Texas Secessionists Launch Statewide Speaking Campaign To Advocate Disunion

By Hunter Wallace

God blessed Texas:

“A group of Texas secessionists is hitting the road to bring their message of a Lone Star nation to more than 20 cities across the state.

Today, the Texas Nationalist Movement is kicking off their “Take Texas Back Tour,” with speaking dates booked at hotels and other venues throughout North, East and Central Texas. The group says it aims to collect signatures to get Texas secession on the 2016 ballot. That isn’t actually possible—only the legislature can get referendums on the ballot in Texas—but the separatists hope to court volunteers and supporters across the state. …”

The Texas Nationalist Movement is more of a civic nationalist group, but at this point it doesn’t matter. Texas can either secede from the Union or be enveloped by Mexico. Texas needs its own government to regain control of its borders.

Note: Texas might find a friendly partner in Putin’s Russia which is already understandably fond of drawing analogies between Crimea’s secession from Ukraine and Texas secession from Mexico.

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  1. TNM have bills in the Texas house to create a Texas Bullion Repository and Texas State Bank. They want to remove all the state’s gold to Texas, from Northeastern banks. North Dakota have already done it. It makes them somewhat immune to Federal blackmail. TNM are attempting to get pro-Texas candidates elected to office at the municipal, county and state level.

    As an aside, New Englanders seem
    to have a particularly venomous hatred for Texas. More so, than the rest of Dixie, for some reason.

    If Texas goes, it’ll take the rest of Dixie and a considerable part of the interior West with it. Texas is the key. Which is why the Yankees have been upset about it since the 1890s.

  2. Too, besides that gold, The Lone Star State is veddy well off. All that oil money ring a bell, kids? What? And those huge ranches that support Mickey Dee’s!

    Agreed, our Lone Star brothers and sisters cut loose, the Confederacy will again rise. I couldn’t be happier!!

  3. @Mr. Owen…

    Sir, my wife and I just completed a 12 year exile in far upstate New York – near the Vermont border by the Green Mountains. I never noticet that the people there, had any particular animus for Texas.

    Most people there, like anywhere else I’ve been, don’t think much on politicks.

    Those that do, impresst me with how sublimely confident they were in the ‘Federalist worldviews’ and how much disdain they had for what is not – although some, with Green Party leftist views, were, ironically, in agreement with quite a few Southern Nationalist and or secessionist views.

    Some of the older politically active Yankees were startlingly anti-southern – ever Jim Crow and Negro slavery on their lips. In this I am particularly reminded of one of my elderly former neighbours – she having gone to college in my state, Duke University, in the late 1940s – and absolutely abhorrent of the Southern world.

  4. Mr. Daniel, these people who seemed to have a particular animus towards Texas were commenters on various blogs. They all claimed to be from Boston, Hartford, Rhode Island, or the area closest to New York. Of course, they can claim anything.
    But that’s what it appears like to me. They were aggravated by Texas Nationalism in a way that seems different than with SN. The bitterness and resentment seemed deeper. But I’ve also been told that these feelings are reflexive and most of those people can’t really articulate why they feel this way. But they do.

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