Carnival In Columbia: Klan, NSM, SJWs, Black Panthers, Protesters All Square Off In Columbia

America loves a good old spectacle

By Hunter Wallace

By all accounts, it was carnival for the ages yesterday at the South Carolina Statehouse where a force of about 100 Klansmen from the Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan and their National Socialist Movement allies squared off against about 200 Black Educators for Justice, New Black Panthers, Bloods, and SJWs amid a sea of police officers and counter-demonstrators:

I will let the photos tell the tale … this was a gathering of some of the most extreme people in American politics:

The Klan arrives in Columbia, SC
The Klan arrives in Columbia, SC
SJWs in Columbia, SC
SJWs in Columbia, SC
The New Black Panthers arrive in Columbia, SC
The New Black Panthers arrive in Columbia, SC
NSM arrives in Columbia, SC
NSM arrives in Columbia, SC
This truck was also spotted in Columbia
This truck was also spotted in Columbia (Image Courtesy of Facebook)

Needless to say, I wasn’t at the carnival in Columbia, SC.

The event that unfolded there was pretty much your standard White Nationalist police rally (see Memphis, Atlanta, Knoxville, Chattanooga) plus some Confederate Battle Flags because that’s in the news and would guarantee instant media attention. “Klan rallies in Columbia with Confederate Battle Flags” fits the narrative and is a “story about race” that the leftwing media wants to publicize.

The Klan shouted “white power.” The New Black Panthers shouted “black power.” The NSM gave some sieg heils to the crowd. SJWs held signs that advocated burning the “racist system” to the ground. Everyone expressed their feelings and vented for a few hours. Nothing substantial was accomplished but that was never the point of this spectacle.

Clearly, there were some violent altercations and some arrests. Given the nature of all those who gathered in Columbia, that too ought to have been expected. This will be used by the media to smear the Heritage movement, but it was obviously its own thing and isn’t remotely representative of the pro-Confederate rallies taking place across the South.

Note: It looks like both violent assaults were initiated by blacks against Klansmen or their supporters.

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  1. Well, even though I don’t care for either the KKK or the NSM, I hope both parties can control their tempers and tongues, and not say or do anything stupid that might be used to tarbrush the rest of us.


    Violent clashes expected in South Carolina as Ku Klux Klan and New Black Panther Party come face-to-face in rival rallies outside capitol statehouse

    Neo-Nazis, KKK, New Black Panthers, SJWs, savage negro beasts, you name it, all are present. Heck, this looks like something out of the 1960’s! Definitely not a place to take your wife and kids. Hopefully, the whole damn thing will explode in a frenzy of mass violence and rage . . . wouldn’t it be fitting? In the immortal words of Walter Yannis: BAD. IT’S THE NEW GOOD.

  3. I support the freedom for one to wave nazi flags, but how does doing that serve the purpose of white advocacy? One of the goals is to convince people that standing up for white and southern pride and heritage is not synonymous with Naziism, right? Am I mistaken?

  4. Not even worth writing about. Their rally will probably have less than 100 supporters, meanwhile there were a dozen rallies. In NC there was 1,500/2,000 people that rallied yesterday, while in Birmingham, Alabama another several hundred, and in Richmond another rally, etc, etc.

    Seems the media only likes to report on the distractions. You’ve had tens thousands rally from Virginia to Florida, and from North Carolina to Texas, and yet the media is attracted to this protest. These few are overshadowing all the other events, rallies, rides combined.

  5. Don’t worry about this. It’s way ,way too hot for anything serious to happen. Speaking as a White woman, I don’t even know how any-one could venture outside a day like this, let alone do a serious riot.

    Think of this as comic relief – cause that’s what it is.

  6. WHITES are being increasingly denied the most fundamental rights: Freedom of speech. Hopefully this latest campaign against Southern civilization and history will motivate people to become active in the cause of their own emancipation and stop thinking so much about spreading “democracy” to the other side of the world.

  7. The feral niggers who jumped that White man for the sole reason of him waving a flag should be charged with a Hate Crime.

  8. From what I saw, the Commie News Nutwork ain’t happy cuz nobody brought guns and shot at each other, oh, bother! Specially the dark ones? And everytime THEY have a get together? Hmm? Amazing……..!

  9. Why is it that negroes always act tough when they are facing off against smaller people or have someone outnumbered?

    Someone gave me some advice years ago I was very young that I should never put any kind of faith in something blacks control, and to never underestimate their level of cowardice, savagery and sheer stupidity when trying to use reason and logic to debate them. Conversations and law and order always devolve to the lowest common denominators when blacks are presented with a contradicting worldview. It’s not that someone else might be right, but that they[blacks] might be proved to be wrong. They can’t handle rejection in the same way that others can. Much the same way little children sometimes can’t accept the fact that what they think they know isn’t the be-all-end-all of knowing.

    That’s part of the reason why it’s an accepted fact that many blacks are quick to attack other blacks as sellouts or Uncle Toms when they use logic, reason, facts and statistics that aren’t simply based on emotional hyperbole and sensationalist rhetoric. The smarter black people REALLY make the dumber black people look even dumber and more primitive than what they are. All these years and that advice has remained as true today as it did back then. I should also mention that the guy that gave me the advice years ago was Jewish. Only half Jewish, but Jewish nonetheless.

    Regardless of his affiliation, that White guy would have been well within his rights to shoot every single one of them that got within striking distance of him. There are far too many stories of innocent White people being seriously injured and maimed, paralyzed and killed in those exact same types of incidents. Had this been one of my family members surrounded and attacked by a pack of wild animals, none of the animals would have lived long enough to tell their lies to the media about White people attacking poor, innocent black folks. If you aren’t willing to defend your family in any and every way possible, you don’t deserve a family.

    Seriously think about it for a second: Would our society really miss 99.99% of black people? Would society suffer as a result or enter into a new age of civility, reason and prosperity in a SME(Selective Mass Extinction) event?

  10. When I see the leftist, marxists crowds running the KKK off the State house grounds in Columbia SC for “freedom of speech”, I wonder how long it will be until they’re running the supportive white “upper crust” progressives out of their segregated neighborhoods for “White privilege”.

    Worse is better.

    Donation inbound. Thanks again.

  11. Wow! I am so out of the loop!

    Here I thought ‘SJW’ were ‘Southern Jewish Whites’ and I was studying their appearances for any obvious traits – unsuccessful, or so I thought!

    Thank you Mr. Griffin, for setting me straight!

    • No, it is shorthand for Social Justice Warrior:

      Social Justice Warrior. A pejorative term for an individual who repeatedly and vehemently engages in arguments on social justice on the Internet, often in a shallow or not well-thought-out way, for the purpose of raising their own personal reputation. A social justice warrior, or SJW, does not necessarily strongly believe all that they say, or even care about the groups they are fighting on behalf of. They typically repeat points from whoever is the most popular blogger or commenter of the moment, hoping that they will “get SJ points” and become popular in return. They are very sure to adopt stances that are “correct” in their social circle.

      The SJW’s favorite activity of all is to dogpile. Their favorite websites to frequent are Livejournal and Tumblr. They do not have relevant favorite real-world places, because SJWs are primarily civil rights activists only online.

      • Short for “Social Justice Warrior”. Someone who is vehemently self-righteous over the pettiest things. They claim to fight against social injustices but are abusive and quick to vilify or bully anyone deemed a “bigot”.

        Since social injustices cannot be processed under law, they turn to discredit and shame opponents. SJWs will often use labels, twist definitions of words with heavy connotation, make appeals to emotion, and repeat unreliable statistics. They are easy to offend and are quick to police speech. They are major advocates of political correctness in non-political contexts, identity politics, and trigger warnings.

        SJWs mainly battle against major sociocultural classes, under the pretense that being a majority leads to better living standards, as opposed to economic/socioeconomic class where living standards are proportional to income. They are the main propagators of “cultural marxism” and its rise in popularity as a term. These sociocultural classes include age, race, gender, nationality, religion, sexuality, among others; often asking them to “check their privilege” (to recognize the benefits of being part of said cultural classes).

  12. @JohnnyRebelJunior

    ‘I support the freedom for one to wave nazi flags, but how does doing that serve the purpose of white advocacy? One of the goals is to convince people that standing up for white and southern pride and heritage is not synonymous with Naziism, right? Am I mistaken?’

    Sir, many are confused about our Confederate flag – and do not realize that it means the very OPPOSITE of the nazi flag.

    ‘Naziism’, or ‘Maoism’, or ‘Stalinism’, or ‘Obamaism’, or ‘Multiculturalism’ are all about ‘oneness or one-world ideas being forcefully imposed upon a varied world or nation, from within an oppressive centralized government.

    Our flag, the Confederate flag, stands for Constitutionalism – a limited government; a government that cannot subvert the rights of the people and the states to be individual, and cannot conscript, for it’s own purposes, any of us, or our assets, without our consent.

    Sir, our flag is the very antidote to tyranny of any governmental kind – whether that tyranny is based of racial misanthropy, classlessness, anti-racial misanthropy, or whatever…

    I say all this to you, to justify your confusion at the Nazi-Confederate flag-wavers – for they are very very confused.

  13. @StephenDalton…

    ‘Well, even though I don’t care for either the KKK or the NSM, I hope both parties can control their tempers and tongues, and not say or do anything stupid that might be used to tarbrush the rest of us.’

    Sir, though I have plenty of Jewish blood flowing in my veins, this Southerner feels conflicted about the KKK. Yes, I do not share any of their hatred of any for the way God made him, yet, I cannot fail to observe, that this organization liberated the South from Yankee tyranny, after Generals Lee & Johnston gave up the fight.

    Further, I cannot fail to observe that, for many many years, the KKK exercised a deterrant factor against negro violence that not only resulted in more peaceful and secure neighborhoods for whites, but, as well, kept many negroes out of jail – they kept in line by fear of swift retribution.

    You see, I grew up in a society of late Jim Crow and the death of Jim Crow- I did not like Jim Crow, BUT, I have come to realize that it was there for the good of all. When it was there, negroes owned and ran all their own communities and people of every ilk, could walk in downtowns or sit on park benches unarmed – because the presence klan of the klan was there. When I was a child, the notion of a drive-by shooting simply did not exist, and white women being attackt and or rapet, was EXCEEDINGLY rare; the notion of a downtown virtually abandoned to thuggery and vagrants, simply did not exist – NOT in North Carolina.

    Further, Sir I will note – that many of my fellow Southerners have become, as Michael Savage likes to put it, ‘DEBALLED’ – which, to a much less extent, has NOT happened to the KKK.

    No, Sir – they are the only organization, in my state, which has spoken the truth about what is and has occurred to our society. In fact, the speeches of the Carolina Klan, from 50-60 years ago, strike me as eerie for how dead on they were about what WOULD happen to our Southern society, if it integrated, and if it allowed foreign influences (Jewish-Bolshevism)
    to wrest the power structure of the government.

    Sir, I grew up in a time when we all were indoctrinated to believe in the massive social overhauls that were taking place – among them the destruction of Jim Crow and the klan.
    The sad thing is that, the results to ‘I have a Dream’ are in – and, on balance, they are NOT good. In fact, they have turned into something of an ongoing nightmare – and the absence of an effective klan, is, and has been, playing a huge part in this.

    People talk a lot about ‘the terror’ of things like KKK lynchings, burnings, and bombings, and I agree with much of that, but, I note, they don’t talk much about all the massive terror that has taken place since that terror has been eraset, and replaced with others far worse, for most all concerned.

    I have come to believe that the klan has a place – (people who hate because they love so much)- and that, the fact that they are so small, these days, tells you just how detacht and UNcivick minded most people have become.

    Sir, I’m sad to have to come to those conclusions, BUT, I, like Mr. Griffin here, I have to say what the truth is, whether it suits me or not…

    Below, for your edification, I post an interesting video on the Carolina klan, made, recently, as a propaganda tool by the government, through PBS and the SPLC. Actually, while the propaganda is obvious, much of the truth about the klan, and the justness of their motivations and the sagacity of their positions, seep through.

  14. Unfortunately, the Yankee system of dealing with the negro community just does not work.

    They talk about how we Southerners ‘disenfranchised the negro’, yet, they fail to mention that over 60% of the negro race is now on welfare – their minds and spirits undermined by a systemick ‘disenfranchisement’ that encourages them to become an amalgamated blend of a delinquent nothing and a state ward that styles itself as an eternal victim.

    They talk about ‘Southern disenfranchisement of the negro’ yet, do not mention how many many negroes males, cannot vote – from the long rap record they have acquired coming up, in the Yankee system.

    One of the things that draws me to this site is that Mr. Griffin sees all that and is not afraid to lay blame where blame belongs – all across the board – and the disappearance of the klan, has been a factor.

  15. In the end, I, too feel like Mr. Anthony Hervey – in that I only feel comfortable with rural Southern law-abiding God-fearing whites – folk who are not going to be talkt out of their good senses; not going to be forcet to give up their ways and worldviews.

    Like Mr. Hervey, I have had to acknowledge that something is misanthropick & sick, in the community whence, in my case, half of my blood arose, and that I must be with my people – my fellow Christian and Confederate minded North Carolinians.

    To me, they are the last bastion of sanity in this world, and though it be imperfect – as all things human must be – it is a dang sight better than what is in second place coming after it.

  16. Trash, the lot of them. Venting extreme emotions solves nothing and is a waste of time. Our land must once again be controlled by us. That is the bottom line. Understanding the reality of race and achieving southern white control as seceded republics are what must take place for us and our civilization to survive. Blacks that understand this, reality and not marxist fantasies are with us and want to live in our land as they did before the civil rights movement. They understand that we are 2 different races and that we erect and maintain the lifestyle and the south they love. Whatever the future brings hate is not going to do anything but create warfare and friction, distracting from what we must do in this white genocidal system. We cannot secede if we become distracted by hate.

  17. They all look like paid actors of some letter agency, IMO. Or, there are just many freaks around there.

  18. I’m not buying into that “rally” that was at the SC State House of Total Cowards. That the MSM was horny for it, and that other rallies went unmentioned by same? Has that MKULTRA feel to it: Pure manipulation on all sides for one purpose…to further divide and thereby…conquer.

    Hunter is correct when he deems such a “carnival”. By design, sir, by design.

  19. @Junius Daniel

    JD, when I made my remark about the KKK, I was referring to the present organizations that call themselves Klans. I know the original Klan, and to a lesser extent, the 1915-1930 0ne did a good work by protecting white lives in dangerous times, especially during the years right after the WBTS. However, most of the current Klans are sick jokes. Even on OD, they have been called “Klu-Klux-Klowns”. They seem to be composed of undisciplined yahoo’s that have IQ of about 80. Also, the current Klans have been compromised by infiltration by the FBI and other Federal government agencies. Hey, you could go to a Klan meeting and a large number of the folks their could be Federal plants!

  20. @StephenDalton…

    Unfortunately, Sir – it seems that you, on the whole, are right. The recent rally, in Columbia, seemed more a collection of mental misfits, than anything else. As to infiltration – I bow to your assertion, for, neither being with a klan or the govenrment I have no idea.

    I believe it was Grand Wizard Shelton who said, before his death, perhaps a decade ago : ‘The klan cannot work anymore.’

    On the flipside, I was greatly heartened by the recent NC rally, in Graham NC – a meeting where many people demonstrated their love of our culture and land, and waved signs such as, ‘ALL LIVES MATTER’.

  21. @BGriffin…

    Sir, thank you for your thoughtful and elaborate explanation. I guess, after reading your expoundings, I knew a few people, personally, who would qualify for these.

    One of these, a solid Facebook friend of mine for a year, and a former longtime lover of my older brother, recently, a day after Dylan Roof, published some of my private correspondence with her on her publick wall – so that her many leftist friends would ridicule me for my pro-Southern, secessionist, and unvitriolick racist views.

    Of course, Sir, I was not the least embarrassed about my views, views which I have not only stated at home, on the streets in my neighbourhood, but, here, at SNN, and at Facebook. I was, nonetheless, terribly terribly dismayed about the disrespectfulness of her act – a bizarre and unpredictable end to what had been a mutually very pleasant exchange about a host of different themes.

  22. @BGriffin…

    Sir, was listening to Michael Savage tonight, and he played former General Wesley Clark – the latter recommending concentration camps for ‘disloyal Americans’ – in the context of talking of Islamick terrorists, yet, he did not specify them…

  23. Clark is a Jew, and just like the Jews that genocided millions and millions and MILIONS of Russian Christians, and hundreds of thousands of Armenian Christians, and Germany – he is referring to White people.

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