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  1. The trigger puller has a very Arabic name.

    Sadly he won’t also be a black Muslim. The press will bury this like so:

    Sad about the Marines. Good guys, what were they doing in Tennessee? Everyone knows that Tennessee is Islamic. Wrong ace wrong time, we must not generalize about Islam blah blah blah…

  2. we told you so.

    Mass Islamic immigration always, ALWAYS leads to these slaughters.

    Read up on the sack of Constantinople

    Read up on the Battle of Algiers.

    Or just watch videos of 9/11/01

    Any liberal/Libertarian loon trying to put some spin on this or worse some conspiracy theory nonsense that this was all a false flag operation designed to discredit Islam…..

    Punch in the nose.

  3. Can the Stars and Stripes really rally anyone of substance any more to fight for it?

    It’s the banner of Sodom.

    Maybe those Marines ought to have been Conceal Carry Rightwing Rednecks instead of
    cannon fodder. 4 Marines and not one automatic pistol between them! Jesus wept.

  4. Get screen captures Hunter.

    The family is a nest of Terrorism.

    The family fronted the nice looking girl with the dark eyes, behind her there is the dad and the brothers.

    She should also be considered a flight risk.

  5. Those Facebook pages didn’t last long. Looks like someone turned on the lights and the roaches scattered and ran for cover.

  6. The problem is Jews. Not saying it was a Mossad false flag, but in the big picture jews enforce the cultural conditions that allow Islamists to be here in the first place.

    Is there evidence he attended that mosque? The FBI probably knew about this one but did not pull him in due to pc anxiety.

  7. I was there with Hunter and other League of the South folks protesting Jihad coming to Tennessee. We were right.

    Also regular Southerners all appreciated our activism.

    When you take the initiative and oppose bad immigration, bad extremist Islam immigration, you will always gain the support of regular White people.

    Don t listen to those screaming at you not to do this and instead you should always rant and rave about …

    The Jews

    That doesn’t work. Regular people think you’re a lunatic, loser, loner ready to go shoot up a synagogue or a Black church .

    Go with what works.

    We did. We were/are right.

  8. “The problem is Jews. Not saying it was a Mossad false flag, but in the big picture jews enforce the cultural conditions that allow Islamists to be here in the first place.”

    No, sadly this isn’t true. It isn’t just Jews pushing this murderous immigration including Islamic immigration on us.

    The Bush family isn’t Jewish. Neighther is Tyson Foods CEO Donny Smith, nor Rand Paul, Lamar Alexander, Lisping Lyndsey Graham , Grover Norquist insist Muslim immigrants are natural Conservative GOP voters same as Hispanics, they supposedly just for 80% Obama Lib Dem cultural Marxists because White Southerners, nativists say mean things about them.

    It s a huge mistake to obsess about the Jews, Mossad plots etc.

  9. Please contact the Tennessee Congressional representatives. All with the exception if the anti White Jew Cohen are solid Southerners.

    1st — Rep. David Roe [R]
    2nd — Rep. John “Jimmy” Duncan Jr. [R]
    3rd — Rep. Charles “Chuck” Fleischmann [R]
    4th — Rep. Scott DesJarlais [R]
    5th — Rep. Jim Cooper [D]
    6th — Rep. Diane Black [R]
    7th — Rep. Marsha Blackburn [R]
    8th — Rep. Stephen Fincher [R]
    9th — Rep. Steve Cohen [D]

    Use *67 to disguise your area code. It s oK to,pose as a TN local. Make the calls, write the e mails.

  10. Not to beat a dead horse, but the debate about attacking Jews/Muslims/Christians/Atheists/what have you… isn’t it supposed to be like boxing, where you see an opening you throw the punch?

    I am fighting for the Partition of America, no easy feat. A foreigner just killed four American soldiers in the name of Islam; throw the punch. Radical Leftists lead by Jews have opened the borders of America to those that want to hurt us and take what is ours; throw the punch.

    Now when they counter-punch we must also be ready: but aren’t we killing them over there? No “we” aren’t; the people that control the government and the media are, and we want nothing to do with them except to separate. I wish Muslims no harm in their land and demand they wish the same for us.

  11. The name Abul aziz or Abdul hi is a very common surname for jews from arabic lands according to jewish arab geneologies on the internet and lists of jewish names This man could very well be jewish and bears investigation before shouting jihad. Just an interesting thought. Jew are well aware of the use of jewish arab names like Mizrahi etc so why don’t the press with such a large number of jewish journalists state these facts ? Hmmmm

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