it really is just sick people like you.

  6. Typical anti-Confederate flag people.

    That photo was taken a little while ago at a Confederate Flag rally in Kingsport, Tennessee by the local news crew. The drive started about 25 minutes ago. Looks like several hundred maybe. They actually had to start the rally early because there was no room left for vehicles to park and some were having to park outside the staging area.

    This photo was taken over 20 minutes after the drive had already started and cars were still leaving the park as part of the caravan.

  7. Here is a video of two kids defending the right to keep the flag flying. Though their young and kind of inept at discussing the issue, they make valid points.

  8. In response to Ron:
    It is at the new Powhatan Walmart on July 11th at 12:00. I actually live here in Powhatan. Any more questions? Just ask I’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible!

  9. Yea I have a comment I’m a proud southern man. I live in baldwin Co alabama. I work on the Mississippi River and only home one week a month. I wanna get a rally in our area. I can tell y’all now rally’s ant gonna do it. Until we stand and fight like our forefathers before us did they will keep on kicking us around. Rally’s and talking ant doing no good they continue to bash our heritage take down our monuments and DISRESPECT OUR FALLEN CONFEDERATE SOILDGERS .. We need to make a stand and FIGHT for our family in the past because they fought for their families in the future. I was at work when the ALL BLACK BOARD voted to remove our monument in bermingham but if I was off this boat I would have made the 4 hour drive and chained myself to it….. I’m in no hate group at all and don’t wanna be. I’m in no way coward and I’m willing to FIGHT FOR MY HERITAGE AND MY PRIDE…..

  10. Note that the U. S. Federal Government never proved in SCOTUS that the secession was illegal under the U. S. Constitution. Who decides what “hate speech” is? IMO the New South equation is:
    New South = anti-racism = Kill Whitey

  11. I just put this We Are Legion (demonic reference) text through a Communist to English translation.

    “The Cornerstone Speech outlines the mission of the Confederacy.

    “Our new Government is founded upon exactly the opposite ideas; its foundations are laid, its cornerstone rests, upon the great truth that the negro is not equal to the white man; that slavery, subordination to the superior race, is his natural and normal condition.”
    You will not succeed because the only thing you can rally for is hatred. The south will not rise again we won’t allow it.”

    Whitey is a direct threat to our own ethnic supremacy and control of the economy. Blacks are so inferior that we can discount them as competition. Therefore Kill White Goyim.

  12. Mark 5:9

    Now I am not a bible thumper, but if I made a statement under the handle of We Are Legion I’d at least recognize that I’m admitting I’m a demon that is about to be excorcized by Jesus. Why is it that these cretins take on the identity of Satan without even knowing the references? Ignorance or perversity?

    We Are Legion, indeed. Fucking illiterate creep.

    My handle is based on a Harry Flashman villain btw. A nasty mad Oxford Don turned slave ship captain.

  13. As expected the Party of Lincoln struck again and the weaselly, pusillanimous Republiscum caved in and struck the Stars and Bars. Never mind that this flag was carried into battle by men “who did their duty as they saw it” as the inscription on the monument erected by Union soldiers to honor the Confederate dead put it.

    But then those who fought for the Union were soldiers, too, not cowardly scumbag political whores. Rant over.

    I am not only a passive-aggressive bitch, but I come from a long line of anarchists. Please humor me. I have a little suggestion for any unhappy camper interested in staging a passive-aggressive but highly effective protest over the way a flag got scapegoated for one nutjob’s actions.

    Please see Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals for the inspiration of this idea.

    Rule 4: Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.

    Since it is clear that a flag got a gun and killed nine innocent church-goers, it stands to reason that there is a much larger, longer-lived symbol of racist, White supremacist malevolence which has caused endless wars and problems around the world for years. If a battle flag that was used for only four years can cause this kind of mayhem, it stands to reason that a flag that not only presided over slavery for almost 90 years before that and then couldn’t even effect a peaceful compromise to end it should be an even bigger symbol of racist White supremacist malevolence.

    We should all hang our heads with shame over this flag’s imperialistic ambitions … you know … Manifest Destiny, New World Order … etc. ad nauseum ad infinitum.

    I’m talking about the Stars and Bars. The United States flag. Maybe it’s time to jump on the Limbo Louie Farrakhan and demand that the American flag be taken down to so as not to stir up any more violent White racists and hurt the tender feelings of all the descendants of the slavery it presided over.

    I wonder what would happen if the internet exploded with “leftists” flush with victory over those evil Stars and Bars demanding that the bigger, badder, imperialist, racist flag of White Supremacy be taken down? What if it gained momentum? There would be no excuse not to strike the Stars and Stripes, too.

    Think of how much fun it would be a lot of fun watching the talking heads of the governmedia explode and try to weasel out of taking the Confederate flap to its own natural conclusion: all symbols of racism must come down.

    Of course, each state would have to raise its own flag until the country could get together and decide on a new national flag. And that might take years, because we must please everyone and offend no one. I wonder what kind of symbolism each state having to fly its own flag all by its lonesome would represent, hmmmm?

  14. I guess God can bless Ted Shoebat for not hating the Confederate flag beyond that though everything in his piece relating to the Confederate flag is demonstrably historically false. The Confederate flag designed by William Porcher Miles was absolutely not designed with the flag of Scotland in mind and the use of the saltire was employed according to Miles to avoid religious imagery. This was even acknowledged in an article on SNN by Michael years ago. Now bizarrely this Shoebat fellow has added the supposed influence of French ancestry and the tricolor of the French republic to the mix. That’s the first time have heard that one. No end to the innovations on Southern “history” it would seem.

    He also denounces “racist slavery” using the standard quotations from the Bible that people use to denounce racial distinctions in general.

    Homework assignment for anyone who believes the Confederate flag design has anything to do with Scotland. Find an example of anybody saying that before the late 20th century. You won’t because that is when that idea was invented.


  15. (Could y’all move this link, please? Or post about it?) This is concerning the agreement that permitted (spit) the Confederate Battle Flag to be flown on the statehouse grounds. There are 37,463 signatures so far.

    Petition to the South Carolina legislature remove African American monument from the statehouse grounds.


    God Bless.

  16. There is talk about a rally on Saturday 7-18-15 in scottsboro al. Of course starting at at the walmart at 12.

  17. Saturday, August 1 at 11:00am
    Show Map
    I-295, Jacksonville Florida

    Fly your confederate flags high and proud cars trucks whatever you got let’s go!!!!! We start at regency and we’ll leave at 1pm so everyone can get there then we migrate to I-295. Take one lap and head to huguenot park

  18. I’m here in Leesburg now to support the confederate statue. already the Naacp and the Panther representatives are gathering I am Hoping I will not be alone in my support

  19. How to handle the pesky counter protesters:

    The next time there is a big rally have a few of the supporters show up dressed as rodeo clowns and come up and surround these anti-flag protesters and start pulling gags and make these party crashers the laughing stock of the whole event. Every time they open their mouths let one of the clowns activate a truck air horn blast to drown out what they are trying to say while the other clowns are up to some mischievous pranks totally distracting them from what they are trying to accomplish and turn it into a comedy act with the counter protesters being the star main attraction in this clown act. At least it would be entertaining and everyone would get a big laugh.

  20. The Confederate Flag is flying literally EVERYWHERE now. I am seeing them proliferate and I would thank Nikki Haley for this personally. Thanks to you, the revolution has begun. Please try to dig up General Forrest, please try to remove more monuments. Your actions are proving that the KKK, LS, SCV were RIGHT ALL ALONG and soon all the Bubbas are going to be awoken from their slumber, turning off the tv and ready for the inevitible.

    A long hard struggle is ahead of us brothers, BUT WE CAN PREVAIL.

  21. When I use the word CAN instead of WILL i mean this. Time is not on our side, the sooner this happens THE BETTER. Right now we have enough Vietnam Vets and others here to help us. In 20 years 98% of them will be dead. Now or never.

  22. I agree with you. Yes, please secede again and end the Southern veto in America’s gridlocked politics. We’re sorry for generals Sherman and Grant and the abolition of your “peculiar institution”; we really didn’t mean it. You can do your huntin’, fishin’ and churchin’ and have your theocratic American Talibanistan and the rest of us can become a more civilized social-democratic country like Canada or Australia. And we will be happy to welcome all the academic and scientific talent from Huntsville, Houston and RTP, Duke (my MBA alma mater) and UNC that will flow northward. Don’t think for a minute that the physicists of Huntsville, the biotech and IT talent in RTP and the oil service talent in Houston would want to live in the country you would create.
    Nobody on this earth has an inherent right to die in the same world he grew up in. Globalization is as old as Alexander the Great; to think otherwise is to argue with reality. And if you argue with reality, you will lose.

  23. Lester, the only people who want a Social Democrat Utopia are in the Northeast, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and on the West Coast. If you removed the Negroids from the equation, in Ohio, Indiana and Illinois not a single liberal would ever win another election again.

    Before 1910, the Midwest was strict Republican, then the Negroes began coming north for work. The Jews and other slime in the cities began registering the Low IQ Negroids as Democrats in the 1920s and after the second wave came after WW2, they had a voting bloc. So you need the ignorant Negroes to vote for your side and count the ballots so they can steal elections as they did in Ohio in 76, 92, 96, 08, and 12 because we know how votes are counted in Urban Areas. Of course in Dixie they haven’t been as successful yet, but if you think any election results out of any Negro-run city are truthful, then you need an education.

    When the South secedes, the North will shatter like plate glass into a million pieces. This isn’t 1861.

  24. I apologize for being late to this matter.

    I grew up with a large 1863 Flag on my wall (made in N.J.!). I can recall Lynyrd Skynrd playing the UK (not to mention the Fox Theater in Atlanta) with a huge Stars & Bars as a backdrop. It wasn’t considered offensive to Blacks, it was an expression of a certain unique heritage. I can remember that as late as 1977. So what happened?

    We screwed up is what happened. We allowed the flag to be co-opted into being an exclusively racist symbol. A symbol of backward rednecks, missing a bunch of teeth, sitting around drinking beer, watching NASCAR, making racist comments about Blacks. I can’t help but believe some of this was an organized effort from interested groups and people. Nothing happens so relatively quickly without war, revolution or lots of money. I think money came in, and I’d love to know from where the money originated.

    Even though outside groups were pushing the issue, Southerners never came forward as a group to stop the coop ting, never fought the issue in the manner it should have been fought. I can still recall certain events in Georgia during the mid-80’s that should have tipped me off, but my attention was elsewhere. Consequently, by the time I had my own kids my homeowner’s association would have fined me for putting up an “offensive” display. I wonder what’s being taken away from me right now, as I look elsewhere?

  25. https://westernrifleshooters.wordpress.com/2015/10/09/hatespeech-imported-variety/
    i posted this

    French pro-fascists take Marine Le Pen to court for Muslim remarkhttps://themuslimissue.wordpress.com/2015/09/22/french-pro-fascists-take-marine-le-pen-to-court-over-muslim-comment/
    A Quote from Jean-Marie Le Pen
    Le Pen Allies with Top Faggot
    French Traitor Marine Le Pen: “I hope Marxists take over Greece, not National Socialists”
    Marine Le Pen: Courting the Jews, to no avail
    Marine Le Pen
    French Front National (FN) and the Jews
    http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/frances-national-front-rise-jews-voting-marine-le-pen-survey-1465581 https://www.google.com/search?q=Marine+Le+Pen+jew&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a&channel=sb Marine Le Pen is pro-Jewish http://www.destroyzionism.com/2013/04/22/marine-le-pen-is-pro-jewish/ How Marine Le Pen is winning France’s gay vote http://www.spectator.co.uk/features/9420662/how-marine-le-pen-is-winning-frances-gay-vote/ France: Marine Le Pen Polls in First Place http://www.dailystormer.com/france-marine-le-pen-polls-in-first-place/ Abbas or Hamas?: Marine Le Pen, The Overton Window and the Impotence of the New Right http://www.tradyouth.org/2015/02/abbas-or-hamas/# Jobbik Tells Le Pen and Wilders ‘Liberalism and Zionism are the Enemy, Not Islam’
    https://cj303addict.wordpress.com/2015/01/29/french-traitor-marine-le-pen-i-hope-marxists-take-over-greece-not-national-socialists/ https://cj303addict.wordpress.com/2015/01/29/french-traitor-marine-le-pen-i-hope-marxists-take-over-greece-not-national-socialists/
    Alexandr Dugin approves of cannibalism
    thers a hell of alot more but 5 sites have been taken down in the past week
    and not only did they take it down but they shut down the comments and most if not all comments were made by jews

  26. Tennessee County votes Monday on raising Confederate flag 4:06 PM EDT Oct 19, 2015


    (snip) Now, more than 150 years later, Greene County, Tennessee, is once again ruffling feathers on matters pertaining to the long-gone Confederacy. This time, however, the rebellious county just might turn the historical tables and for the first time fly the Rebel flag. The county commission will vote Monday on a resolution to fly the controversial banner above its county courthouse.

    “Greene County recognizes and remembers those who fought for the South,” reads the measure, sponsored by Commissioner Buddy Randolph. “These efforts of these men to persevere must not be forgotten and the Confederate Flag represents that heritage and history that our County should be proud of .”

    Randolph, 67, scoffed at any critics who might have a problem with his proposal.

    “If people have a problem with it, it’s their problem,” Randolph told CNN affiliate WJHL “It’s just a part of history.”

  27. The Rebel yell was not heard tonight.

    Tennessee county’s commissioners vote against raising Confederate flag


    And on Monday, more than 150 years later, Greene County, Tennessee, once again found itself ruffling feathers on matters pertaining to the long-gone Confederacy.

    County commissioners weighed whether to turn the historical tables and for the first time fly the Rebel flag above the courthouse there.

    But the proposal didn’t pass muster at Monday’s meeting, with 20 votes against the measure and just one vote for it, CNN affiliate WJHL reported.

  28. The University of Wisconsin system is filled with politically correct cuckasoids, morons, queers, anti-whites and commies.

    Unbelievable goofiness!

    Confederate Flag on Truck Offends UW LaCrosse
    By: Brian Sikma | November 17, 2015

    A Confederate flag splashed across the grille of a truck has offended some at the University of Wisconsin LaCrosse and apparently threatened the safe space of the campus. Last Friday, Paula M. Knudson, the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, sent out a campus-wide e-mail apologizing to the impressionable students of UWL for the presence of a Confederate battle flag on a truck at a construction site on the school’s campus. The flag has since been removed from the truck Knudson told Media Trackers in an e-mail on Tuesday.

    “I am writing in shared frustration regarding the presence of a private contractor with a confederate flag [sic] on his truck which was located on the new student center construction site,” Knudson wrote on Friday to the student body. “I personally am offended and am very sorry for the fear and angst caused by its presence.” [Emphasis added]

    While certainly a controversial symbol and a leftover relic of a system that supported slavery, just how the mere presence of a Confederate flag, often posted by rednecks proud of being rednecks, instilled “fear and angst” in students is not clear.

    Knudson went on to say:

    “While the image has now been taken down, I know that the fear and angst lingers. We have to do better. I will be working with the Diversity Organization Council to consider further steps that we can take to help make UW-L a safer and more inclusive environment. I know that our leadership team joins me in expressing our apologies for this image and pledge to work with all of you to continue to fight for inclusivity. Hate is indeed not a UW-L value.”

    All of Knudson’s e-mails include the signature “PGP: she, her, hers.” A Slate magazine article explains that “PGP” stands for “Preferred Gender Pronoun,” a practice of identifying the pronouns one wishes to be identified with. Some may prefer a male or female pronoun, others may prefer less gender-specific identification. The LGBT Resource Center of UW Milwaukee lists some gender non-specific pronouns as zir, per, vers and so on.

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