The Lying Press: Mohammad Abdulazeez “All-American” Kid, Mentally Ill, Motive Unknown, Islamophobic Backlash Feared

By Hunter Wallace

Once again, the staggering hypocrisy of the American mainstream media is on full display in the wake of yet another mass shooting involving an Islamic terrorist. We saw the same scenario play out after 9/11, the Charlie Hebdo massacre, the Garland shooting, Fort Hood and the Boston bombing.

In the aftermath of Charleston, several political pundits wondered aloud why the mainstream media were pouring gasoline on the “backlash” against Confederate symbols and monuments and blaming the entire South for the actions of Dylann Roof, a lone fanatic with no known associates, but every single time an Islamic terrorist commits a similar atrocity the same media worries about an “Islamophobic backlash” and insists that Islam has nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism and that only an anti-Muslim bigot would associate all Muslims with the actions of one lone jihadist.

I almost fell out of my chair in disbelief when I read the latest David Cook column about the Chattanooga shooting. This article comes from the very same man who just two weeks ago called for “the second surrender of Dixie”:

[“In the big heart of Chattanooga,” Chattanooga Times Free Press, 7-19-2015]

“But beware the carnival barkers and their cries for a fear-based response.

Beware the Islamaphobic witch-hunt.

For that’s just what Abduladeez would have wanted — his narrow violence met with a narrow response.

Instead, our salvation and healing must come from the transcendence that is only achieved through the great multiplier that is community, the place where two become one, the land where divisions fall away.

Fazio is a former U.S. Marine Corps reservist, a Spanish teacher at Baylor School and a dear friend. Along with 1,000 other Chattanoogans, he and I sat together, wept and hugged together during Friday’s interfaith service at Mount Olivet Baptist church."

See, there's a standard here: it is politically correct to hate and witch hunt the South and advocate cultural genocide and physical displacement of the White South, but suggesting there is link between Islam and terrorism is nothing more than reprehensible "Islamophobia." We're also getting a clearer picture of Mohammad Abdulazeez who fits the classic profile of a spree shooter:

["Chattanooga Shooter Researched Religious Justification For Violence: Official," ABC News, 7-20-2015]

"The family representative said Sunday that the family told the FBI there were no outward signs of radicalization but added Abdulazeez “was susceptible to bad influences” and would be affected by watching news accounts of “children being killed in Syria.” For all his struggles with drugs, the representative said, Abdulazeez also struggled with being a devout Muslim. ...

The family representative said Abdulazeez's family sought, without success, to get him treatment for his mental illness, and to keep him away from a group of friends with whom he would drink and smoke marijuana."

So, Mohammad Abdulazeez was suffering from a mental illness, was abusing drugs, was struggling with his sense of identity, and fantasized about martyring himself in a heroic cause. Who does that sound like? Ring any bells?

Two days after the Dylann Roof shooting in Charleston, I wrote an article on this website called "A Deadly Cocktail: Self Expression, Fantasism, and Mental Illness":

"In light of the successful prediction that I made after Gabrielle Giffords was shot in 2011, let me make another prediction: if history is our guide, by the time the American public has digested the Dylann Roof shooting in Charleston, yet another rampage shooting starring a different character with different motives will have seized national headlines. In hindsight, it is amazing how quickly the public loses interest in even the worst atrocities, as there is always another self-detonating fantasist out there ready to tee up the next dish of carnage.

And you know what? Next time there is a rampage shooting, and the next time after that, and the next time after that … and talking heads wonder aloud about the “root causes” of “the sickness in America,” the same deadly cocktail of expressive individualism, fantasy ideology, and mental illness will rear its ugly head. When the next self righteous narcissist walks down the catwalk of the 24/7 cable news media, only the details will be different.

Oh, and that Confederate flag … that’s just a small, irrelevant detail."

As if on cue, President Obama who was so confident that Dylann Roof was a white supremacist terrorist on the basis of his website is unable to discern any link between Mohammad Abdualazeez and Islamic terrorism in spite on his own writings on his blog and journal about jihad and martyrdom:

“Give the president this much: At least he didn’t call the Chattanooga, Tenn., shooting workplace violence.

Speaking from the Oval Office just hours after the attack, President Obama did not once use the word “terrorism” in relation to the assault by Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez on military sites in Chattanooga. …”

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  1. As has been said countless times before, you can’t use reason and logic to argue with people that aren’t grounded by reason and logic. Nothing “they” do really makes sense until you base all logic and reason on an absolute that states What is White must be attacked. It all fits nicely into a convenient paradigm of right vs wrong and good vs evil once you view everything based on that premise.

    How can someone like Roof represent systemic racism in America when The System goes to great lengths to purge people like him or anyone else that doesn’t toe the Multiculty line?

    How many White Supremacists dictate policies in the U.S. and other countries around the world?

    How many pro-Whites are in positions of power and influence where it can be said that they are behind the millions and millions of dead and injured people around the world in the past decade and a half?

    One day the narrative is that pro-Whites are isolated, uneducated, poor, disgruntled, insignificant trailer trash who represent a dying ideology that is neither relevant in today’s world nor accepted by the majority. The next day the narrative is spun 180 degrees when it’s said that systemic racism and White Privilege rule every segment of society, which gives Whites a tremendous advantage in education, finance and political clout. These two narratives can’t exist in the same space. Which narrative you get on any particular day is totally dependent on whom you are talking to and which side of the victimization racket they need to be on when presenting their argument. Facts, statistics, logic, reason and even civility are almost nonexistent as they try to spin reality.

    Again, none of their rhetoric makes much sense until you apply an absolute which dictates that, at all costs, What is White must be attacked, regardless of facts, statistics or reason and logic. The only way to attack Whites wholesale is to try to remove how Western man uses reason and logic altogether.

  2. We see time and again that Hating Whites is Politically Correct. The establishment is not anti-racist it is anti-White.

  3. If it was a ‘mass shooting involving an Islamic terrorist’ he would have shot civilians. It’s not terrorism to shoot military targets.

  4. One more time, y’all: There are a few reasons why our beloved “revenooers” do as they please on the issue of Islam being a destructive force:

    -Oil. Wake the eff up! Too many of the oil-producing countries are slam-jam full of Moozlems, gee, do we want to anger or provoke them? Further, and you effing wonder why Barry and the Marxist regime of his have been playing kissy-face with Iran? Or are you smoking the same weed the leftists are?

    -Yes, I think we can dispense with the urbana legendarius about Barry being a closet Moozlem, he’s more than tipped his hand to show he really is. No question of it.

    -And any so-called “peaceful” Moozlem, if they are to consider themselves truly devout and faithful, are only adding to this Jihad by their silence. And I do not hear so much as a whisper….that says far too much.

  5. What Tennesseeans must do as well as all of us all over Dixie is stand up to them as a unit. Our State Governments are not on our side, it is up to the community to come together and make a stand, exert our Sovereignty and force our State’s behind us. It is insanity to accept the murder of your people, especially by an enemy that we are at war with that has treasonously been allowed into our land. If we just sit at home and do nothing we dishonor our ancestors who did stand up to their local Government’s when it was necessary as is the duty of all Free and Sovereign people’s. We are not slaves, we’re free. We do not have to accept acts like this with the media defending the killer and making him out to be an exception when the exception is our boy who was a mental wreck from a life of hell and did a terrible thing. Muslims are a foreign people same as hispanics who should all be deported.

  6. “… the staggering hypocrisy of the American mainstream media …” Who benefits from this hypocrisy and why? Jewish Dominance of America – Facts Are Facts Islam: The Politically Incorrect Truth
    IMO the three main problems for Whites are: campaigns of Jews and Muslims waged against Whites and Christians, attacks by non-whites against Whites, and tricks of the super-rich class.
    “There’s class warfare, all right, but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.” – Warren Buffett
    “We’ve got to secede psychologically.” – Sam Dickson
    IMO Whites need to secede psychological and prepare for survival in an increasingly hostile and genocidal world.

  7. Well said Celestial Time. The reason for attacking everything White is the goal of White Genocide.

  8. In order to label this attack by Abdulazeez senseless, the media has to claim that he was mentally ill, and only a nutcase would dare attack our wonderful and innocent marines. The only time it can be labeled a terrorist attack by a sane person is if explosives are found with a detonating device. It would help if a Koran and reading material advocating violence was found under the mattress.

  9. The writer and all the commenters (so far) are missing the central, the essential point by looking at this particular incident out of the larger context within which alone it make sense, to wit, there is a New State Religion. It has just triumphed utterly (in June). Throughout all of history, when a new religion triumphs, its FIRST action is to destroy–root and branch–and and all sign of a former belief system. Think of King Asa in I Kings. Of King Jehu in II Kings. Of what the Christians did under Constantinte when he at last decreed Christianity the sole religion of the Roman State. Of what Justinian did as Emperor of the eastern Roman Empire–rooting out the Arians and monophysites and, mot of all, the few remaining pagans.

    The News State Religion has a simple theology and many rigid dogmas. The original sin is being born white. Actual sin is being white. Redemption from and expiation for sin is accomplished through mass non-white immigration and miscegenation.

    There are prophets (Rosa Parks, Al Sharpton, and MLK); saints (Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson). There are saint/martyrs (St Trayvon the Martyr; St Eric Garner the Martyr); etc. You can think of others. MLK is prophet, priest, martyr, and “king.” The parallels are practically endless once you start noticing them.

    Some of the dogmas of the New State Religion are “Love is never wrong.” “Marriage is about love.” “Marriage equality means being able to marry whomever you love.” “All men are created equal.” You can think of plenty of others. You get the point.

    That this is a religion–a faith–explains the fanaticism, the imperviousness to reason, truth, or facts. The fanatical rage into which True Believers fall when their dogmas are denied by unbelievers. The instantaneous and brutal and merciless punishment meted out to heretics.

    So the motivation is not hatred of white people. That is merely one of the tenets of the Faith. But the motivation is the Faith itself. Other tenets of the Faith re Negro-worship; homosexual-worship/; the worship of anything and everything that is good, true, healthy, or beautiful. But it is important–indeed, indispensable–for our people to discern what is Faith and what is merely the manifestation of the New Faith–the triumphant New State Religion (NSR). Failing to discern the difference can lead only to incorrect decisions on our part–which will lead us to disappointment and failure.

    We are up against the fanatical believers in the NSR. Do not forget that. Do not confuse the manifestations of the Faith with the Faith itself.

    Reason, facts, truth–they are impervious to these because they are believers in a religion. There is therefore no hope for defeating them politically.

    The reason the True Believers in the NEw State Religion

  10. Oops! This:
    the worship of anything and everything that is good, true, healthy, or beautiful.

    should obviously have said “…anything that it NOT good, healthy, true,…etc.” Sorry for my sloppy typing! That’s what I get for not reading through it before clicking “post.” My apologies!

  11. Please take the time and small effort to contact TN Congressional staff members – ask for them by name. Be polite, try to open a back and forth dialogue, but express your strong opposition to the current immigration and visas policies that are flooding Tennessee with extreme hostile, dangerous, murderous Islamic extremists/terrorists like Mohammad Abdulazeez

    Just note that sane, intelligent countries like Israel, Japan, Switzerland or Australia simply don’t do this and thus their citizens, their military personal are not being terrorized and murdered like ours are in Tennessee.

    I recommend using *67 to block your area code, phone number you can pose as a constituent.

    Practice your communication skills, don’t rant and rave, threaten people. Try to ask for a lower level staff assistant who’s job it is to talk to constituents. Maybe ask to leave a brief phone message for the chief of staff. You’re not going to speak directly to the Congressman, or Senator “GIVE THEM A PIECE OF YOUR MIND, STRAIGHTEN THE MESS IN WASHINGTON OUT” etc.

    Share your contact lists, experience with others through social media. This is how the Jewish lobby gets their way – they know how to lobby, network, shmooze.

    Here’s some current TN Congressional staff contacts – I left off the anti White Leftist Jew Congressmen Cohen who represents a Black district.


    Rep. Diane Black
    Republican from Tennessee, District 6
    1131 Longworth House Office Building
    Washington, DC  
    Allen, Kathryn E
    Senior Legislative Assistant i

    Burch, Leigh A
    Staff Assistant i
    Castellaw, Molly
    Staff Assistant i

    Mcnabb, Jonathan
    Legislative Correspondent i

    Koeberlein, Teresa R
    Chief Of Staff i

    Rep. Marsha Blackburn
    Republican from Tennessee, District 7
    2266 Rayburn House Office Building
    Washington, DC  

    Platt Jr, Michael
    Chief Of Staff i

    Lewis, Ashley
    Legislative Correspondent i

    Is it possible to auto-place the name of the person into the alt attribute?
    Rep. Jim Cooper
    Democrat from Tennessee, District 5
    1536 Longworth House Office Building
    Washington, DC  

    Goetz, Victor V
    Legislative Correspondent i
    Jerrolds, Christopher B
    Staff Assistant i

    Mcdonald, Miranda D
    Staff Assistant i
    Neal, Melissa M
    Scheduling & Communicate Coor i
    Quigley, Lisa Chief of Staff

    Rep. Scott DesJarlais
    Republican from Tennessee, District 4
    413 Cannon House Office Building
    Washington, DC

    Pond, Shirley Constituent Services Representative i

    Topping, Kristen Caseworker i 2015Q1
    Vaughn, Richard K Chief Of Staff i

    Rep. John Duncan Jr.
    Republican from Tennessee, District 2
    2207 Rayburn House Office Building
    Washington, DC

    Fischer, Scott W Legislative Assistant i 2015Q1
    Flynn, Vickie C Office Manager i 2015Q1
    Griffitts, Bobby R Chief Of Staff i 2015Q1
    James, Lauren C Legislative Correspondent i 2015Q1
    Johnson Iii, Allen B Legislative Assistant i 2015Q1
    Lambert, Denise C Scheduler / Finance Director i 2015Q1
    Lane, Carrie L Staff Assistant

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