Shock Video Catches Planned Parenthood’s Top Doctor Selling Body Parts of Aborted Babies

Planned Parenthood is selling body parts of aborted children

By Hunter Wallace

I’m truly at a loss for words about what I just witnessed in this video.

All I can say is that we are living in an upside down world, a country where self-identified vampires are a legitimate identity group, a country where monuments to Satan can be erected in our state capitols, and where ordinary people are demonized as “extremists” for being fond of the Confederate flag, but “mainstream” organizations like Planned Parenthood butcher children and sell human body parts on the free market:

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  1. That’s sick. If true, Planned Parenthood is committing multiple federal offenses and should be prosecuted. But, don’t hold your breathe.

  2. Just imagine the process of hacking off a tiny baby’s arm or leg with a scalpel, or carving out their liver (“a lot of people want liver,” she says). What about her talking about “crushing” the baby’s skull?!?! For those who don’t know, the “calvarium” she refers to is part of the skull. Crush that so she can “salvage” (carve up) the rest for profit.

    It’s mind-numbingly horrific. Makes my blood boil.

  3. Just a thought: Having read Ezekiel 16: 49 and 50, and also Sanhedrin 109A? I wonder if comparisons to Rome are no longer valid, but, in the stead, yes, Sodom.

    A thought, yes.

  4. “She is sitting there drinking a glass of wine.” Is it usually true that sinners know not what they do? What is sin? The anti-abortion Christians might be proven right by history. A big increase in the abortion rate seems to be a harbinger of social collapse.
    “Population loss through abortions in the 1960s to 1980s cost Russia more than double the number of lives it had lost in the First World War, the Civil War and the Second World War combined.”
    signs of decay 1. Internal corruption. 2. Imperial overreach. 3. Inability to reform. “… we seem to be treading the same steps as the former Soviet Union. … Imperialism is a little bit like the saber-toothed tiger. Evolution doesn’t work backwards.” — Chalmers Johnson (1931-2010)

  5. This, I would say, after sixty-one-and-a-half years on this planet, is probably a typical white woman–not like the white women among whom I personally grew up, I’m pretty sure, but probably what most of my female classmates, in elementary school, were like. Most of those, I realize now, were heartless and useless, though I was too sentimental, at the time, to see that.

  6. Btw we pay Groids to multiply like Fugging rabbits and we encourage young whites to abort children that could probably find good adoptive parents instead of aborting.

    It’s quite disturbing once you see the pattern.

    When America was sane blacks were sterilized or made to behave and women vanished for 7 months while the pregnancy was carried to term.

    It’s pretty deliberate stuff.

  7. Years ago before I started my professional career I was a construction contractor. I had a small crew and did a string of jobs in a neighborhood where houses started at well over two million. I got to know my clients very well due to the amount of time I spent with them.
    One of my clients hired myself and my crew to do a remodel – primarily electrical and the subsequent drywall repair, but some framing as well. A very nice wine room we converted from a powder bathroom as well. This particular client was a Jewish banker. I got along with him just fine. He worked out if his house, all day the crew and I got a good laugh by over hearing him berate people over the phone, often yelling at the top of his lungs all day.
    His lesbian daughter showed up one day. She was about the same age as myself, mid twenties. We struck up a conversation where she informed me she worked at Planned Parenthood. I could not hide my discust, my facial expression was undeniable.
    Of all the advantages she had in life, she chose to work in a slaughter house of unborn children. These people are very sick. I can still remember the vacant look in her eyes as we conversated.

  8. While abortion is clearly infanticide, from a practical standpoint I have to currently support it given its outsize effect upon a particular demographic.

  9. @BGriffin…

    ‘I’m truly at a loss for words about what I just witnessed in this video.’

    Sir, we choose to be evil, and, at this time, many many people are choosing it.

  10. Johnbon,

    I think her first name is Deborah. Her last name sounds vaguely Italian. But it isn’t exactly Italian.

    I wonder what exactly is in her woodpile.

  11. Making money is all that matters in our good old U.S. Empire, and it doesn’t matter how you do it–which makes me glad I’m a Southerner.

  12. There’s a book that deals with the medical research organ harvesting thingamy in a metaphorical way. It’s called Never Let Me Go. There’s a film too based on the book. Basically Carey Mulligan and Keira Knightly are brought up to adulthood as living breathing clones of older humans who have paid to have replicants made so their organs are harvested. That’s essentially what we have here. A society that eats its young. In Myth Saturn eats his young. The Maenad do the same.

    Sadly a lot of our medical knowledge is based on the rather ghoulish body snatcher antics of clinicians. This, woman, who sets off my Jewdar like crazy is one of these Frankenstein.

    The video is an indictment about a society that eats its own young in the name of equality and freedom. An indictment of a society that is made of people affraid to get sick in old age and die around four score and seven years.

    It’s depressing to see. I can only hope that she is aborting vastly more numbers of blacks than she is whites. That’s all I can say. But somehow I doubt it.

  13. “I think her first name is Deborah. Her last name sounds vaguely Italian. But it isn’t exactly Italian.

    I wonder what exactly is in her woodpile.”

    You’re right, Captain John. Those very thoughts went through my head after I posted my comment above.

  14. I’ve looked through a fairly comprehensive list of Italian jewish last names: apparently, she isn’t one of the tribe.
    She looks like one of them, though.

  15. Animal-rights activists would point out that, if abortion were to be outlawed tomorrow, anti-abortion activists might celebrate with get-togethers at which live lobsters would cavalierly be tossed into pots of boiling water. How much is lobster now going for?

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