They Killed “Uncle Tom”

Black eccentric or black conservative?

By Hunter Wallace

I used to believe that Anthony Hervey was a black eccentric.

When I first saw him at the “Marching Through Oxford” rally last August, I didn’t know what to think of him. I was unfamiliar with his long history of public activism in Mississippi in support of Southern heritage and the Mississippi State Flag. Here was a black man dressed up as a Confederate soldier, carrying a Confederate Battle Flag, and holding two signs denouncing White guilt and anti-racism.

I noticed at the time and mentioned it in my report that of all the people who participated in that event and carried the Confederate Battle Flag that it was Hervey who provoked the most visceral negative reaction:


At the time, I was only aware of less than half a dozen of these “black Confederates” in the entire country, HK Edgerton and Karen Cooper being by far the most famous within the Heritage movement. I didn’t see HK, Hervey, Cooper, etc as representing any significant faction within the black community. There are Jewish Nazis and self-hating White Southerners, right? That’s how I dismissed the phenomenon.

I believe it was yesterday morning, well before reports surfaced of the accident, when someone made a comment either on this website or on Facebook that caused a lightbulb to go off in my head. They said that the reason we see so few of these “black Confederates” speaking out in public is not because they don’t exist. Rather, it is because they are silenced, intimidated and forced to conform by other blacks who bitterly resent Whites, the Confederacy, and despise black conservatives as “Uncle Toms.”

The gears started whirling in my head as I thought about it. I recalled that shooting in Birmingham’s Railroad Park which was witnessed by hundreds of black people and how no one except one individual was willing to step forward and “snitch” to the police. The victim in that case was a 15-year-old black kid, Jarmaine Walton, not a self-styled black Confederate like Anthony Hervey. Truly, #BlackLivesMatter is an absurd slogan in some quarters of Birmingham’s black community.

Then I remembered the nasty reception that Anthony Hervey got in Oxford on that blistering hot August afternoon. I remembered the confrontation involving HK Edgerton that I saw in Linn Park. I remembered hearing “Uncle Tom” dropped more than once. For the first time, I put myself in his shoes and thought about the risk he was taking by sticking his neck out as a pro-Confederate black man.

I thought to myself: was Anthony Hervey really that eccentric?

He was eccentric enough to drive from Oxford, MS to Birmingham, AL and sit for hours in the mid-July sun to oppose those who wanted to trash a Confederate monument. The only kind of person who would do that is someone who loves the South and is willing to make a sacrifice to preserve our heritage. I thought about how I had driven from Eufaula, AL to Oxford, MS last year, where I met Anthony Hervey for the first time, or how I had driven all the way from St. Louis to be in Birmingham.

If Anthony Hervey is an eccentric, then what does that say about me? The fact is, we shared quite a few of the same beliefs. In light of his book, Why I Wave The Confederate Flag, Written By a Black Man: The End of Niggerism and the Welfare State, it seems we both had a low estimate of the Black Undertow. I’ve written at length about the Black Undertow and all the lives this insidious force has destroyed.

In 2015, the Left is the new Klan in Mississippi, and “Uncle Tom” was basically lynched yesterday. The “climate of hate” and intolerance against black conservatives has produced its first victim.

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  1. 30% of black Mississippians voted in support of the current Mississippi state flag. Blacks have a long unique Southern heritage that many are very proud of and should be. The racial tension and race hate is a distraction, to keep our people from reclaiming our republics. Black people are here and regardless of how any number of us feel about them, it doesn’t matter. We do not live in an anarchic society and in order to reach the vast majority of our people must refrain from resorting to hate and maintain a higher manly position on the race issue. The time we waste with hate is valuable time we need and more time given over to the white genocide.

  2. Just look at all the hate that Tommy Sotomayor gets. Like I said, blacks do plenty of bad things to us, but they do far worse to each other.

    BTW, here’s a hint for you St. Louisans or someone who is moving to St. Louis: If you’re looking to buy a house, if you see at least one of those “We Must Stop Killing Each Other” lawn signs on the block, don’t buy on that block. Those yard signs are the next best thing to advertising openly that the black undertow lives here.

  3. The crabs in a bucket mentality is probably the worst among blacks.

    As far as “no snitching,” there are lots of examples. Back on the 4th of July weekend in Chicago, there were a lot of murders and even more shootings, quelle surprise. One of the vics was a 7 year old black boy, he was killed because gang bangers were trying to shoot and kill the boy’s gang banger father who has an arrest record 45 deep. And guess what, the father is deliberately not telling the cops who he thinks did it. No snitching.

    Also from Chicago, several years ago, 17-year old is lying on a hospital bed after having been pumped full of lead, breathing his last, he knows it, the docs know it, the cops know it. Before he checked out of this world, detectives try to pump him for info on the doer, he tells the cops: “Yeah I know who did it, but I ain’t telling you s**t.” Then he goes to sleep for good.

  4. It’s pretty simple: The black socialists cannot tolerate a turncoat, and certainly not one who speaks and with clarity….and vitriol…that the Welfare State is a scam and was always a scam.

    He I will respect unto the day I leave this world, for he dared to speak truth to power.

  5. Snitches will help cleanse the black community. thousands of black muggers and rapists are not caught because cops will not go into the ghetto. But blacks know who they are, and coming forward with information will help cleanse the black community. Snitches are heros and they should be treated like one.

  6. This man was advocating principles and policies that would elevate his race. He was doing it out of love, albeit tough love. The people that killed him and their fellow travelers are warped by elemental hatred.

  7. Hunter,
    This is a well written article. Worthy of being posted in a major journal. We have had our differences, but I’ll give credit where it’s due here. Agree or disagree…the content here is first class.

  8. I hate to see the Left compared to the Klan. The Left is the Union League – scalawags, murderers and Marxist trash. The true history of the KKK in the South is noble and it was never an organization that directed nothing but violence towards Blacks – it disciplined white trash and fought gangsters gangsters (actually had a big battle in New Orleans with the Mafia and drove them out for a time), criminals, etc. Not to mention they saved Old Dixie from total annihilation after the War, at great personal sacrifice. The Klan founded colleges, helped and protected the disabled and widowed – nothing like the Jew Hollywood portrayal.

  9. Thanks for writing this, Brad. Though I love my Folk, our people should welcome other allies when they do materialize, and we’re not very good at that sometimes. This “anomaly” love the Southland, and our symbols, and made defending them a serious pastime.

    He seemed a true rebel in every sense, and I for one hope that this killing has the opposite effect the enemy intended. I hope, if there are many other silent blacks on this issue, that they’ll actually be emboldened to stand as he did.

  10. Black slaves were born and lived in the South. It was the only home that they knew. They understood that the North was fighting against the south, but at that time, they slaves had no reason to believe that the civil war would lead to their freedom. For the most part, they were correct. Institutional slavery was reinstated soon after the war, and blacks were re-enslaved through a combination of laws, rules, policies, and practices that have continued through today. In addition to the fear that blacks would have had in taking up arms against the only white people that they had ever known, the unknown (northern) whites were not exactly welcoming either. Most Northerners did not care about blacks in the south, they were fighting the war for other reasons. It is indeed difficult to trade the devil you know for the devil you don’t know. The black slave had no idea what future awaited them. Some blacks are still more comfortable with the familiar than with the unknown. This is one reason that women remain in violent domestic relationships when they are offered an opportunity to vacate. They don’t trust the system.

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