Ain’t That America: Neocon Ben Shapiro Presses Charges For Battery Against Tranny Zoey Tur

By Hunter Wallace

This is a follow up from a story we brought you the other day:

“When Shapiro pointed out that anyone with biologically male cells and male appendages is indeed a male, a visibly angered Tur placed a hand on Shapiro’s neck and warned, “You better cut that out now, or you’ll go home in an ambulance.”

After the taping, Shapiro alleged that Tur further threatened him, saying, “I’ll see you in the parking lot.”

Tur doubled down on the threat the next day by saying he would like to “curb stomp” Shapiro. …

“I came so close to putting [Shapiro] over my knee and spanking him,” Tur told Carroll. The reporter said he was merely using a “love hold” when he grabbed Shapiro’s neck live on air during the panel discussion.

“Was it forceful? I don’t know, that’s relative…” Tur said.

When Carroll asked whether Tur intended to threaten Shapiro, the reporter hesitated before answering in the affirmative.

“Were you threatening him?” Carroll asked Tur point-blank.

“No. Well, maybe I was. Yeah, probably,” Tur responded. “I had had enough… He’s a wimp, he’s a wimp… He almost got spanked, what do you expect?”

Allegedly, the feud has even escalated to the point of anti-Semitism!

If this was settled in a WWE cage match, I have no doubt that Tur would emerge victorious, but in an old fashioned ten paces and turn duel, I would have to go with Shapiro in light of his marksmanship skills.

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  1. So a ManShe trying to convince the world about HeShe’s true feminine nature goes on to threaten a man with physical harm, essentially claiming they need to duke it out in the parking lot. Could I call that irony?

  2. Generally I like Ben Shapiro as a writer. But I also can’t ignore the irony of this. The reason we have tranny freaks like Tur running wild and unchecked is thanks in no small part to the American right of which Shapiro is an example being individualist-libertarian focused rather than nationalist-focused.

  3. It’s an interesting way to out Kosher the Kosher Saturday Peeps.

    Dress up as a woman and threaten them in a deep voice!

    Of course Caligula actually did this back in the day.
    Nero had a penchant for Dress Up too.

    My money would be on the Blonde Tranny in a fist fight.

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