Ain’t That America: Real Vampires “Coming Out Of The Coffin”

Once again, reality follows America popular culture

By Hunter Wallace

I mean … in the wake of Caitlyn Jenner, Chelsea Manning, and Rachel Dolezal, why should America’s vampire community remain in the coffin?

“The research paper published in the latest issues of Critical Social Work set out to explore the unique issues that affect those in society who identify as vampires when seeking counseling.

Williams, and his co-researcher Emily Prior, set their focus on individuals who identified as “real” vampires – those individuals who need to consume fresh blood for energy – not “lifestyle” vampires- who only emulate certain mythologies such as clothing style, phony fangs, and/or sleeping in a coffin, while not actually consuming blood.

“We live in an age of technology and live in a time when people can select new, alternate identities to fit how they understand themselves better,” Williams wrote.

“Most vampires believe they were born that way; they don’t choose this,” Williams said.

These “real” vampires live under the constant fear that simply by disclosing their vampire identities to clinicians, that they would be labeled as delusional or as a “threat to public safety.”

“The real vampire community seems to be a conscientious and ethical one,” Williams said.

“They are successful, ordinary people,” he continued. People afraid of losing their jobs or worrying that “the state would take my children away.”

“Real” vampires use razors or scalpels to make small incisions in their chests and lick or suck out the blood for energy.. The vampires claim they need to feed on “a willing ‘donor’ in order to maintain physical, psychological and spiritual health,” according to the paper.

In the absence of feedings, these vampires believe “their overall health and well-being suffer.”
“If they drink blood, that is perceived as being dangerous and delusional,” Williams says. That, he adds, is “the big misconception.”

Williams goes even further in the study explaining just how much “real” vampires are just like other people except with different energy needs.”

If a man can become a woman or a White woman can become a black woman, why can’t someone become a vampire and demand equal rights and social acceptance?

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  1. Sir, I have, for many years, been the object of gross discrimination – right here in our Beloved South. Why, though I am happily married to a wonderful Alabaman white woman, I have long wanted to marry the sexy Kingsnake under my antebellum parlour, yet, I am denied the rights to express my other true love!

    Why, what will happen if I go to the hospital? Will they not allow my illicit constrictor love to come visit?

    Sir, can you not feel my pain?

  2. Why do I think that if the real Dracula was to show up, one Vlad Tepes with his pathological hatred of Turks and Muslims, his first act would be to impale at these Gay acting politically correct vampire wanna bees?

  3. Oh you got me Brad. I thought that was a real story. Nothing, no matter how silly, surprises me anymore.

  4. “… equal rights and social acceptance?” Don’t worry overly much about the circuses. The great masses of people are eager for “just two things, bread and circuses.”
    In Sweden the truth is not a valid legal defense.
    “When will you journalists realize that it is deeply rooted in Islam’s culture to rape and brutalize women who refuse to comply with Islamic teachings.”
    “Nationalism has always been tied to faith, family and folk … They want to destroy our heritage.”
    Part of the Jewish faith is war against non-Jews. Part of the Muslim faith is war against non-Muslim. Negroes and mulattos are biological and historical enemies of White people. Do not worry too much about circuses, but instead focus instead on what is to be done and how it can be done. The first step is to gain a good understanding of history and reality.

  5. These poor people are definitely mentally ill. I’ve got a book that explains this weirdness as a byproduct of mental illnesses such as bipolar or schizophrenia. These folks need help big time, but in the demented culture we have today, they’re not getting it.

  6. There once was a kid who lived in my neighborhood, he was a juvenile by record at the age of 17 at the time. He use to say to me and my brother that he himself was an actual vampire, he truly believed he was a vampire but except that he did not suck blood. Accordingly he relied on other peoples “spiritual energy” to survive and would suck it out of them when he needed it just by looking at them. He even went around with one of those satanic star necklaces around his neck, with his girlfriend also getting into the act and she was not half bad looking. He told me that there were many folks like him and at first I did not believe his story but apparently there are indeed groups that practice drinking human blood by the cup or practice magic by way of spiritual energy draining. Folks at my old school also had its fair share of mentally disturbed kids who did not get the help they needed. To make along story short if this is the future generation of the US then we are screwed as a nation because this is apart of a larger trend of people refusing to accept who they really are and believing themselves to be something else that is separate from reality and those Marxist’s in the higher ups don’t mind it one bit if you proclaim yourself to be a gay, atheist, trans, “vampire”, or even God himself just as long as they can use you for there own agenda. It is quit sad to see this and utterly appealing to know that there are folks who would actually hurt themselves so they could “free themselves” from the use of arms and legs. Equality is finally showing its true colors….

  7. This has been going on much longer than it seems to have been. Here in Atlanta, there is even a Vampire Alliance, which is a somewhat respected blood bank. So many people complain about SJW entryism when it has been going on among White sub-cultures since at least the nineties, starting with the Goths, of course. The general rule of thumb is, it goes on longer than when you notice, not as long as the reformers say. They are likely even more superficial about their so called need than “lifestyle” vampires. In the good old days, it was just a subculture of people who had formal dinners serving traditional blood based dishes. Now, it is an identity. They are much more attached to mythological ideas than they claim.

    Their illness is not so much schizophrenia as it is believing that they are special and there is no explanation for their aesthetics or cravings. It is entirely normal for a human being to like blood, just not in the way they are insisting that they do. Blood has been an important part of cooking for centuries. It is entirely normal to have a spiritual connection to an animal that you really admire. Now, they have to twist it into being born in the wrong body as an extension of radical individualism and the narcissistic need to be somehow inhuman so that reality applies to them less than it does to others. Instead of using blood in cuisine, they drink it from living organisms themselves and become a health hazard. Instead of connecting with animals by becoming a breeder or a rescuer, they wear tacky fake tails and behave erratically. They are all special snowflakes especially noticeable by their utter lack of any real outstanding qualities.

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