NAACP Officially Calls For Demolition of Confederate Generals on Stone Mountain

By Hunter Wallace

Just when I thought I was finally done with the news cycle for the day, I check my Facebook page and come across this:

“The Atlanta chapter of the NAACP officially called for the elimination of all symbols of the Confederacy from Stone Mountain.

This comes on the heels of the removal of the Confederate battle flag from the South Carolina State House.

NAACP’s Richard Rose says the time to move is now, but admits it may be a steep slope to climb.

Channel 2’s Berndt Petersen talked with Yolanda Shackelford, who was chaperoning a group of children from Cobb County on a trip to Stone Mountain. ….

Rose told Peterson he would start with Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee, and Stonewall Jackson.

“Those guys need to go. They can be sand-blasted off, or somebody could carefully remove a slab of that and auction it off to the highest bidder,” Rose said.”

We’ve been saying for years now that the SJWs and Black Run America (BRA) would come for Stone Mountain. In fact, NAILED IT three years ago and put the exact date at July 14, 2016, literally a year early to the day.

In USA Today, Claude Berube who is director of the Naval Academy Museum recently compared the American Left’s campaign of cultural genocide to ISIS and the Taliban:

“On the far side of the world, a more violent eradication of the past has continued. In 2001 the Taliban destroyed the fifth-century Buddhist statues at Bamiyan, Afghanistan. In 2012, Islamic militants destroyed mausoleums and libraries in Timbuktu, Mali. In the past year, ISIS has wreaked a path of eliminating the past from museums and landmarks; as the U.S. removed Confederate flags, ISIS continued their rampage in the ancient city of Palmyra. They were destroyed because Islamic radicals believed they were idols, affronts to their religion and, therefore must be purged from viewing.”

I made the exact same point when the Tom Watson statue was removed from the Georgia State Capitol in November 2013.

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  1. All that beautiful work done to that mountain and they want to destroy it because of their racist hatred. Whether people care about Confederate heritage or not, I would think that most American’s could see through and revolt against this blatant destruction based on racial intolerance.

  2. I’ve said it before: We’re going to have to decide whose country this is….again. Probably the old-fashioned way.

    When will Whites stop groveling before those that despise them?

  3. After seeing Mr. Pace’s post, ‘SECEDE’, about 4 million times, over the last years, I move we do so, just to relieve the venerable Southron of the task:)))))

  4. As Edwards pointed out these generals were officially recognized as veterans.

    This voodoo must end.

  5. I’ve been to Stone Mountain. It would be an outrage against art and history if this magnificent monument was destroyed by hateful fanatics!

  6. Every statue should be leveled, not just confederate ones. Statues are the laurel whopee cushions for dying lands to sit on. Show me a society covered in statues and I will show you a tired society way past its prime with effete men and overbearing women.

  7. Iconoclasm quickens the blood. Of course it is a shame that Lincoln’s monuments aren’t the focal point.

  8. I wouldnt be surprised if in a few decades BRAmericans start claiming MLK statues are crying and drinking milk. Smash this heathen idolatry!

  9. So will we whine and complain as they demolish our monument? Or will we make our stand there? This happens to be on my list of things that ain’t gonna happen while I stand idly by. Period!

  10. Not surprising in the least. The National Association of Atheistic Communist Partisans are on a roll, they got this, that, and now, like any “cause” they want it all. ALL means anything they can point a black finger at and accuse us of voodoo or some other silly nonsense. Precedent? Orwellian, yes, along the lines of Newspeak: By erasing all these things, not only will our heritage disappear, we, too, will disappear into…yes…gulags!

    I don’t kid about the Commie thing. If any one group made it a damned cinch for the communists to get their goddamned wet dream up and running in this nation, oh, it just had to be the blacks! Right out the playbook at that. Blink. What do we really have? Socialism 101. We are now the downtrodden Soviet citizenry, our government determined to make everything “tolerable” and everyone “tolerant”…right?

    No. Won’t work. Why? Historic precedent: All socialist regimes, in time, implode. The USSR was an excellent example. How so? Money! If everyone’s riding the train, but nobody’s laying track, fueling…..yeppers….the whole shooting match slows, stops and derails. Greece is another example of socialism wearing them down and out. All they are doing now…is delaying the warhead’s detonation cycle, and baby, when it does….RUN!

    So, anyways? Barry’s let the power go to his widdle bwain, and yes, between now and 2017, he’s gonna do whatever it takes – shy of impeachment and that’ll never happen – to lean what’s left of our nation ever deeper into Leningrad. Trotsky would be so proud!

    Yeah, I’m a total loon. Anyone else…..comrade?

  11. The struggle for Southern nationalism, for white nationalism, for European nationalism–it’s a struggle for freedom. And truth.

    What the campaign against Confederate symbols does is reveal the other side for what it is: an enemy of freedom. It’s like the mask has come off. Their side is Orwellian in nature, rewriting history.

    Now the real issue is, will white people mobilize in defense of their civilization? I see some of this happening in the pro-Southern demonstrations publicized on this and other websites. The question remains, how to turn this into a mass movement? And gain political power.

  12. “We’ve been saying for years now that the SJWs and Black Run America (BRA) would come for Stone Mountain.” BRA wants Nat Turner up there instead of Stonewall Jackson. Rewriting of history and defacing of monuments is as old as history.
    “Hatshepsut was the first femal pharaoh of Egypt. … Despite the apparent success of her reign, and a burial in the Valley of the Kings, her monuments would be defaced after her death, apparently by her co-ruler and step-son/nephew Thutmose III.”
    The plan is to flood us with Mexicans and merge Mexicans, negroes and Whites into one Goy pile then rule from Jerusalem.

  13. Tamer is a troll.

    The US is marked by a lack of any first class ruins or monumental statues and sculpture. What little you have will soon be gone.

  14. Here is a CBS news article, the accompanying picture paints a thousand words:

    Read the comments, no one is taking them seriously.

    Even the progressive media is taking notice of just how ridiculous some of these demands have become. Here’s an op ed from the Huffington post commenting on the desecration of General Forrest’s statue and remains in Memphis:

    If the NAACP keeps this up they’ll even loose credibility with the far left.

  15. CBF was just the beginning. It only whetted their appetites. Of course GOP will be right along side SJW’s, allowing them to extirpate every last vestige of Southern history and culture.

    It’s all in your hands now, Hunter and Co. God Bless you. Some good news: any GOP pretense to moral authority is being shredded to bits.

  16. If they would blast the faces off Mt Rushmore it would almost be worth it. True, Stone Mountain is a great a noble monument, but face it, American whites, including Southerners, have generally been reworked into a “Brave New World” of shallow bots, or “goyim” as their Jewish masters would say. They have no past and no future, they live like animals for a moment and then die, they are without manly virtue and totally materialistic. Their grandchildren are mulattoes. It began in earnest with the despicable Eisenhower, a time when the South may have actually taken up arms again if asked – but we were sold out – again and again. We are a defeated people, but we will take down the rest of this putrid nation with us as the howling monkeys, clucking Rabbis and Reds “burn the bitch down”.

  17. Some years back I visited Stone mountain and collected all the information that I could on the carving on the mountain. I’ve since lost all the info I had and haven’t had time to research it. All the info is available on the web. Many of you will find the story of Stone Mountain quite amazing considering the PC attacks on the Confederacy in our own times.

    The original concept for Stone Mountain was conceived in the 1930s. The sculptor who carved Mount Rushmore was commissioned to develop a concept for a permanent memorial to the Confederacy and then execute it.

    The US mint commissioned a half dolar coin to help raise funds for the project. The figures of Davis, Lee and Jackson were on the face of the coin as they appear on the mountain today and on the reverse was a tribute to the Confederate soldier.

    The project prooved insurmountable because of its complexity and was abandoned.

    The state of Georgia retained the models and carefully stored them on the site of the present park.

    Prior to the Civil War centennial the state of Georgia reconsidered the carving and commissioned another sculptor to complete a portion of the planned concept.

    He did so in about five years completing the project just prior 1960 by taking careful measurements of the models and executing them small parts at a time using a special torch designed for miners to break apart rock.

    To celebrate the completion a banquet was with the table placed on Lee’s shoulder.

    I know this is breif but the sculpture is a national treasure it is larger than the one on mount Rushnore and more finely executed.

  18. It is better looking than Rushmore. As I keep saying they are running out of good optics they screw up everything. Taking the moral level of war is within our capabilities and the moral level of war is the most important

  19. How about we go ahead and remove all of the movies and school history books that have this symbol. I believe if you are going to remove these huge iconic monuments that could stand just as much as a reminder of freedom then the Confederate symbols should be obliterated from all school history books so no one will even know of the hate. We learn from example and this is obviously one that need not be taught or learned. Although, this is based primarily on the premise and presidence that the NAACP has not only laid but are trying to put down like a ‘stone wall’.

  20. As a matter of fact they were wanting to carve a civil rights monument on the other side of the mountain. They know they don’t have the technical skill to carry it out so the bottom line is that ‘if usuns cant have a monumint’ den no body diseves one’. What they forget is that Davis, Lee, and Jackson were revered by a majority of Americans. Grant and Sherman and other Union leaders were so hopelessly flawed and corrupt that they were better forgotten.

  21. Greed, status, and hate account for the activities of the NAACP. A major reason that the NAACP still exists is to provide embezzlement opportunities for middle class blacks. White guilt keeps the money coming and so that guilt must be sustained at all costs and big business is happy to help. (Now I wonder what ethnic/religious group dominates big business?) In addition, the money and the hateful assaults on whites gives them status and cover with average blacks, who might begin to wonder what good the NAACP does for them and why its leaders should be considered their leaders.

  22. I’ve heard the complaint by blacks and liberals in the past before. Not only will it disrespect the people with a real heritage here, not only will it deface beauty but, it is likely going to be insurmountable. It will be expensive, it will be poorly done, it will leave something tacky in its wake(especially if they try to replace the image on the mountain with less deserving people) and it might even be left half finished. It is just organized vandalism in the long run.

  23. If we are going to revisit history and take down memorials to anyone who doesn’t conform to contemporary standards, why should such actions be limited to Confederate generals? What woman can feel safe in society that honors a misogynist who beat women and was a serial philander? How can anyone feel safe in society who honors a man who got his way by the creation of violent situations? How can anyone feel safe in society that honors a man, who as self-described Marxist, was an adherent to a creed that killed over a hundred million people? How can a society respect religion and honor a “minister” who denied the Virgin Birth and physical resurrection? How can society honor a man who mocked the murder of President John Kennedy? How can a society that respects honesty honor a man who was a persistent plagiarist? Of course, a society cannot do any of these and honor such a man. So lets start renaming all those Martin Luther King schools and streets. Let take down all his portraits and pulverize his statutes. How can we not do anything else if we respect all those things his life denied?
    Don’t hold your breath.

  24. NAACP Makes Stunning Demand: Take Those Faces Off That Mountain

    I agree with the members of the Atlanta NAACP Chapter. All our historic confederacy related monuments should be destroyed…..

    …and replaced with the names or likeness of today’s Americans who are victims of horrific CHILD ABUSE, NEGLECT, and MALTREATMENT at the hands immature moms and or dads who selfishly and irresponsibly introduce newborns, infants, toddlers, children and teens to a life of pain and hardship.

    Kendrick Lamar, born in 1987, won a 2015 Grammy for rapping out the depression he’s experienced since he was an adolescent. In a January 2011 LAWeekly interview Kendrick speaks about being SIX-YEARS-OLD and witnessing drug deals in front of his apartment. He talks about his ‘living wild” parents who deprived him of experiencing an “Average Joe” American kid childhood.

    Then there is Tupac, born in 1971, who raps about his severe childhood depression, “I wake up in the morning and I ask myself – Is life worth livin’ should I blast myself? – I’m tired of bein poor and even worse I’m black – My stomach hurts so I’m lookin’ for a purse to snatch”

    Read Tupac ‘Dear Mama’ rap to learn about his love-hate relationship with his substance abusing mom, and his hatred toward his dad. Does he deserve to be an honored Victim of American Child Abuse?

    Let’s not forget about Shawn ‘Jay Z’ Carter, born in 1969, another victim of child neglect whose mother allowed a young Shawn to run wild on the streets of Brooklyn, NY, causing fear and emotional or physical harm to every peaceful person living or working in the Marcy Houses and surrounding neighborhoods.

    Since Tupac raps about his mom being harmed by drugs, thereby depriving him of experiencing a safe, fairly happy childhood, and Shawn Jay Z Carter raps about selling drugs to people like Tupac’s mom, should these two victims of child abuse and neglect have their images placed side by side on Stone Mountain State Park, smiling at one another?

    Is there room on Stone Mountain State Park to add a likeness of Baltimore Mom of The Year Toya Graham, who builds a large family she introduced to struggle and hardships, instead of being more responsible and having one or two children she could more easily care, provide for and supervise?

    I am not trying to be a wiseguy. Frankly, I am totally disappointed with many of my American neighbors who are WILLFULLY ignoring America’s National Epidemic of Child Abuse & Neglect that over the last three decades we have all witnessed threaten and harm many American children’s lives, depriving untold numbers of children from experiencing a safe, fairly happy American kid childhood.

    I understand why the confederate flag flying over government buildings was way out of line. For a substantial number of peaceful Americans it is a symbol of American oppression and greed that maliciously harmed and exploited many generations peaceful people.

    However, erasing all the symbols of our past human ignorance does a disservice to future Americans who will become part of our ever-evolving human society.

    I would argue raising children in loving homes that encourage children to learn about our world, and how we have evolved and continue to evolve as a species. Educating our kids about the atrocities of our past, using them as lessons learned for moving into our more peaceful future.

    Growing up in the 60s, I quickly became friends with Motown musicians whose music conditioned me to believe they are peaceful, generous, loving, talented Americans deserving of my respect and admiration. Every one of my Motown friends wrote music loving, respecting or honoring the maternal half of our population.

    Today when ten-year-old American kids wake up for school, they tune their radio’s into popular music written and performed by the children and grandchildren of my Motown friends who have a different view of the maternal half of our human population.

    I’m fairly certain most Americans with common sense realize why many of the children and grandchildren of Motown musicians, for the past thirty years characterize females in their rap art performances, our moms sisters, grandmas, daughters and aunts, as *itches and *hores, or less than human not deserving of respect.

    I respectfully ask all members of the Atlanta Chapter For The NAACP begin a national campaign to raise awareness and educate children, teens and adults about all forms of Child Abuse and Neglect that harm developing children and communities.



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