NY Times Lauds “Obamahood”

Federal bureaucrats want to micromanage the racial demographics of your neighborhood

By Hunter Wallace

If you loved what Obamacare did to healthcare and eagerly anticipate what Obamatrade will do to middle class jobs in America, you will be thrilled to find out what Obamahood is going to do to your neighborhood:

“The Supreme Court issued an important ruling last month when it reminded state and local governments that the Fair Housing Act of 1968 bars them from spending federal housing money in a manner that perpetuates racial segregation.

Last week, the Obama administration took an even more important step — one that has already changed the decades-long discussion about how to combat residential segregation. It rewrote the rules under the provision of the act that requires state and local governments to “affirmatively further” housing goals by making real efforts to cope with the cumulative results of the discrimination that confined black Americans to ghettos in the first place. …”

Obamahood will bring the Obama crime wave out of the inner city ghettos and into lily White suburban communities. We’ve already seen it happen in suburban Memphis, suburban St. Louis, and suburban Atlanta.

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  1. SPLC was trying to force integration into Northern Idaho of all places.

    This is just more proof that Diversity means chasing down the last White person.

  2. Part of me doesn’t mind that the English aristocracy is exposed as exploitative.


    However if this leads to nigs getting a free pass in the UK for past crimes against their race and access to tax revenue etc etc then it’s just a sign of the growing hysteria.

    Most ordinary British at the time of the trade were peasants, factory workers, miners and fishermen. All exceedingly dangerous occupations with little compensation and the promise of an early grave through accident or exhaustion.

  3. What will eventually happen is confrontation, and that cannot be avoided, no matter how long you stare at Kim Kardashian’s chest. The outside world…and feral blacks…will do all they can to test and test and test the whites until….uh-huh….

    It’ll happen, shy of landing a colony of our own on the moon,you won’t be able to run any direction without falling over the feral ones. Then what? Then what?

  4. We keep wondering when Whites will push back. This may be an issue that gets them to push. I was listening to Rush today and he said a community in Hillary Clinton’s district full of Democrats turned Republican for just this reason. They were going to put in a bunch of section 8 apartments and the leftist just went nuts. They weren’t going to have it. As Whites get crowded more and more the issues we talk about suddenly become a in your face issue to the Left. Hopefully it won’t be too late where we don’t have the legislative power to change things.

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