Four Thousand Rally In Support of Confederate Monument In Alamance County, NC

4,000 rally to defend Confederate monument dedicated to fallen loved ones

By Hunter Wallace

One of my favorite quotes about North Carolina comes from James C. Cobb’s The South and America Since World War II and goes something like this: “You’re not in the United States anymore. This is North Carolina.”

Note: Sadly, North Carolina isn’t what it used to be, but still

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  1. Secession will come soon. We are solidifying once again as a bloc all over the South in the face of Northern hate. Our people will survive the white genocidal campaign.

  2. I was there. Good crowd. Even after it started raining very few people left. There were people walking around getting signatures for the petition. There needed to be folks walking around with a bucket collecting donations. Thousands of dollars could have easily been collected to continue the fight.

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