Chattanooga Shooting

By Hunter Wallace

Update: The shooter has been identified as one “Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez.”

I’m seeing reports on television of a Confederate Battle Flag that has gone on a shooting spree at the U.S. Naval Reserve Center in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Note: Now is the time where I say, “I told you so.”

“In light of the successful prediction that I made after Gabrielle Giffords was shot in 2011, let me make another prediction: if history is our guide, by the time the American public has digested the Dylann Roof shooting in Charleston, yet another rampage shooting starring a different character with different motives will have seized national headlines. In hindsight, it is amazing how quickly the public loses interest in even the worst atrocities, as there is always another self-detonating fantasist out there ready to tee up the next dish of carnage.

And you know what? Next time there is a rampage shooting, and the next time after that, and the next time after that … and talking heads wonder aloud about the “root causes” of “the sickness in America,” the same deadly cocktail of expressive individualism, fantasy ideology, and mental illness will rear its ugly head. When the next self righteous narcissist walks down the catwalk of the 24/7 cable news media, only the details will be different.

Oh, and that Confederate flag … that’s just a small, irrelevant detail.”

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  1. Where is there any mention of the CBF? I scanned the story but didn’t see it. Where is that info coming from?

  2. HW, the Manifesto is the Koran, no?

    I’m going to posit two things: we shouldn’t be over there, and they shouldn’t be over here. I know, crazy, right?

    • Of course.

      The Koran teaches a religion of hate. All Muslims are collectively responsible for the actions of this individual. I’m hearing he was an immigrant from Kuwait. We need to change our immigration laws to stop letting terrorists come here. That’s the Charleston standard.

  3. The establishment position is easily predictable. “This has nothing to do with Islam. Stop noticing. Stop thinking. Move along nothing to see here.”

  4. Al Qaida was – in comparison to ISIS a bunch of sheeps. I suggest you guys check out the website “IraqiNews” about beheading of American and British hostages. Mass beheadings of Syrian soldiers, women and children slaughtered etc. If I tell you this its because this guy in TN might have done this for ISIS in a way or another. And its just a beginning.

  5. Let’s all hope that that vibrant member of the Religion of pieces wasn’t inspired by the recent Gay Marriage Ruling, because that would be the intersection where Political Correctness goes to DIE!

  6. Maybe the CBF should be used in the protest that must now happen around that mosque.

    If the flag can be connected to standing up and fighting it will delegitimize the Stars n Stripes. I’m sick of Pamela Geller Inc wrapping the flag that actually enables Muslims around herself as a protest against the very problem her tribe created for the rest of us.

  7. Maybe the CBF should be used in the protest that must now happen around that mosque.

    That’s how I would do it. Brash and Bold and not backing down an inch!

    I’m sick of Pamela Geller Inc…..

    I second that sentiment. If someone were to only get their information from that yenta, they would swear that the only problem America has is a problem with Muslims. And the only reason she has a problem with Muslims is because they are the most vocal and organized opponents of Israel, Jews and organized Jewry in America. I try to be sensible, reasonable and diplomatic when it comes to Jewish people, but people like Geller make it impossible without having to dumb myself down by pretending that I don’t see the obvious chicanery and hypocrisy that drives everything they do and say.

  8. Bill Warner has produced several short, informative clips on the subject of Islam.

    In a particularly interesting video he reveals the meaning of the hijab and what it represents.

    Hate symbol?

    Bank on it!

  9. More misdirection? I was doing some lose research on “M”. Seems one of his contemporaries wrote him off as an opportunist and con man. Loosely:

    “It’s just so interesting that every time M runs into some ‘moral dilemma’, he just suddenly receives ‘divine inspiration’….that allows him to do as he sees fit all along. Prophet? Hardly!!”

    My take: Any religion that allows a man to marry a child and then (BLEEP) her? I got no use for.

  10. I have zero sympathy for the dead Marines. Jarheads are supposed to be the roughest and toughest, and they’ve allowed themselves to be disarmed on the soil that is their raison d’etre for existing. Has ONE Marine dislodged ONE invader?


  11. Denise, what you said was uncalled for. You might as well be Muslim if you’re going to make inflammatory statements like that. As for them being disarmed, it wasn’t their choice lady. Their superiors ordered it. And they can’t “dislodge one invader” unless their CO’s give them orders to do so. No soldier can go rogue, it would be a breach of military discipline, and get him court marshalled pronto.

  12. Denise says: ‘ Jarheads are supposed to be the roughest and toughest, and they’ve allowed themselves to be disarmed on the soil that is their raison d’etre for existing.’

    Actually, Denise makes a good point. The services are being flooded with perverted queers, gender benders and all sorts of goofiness.

    Wasn’t an article posted here showing images of male soldiers dressing in high- heels for some strange diversity indoctrination?

    Look, if negroes, Mexicans, homos and all all sorts of weirdos can change laws and practices by protesting why can’t the military?

    If thousands of them held a demonstration and said they were not going to comply with such BS as it weakens morale, endangers national security, places them in danger and costs lives, I’m sure congressmen, sympathetic media and most of the population would support them wholeheartedly until changes were made.

    No way in hell they be would axed.

    The public outcry would be deafening.

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