Obama Celebrates “Occasion of Eid-ut-Fitr”

Obama Extends Warmest Wishes To Muslims Celebrating Eid-ul-Fitr

By Hunter Wallace

The jihadist massacre in Chattanooga was brought to you by leftwing media bias, political correctness, open borders and multiculturalism:

“Michelle and I would like to extend our warmest wishes to Muslims in the United States and around the world celebrating Eid-ul-Fitr. As Muslims mark the end of the month, they are reminded that Ramadan is a time to reflect spiritually, build communally, and aid those in need. While Eid marks the end of Ramadan, it marks a new beginning for each individual – a reason to celebrate and express gratitude on this holiday.

For millions of Muslims, the morning of Eid is marked with the call to prayer echoing through cities and towns across the globe. Millions of people head to local mosques for special Eid prayers followed by festive gatherings, gift exchanges, and feasts among friends, neighbors and families. The diversity of traditions paint the vibrant images we see from around the world capturing the spirit and excitement of Eid – colorful dresses or white garments decorating the masses of people standing in lines for prayer, lanterns and ornaments lighting up bazaars and neighborhoods, intricate henna designs painted on hands of young girls and women, and an abundance of delectable foods and aromatic cuisines.

As Muslim Americans celebrate Eid across America, the holiday is a reminder to every American of the importance of respecting those of all faiths and beliefs. This past year New York City Public Schools announced adding Eid to their official school calendars alongside Christmas, Hanukkah and other holidays – an acknowledgement of the great diversity and inclusiveness that adds to the richness of our nation. During this year’s White House Iftar, I had the opportunity to meet inspiring young Muslim Americans who are leading efforts for greater understanding and unity across diverse communities. Following the Iftar, one of the young attendees helped spearhead an effort that raised more than $75,000 for the churches burned in the wake of the shooting at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina. Americans of all faiths and beliefs must stand together to protect our democracy and strengthen our country as a whole.

Michelle and I hope today brings joy to all of your homes, both here in the U.S. and around the world. From my family to yours, Eid Mubarak!”

Note: The video below comes from Obama’s celebration of Eid-ut-Fitr in 2013. Hillary Clinton speaks on the same subject in 2009. After Charleston, Hillary said the Confederate Battle Flag shouldn’t fly anywhere.

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  1. They send greetings to Muslims, then bomb them. It’s OK to shoot Muslims, but not call them naughty names. That would be “racist®©.” Then they import the very people they’ve antagonised and attacked, complete with axes to grind, into our midst. Pointing out the foolishness and hypocrisy of all this, is also “racist®©.”

  2. After hearing, well, reading so many comments, etc about a certain someone being a closet Moozlem, and then said person gets up and delivers a heartfelt speech on same, yet, the whiny ones and the Goddamned Yankees then have the cajones to tell one and all that we are most certifiable to believe that this certain someone is, in reality, a devotee of this sad, sickening religion.

    Well, hate to burst a bubble, he really is. And you wonder why he won’t lift a finger to take out ISIS? Mmm? Making sense now, kids?

    And as Paul Harvey would wax….and now you know…the rest of the story.

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