Terror Immigration To America Must Stop

By Hunter Wallace

Worth reading:

“Tennessee is to Muslim refugees as New York is to Muslim hijacked planes. Chattanooga, the site of the latest Muslim terror attack against America, is a “preferred community” for resettlement along with Knoxville and Nashville.

Nashville was designated a “Gateway City” for Iraqis. Hundreds of Somali Muslims were dumped in Shelbyville and the Murfreesboro Mega-Mosque became national news because of its terror ties.

Over the last decade, middle Tennessee’s Muslim population tripled. The rise of Islam in Tennessee as Muslims from terror zones like Iraq and Somalia flooded its towns and cities brought hate and violence. …

As the government began filling it with immigrants from terror zones, Tennessee, the Volunteer State, fought back because it hadn’t volunteered for this. In 2008, it pulled out of the Federal refugee resettlement program. But the resettlement continued. Tennessee taxpayers suffer and bullets fly. …”

Note: Several years ago, US Attorney Bill Killian who is leading the investigation in Chattanooga vowed to criminalize criticism of Islam as “hate speech.” Pamela Geller led a huge protest of thousands of people against the Islamization of Tennessee in Manchester and was demonized for “Islamophobia.” Also over at VDARE, Michelle Malkin notes that a similar incident happened in Arkansas in 2009.

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  1. The Muslims have their cultural fortress firmly planted on the ground. Two whites put up a momentary whimper of protest.

  2. This argument calling these immigrants terrorists reminds me of the weak protests put up by the BNP – i.e. opposing construction of a mosque because it would create a congestion problem. The immigration can truly only be opposed from a racial perspective, when the people have a firm understanding of race. Otherwise, people would be compelled to give the immigrants the benefit of the doubt.

    Consider this example – Let’s pretend Austria was conquered by Islam a few hundred years ago, and remained white, but developed a strongly Islamic culture. A few years ago, Austria had a conflict with the non-Muslim Czech Republic over various grievances, and the U.S. intervened, pacified Austria, and set up a presence there. Then an insurgency sprang up in parts of the country that targeted that presence. Would you oppose white Austrians who wanted to flee those zones of insurgency who wanted to come to the U.S. and bring their traditions with them?

  3. In Fourth Generation War theory there are two strategic centers, one of order such as a decently run country and the second is areas of chaos and where chaos and disorder are the norm.

    I’m pretty sure the establishment of the USA is the second type of strategic center, run by ideological nuts from both parties, beholden to nutters of oligarchal capitalism, worshipful of braindead militarism it probably could be nothing more than a spreader of disorder.

    Well out of chaos comes order, perhaps that means something to you folks.

  4. Muslims have no place here, nor do Hispanics and all the other people’s the Government is responsible for placing or allowing among us. Tennessee is OUR NY and I would hate to see it lost to the Jihad culture of immorality and savagery that we are at war against, or to the trash mixed race hispanics or any other people.

  5. I’ve told you the Empire and it’s malcontents have no good optics that picture of the American flag in front of Allah’s bath house is priceless

  6. It wont stop. They will cite the 1st Amendment whereby government cannot cannot show favoritism to any religion. That is its meaning now. Its original meaning was for the U.S. not to repeat the mistake England made where one church (The Anglican Church) was favored above all others and received a state stipend. It wont stop until we have our own Ethno-State or America lies bleeding and dying in the gutter killed by its own ill advised policies.

  7. The murders of five soldiers was a completely preventable act, just like the recent killing in San Francisco of an American woman by an illegal Mexican that had been deported five times. Stop allowing Muslim fanatics to come here in the first place. America is a sovereign nation, it’s not a jobs program for the rest of the planet, and, it’s not an outlet mall or a flop house like the liberal wackos seem to think.

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