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  1. He’s a false hope in a way that differs from Romney, McCain and Paul etc.

    Why? Because he is becoming a symbol of white grievance, intentionally or not.

    There is no way forward through the political system, it will take wide spread civil disobedience in order to force a Partition, but Trump might be able to take us a little ways up the exponential growth curve.

  2. The kind of immigration Trump says he is against, is the illegal kind. So he is for legal immigration, which if it is non-white is the standard anti-white conservative position, which leads whites to the same end. The only thing that gives me a faint hope is he played a role in the Obama false birth certificate operation. Either way, what good is a secret pro white, that won’t say or do anything explicitly pro white? It will be 1980 all over again.

  3. I think he’s a false hope too. However, if he pushes the Overton Window to the right on immigration it does a lot of good for us.

  4. “Issues” the pit of death for conservatives. In politics you disqualify the authority of the enemy. Debating the “issue” with the establishment here will be Trump in the end debating the color of his proposed wall while the establishment calls him and his supporters “racist.”

    You bring up an issue so you can draw out your opponents then chop off their moral authority to govern.

  5. The BIG question that has to be put to Trump and the others is, what are you going to do for White Americans? In my case, what are you going to do for White Protestant Americans—the people who founded the country?

    Trump is a Protestant, Dutch Reformed/Presbyterian.

  6. Are you not entertained?

    On a serious note, enjoy his rhetorical flourishes. He will be extremely difficult to debate. He’s like a steamroller in the interviews I’ve seen.

    That can’t be bad.

  7. Listened through most of it.

    Plenty of platitudes. He brings up a magic negro speaker. Dindoo Nuffins.

    He’s at least making a few populist appeals for reindustrialization.

    He’s actually acting like a Democrat should act to support the blue collar worker. Dems really are hostages to identity politics.

    That’s why he’s most likely screwed in the GOP primary. The CofC really are a collection of traitors, that much is clear.

  8. Trump is a very good public speaker.

    He also has a good mix of wealth and populism. I detested all his TV shows and he has terrible taste in architecture, hair transplants and women – women with big fake boobs.

    But, in this way he appeals to regular guys who think/dream “Hey I could do that”, be a rich arse and humiliate and fire people on TV.

    He’s chosen excellent populist issues – illegal immigration and bad “free trade” deals.

    Now bare in mind that Donald Trump was anointed one of the guys to smear Pat Buchanan in 1992 for running on these exact same issues. Trump is talking about foreign policy, military policy, Israel – which is probably a good thing. Just don’t talk about it, we have too many problems with our own country – so that’s pretty much Pat Buchanan America First policy by default.

    Hey we’d like to do so many more of these Zionist Neo Conservative wars for Israel, but we just don’t have the $ or really the time to bother will all this stuff as our own country is falling apart.

  9. I liked how he handled the Mexican protesters:

    “USA, USA, USA”.

    Always support large groups of White people who can do group chants like English soccer fans.

    Avoid simple, boring talk, talk, talkers.

  10. Trump’s allusion to media bias is the critical issue he’s brought to the table. Nothing will change, and certainly not demographic replacement, until the public stops implicitly trusting their televisions.

  11. The hope of Trump’s candidacy is not based on what he would do if, hypothetically, he was elected President, but what he’s doing right now, forcing a discussion of immigration. The reason for supporting a candidate is not necessarily to win.

  12. I think Trump’s candidacy is all for the good. He speaks what people know to be truth, instead of the traitorous illegal immigration screed of the Republicrats. He’s not really a man of the Alternative Right, I do remember his smears of Pat Buchanan (who is one of us) He wants to reindustrialize America and protect our industries. This is Ike Eisenhower’s platform straight out of 1952. It helps keep the Overton Window from moving further to the Left. You can say Trump is a clown but we live in a clown democracy these days. Better to have Trump Circus than the Jeb Bush / Hilary Clinton freakshow.

  13. He’s about forty years too late to do any good on immigration, it seems to me. I think he is a diversion from white cops killing unarmed blacks, burning ghettos, etc. Blacks probably kill a lot more citizens than Mexicans, but no candidate will tackle that.

  14. >The hope of Trump’s candidacy is not based on what he would do if, hypothetically, he was elected President, but what he’s doing right now, forcing a discussion of immigration. The reason for supporting a candidate is not necessarily to win.

    Exactly. Similarly, Jim Webb’s recent pro-Southern statements should be subsidized with, at the very least, expressions of support on public forums if not a small vote from the pocket book. Webb may be a Democrat with a Vietnamese wife and several divorces, but he has gone on the record defending the Southern Scots Irish people when candidates of other parties would not even lift a finger to counter the media’s recent flag-desecrating news cycle. Even primarily urban and northern Jews reward Southerners who speak on their behalf …so why don’t Southerners do the same? If Southern Whites don’t help those who represent them, what incentive is there for any to do so?

  15. Wait until Trump starts to talk about the fact that the Chinese are getting the Iraqi oil out of the ground for less than a dollar a barrel. That’s no joke—industry publications are the source. Guess where the dollar a barrel oil is going besides to China, our little pal Israel the Jew homeland is getting it too. ISIS hasn’t taken control of the major Iraqi oil fields in the east and south of the country—only in the north. Trump starts talking about that—the fur is going to fly. Where’s our 25 cents a gallon gasoline?

    Then there is the $17 Billion in cash that is still missing—who got that? Even the DOD’s Inspector General’s would like to know.

    Trump hasn’t even got started…

  16. I think the Republican establishment will have him assassinated before they let him win the Republican nomination, even if he wins enough delegates from primary and caucus victories to win the nomination.

    I am not hopeful in, and have mentally checked out of, democratic republicanism, I think we truly won’t be able to solve what ails us until we repudiate it.

    But the beauty of Trump’s campaign is that he is peddling soft nationalism and important “national question” issues, and that people are attracted to soft nationalist and national question politics.

    And that Trump is the only candidate in this field who could give a speech like this and get such a huge crowd. There’s no way in hell that Lindsey Graham, Rand Paul, Jim Gilmore, John Kasich could. The rest of the field looks like Lilliputians next to Trump.

    I’m also amazed and awed by the fact that Trump is one of the very few people who can openly brag about his money, wealth, intelligence, he knows he’s bragging, everyone knows he’s bragging, but it doesn’t come off as annoying.

  17. Captain John:
    I was thinking the same thing,,the way he holds his head up and thrusts his jaw out…more power to him!

  18. JayBird says,”…Either way, what good is a secret pro white, that won’t say or do anything explicitly pro white?…”

    If he makes it to the top a President has vast power. He doesn’t have to say anything now but let’s just take one issue. Moving section 8 to the suburbs. How many White lives would be saved by stopping this. A lot I bet.

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