How to Contact TN Congressional Staff Re: Islamic Mass Murder Spree

They ain't whistling Dixie

By Jack Ryan

Our side is always looking for something….


“What can we do?”

Well, one thing you can and should do is to lobby Congress in simple effective ways. Our enemies know how to do this. Here are some tips from an expert (me).

Please take the time and small effort to contact TN Congressional staff members – ask for them by name. Be polite, try to open a back and forth dialogue, but express your strong opposition to the current immigration and visas policies that are flooding Tennessee with extremely hostile, dangerous, murderous Islamic extremists/terrorists like Mohammad Abdulazeez

Just note that sane, intelligent countries like Israel, Japan, Switzerland or Australia simply don’t do this and thus their citizens, their military personal are not being terrorized and murdered like ours are in Tennessee. Also note that Donald Trump has shut up to #1 in the polls by speaking common sense recommendations on stopping insane/murderous immigration policies.

I recommend using *67 to block your area code, phone number you can pose as a constituent.

Practice your communication skills, don’t rant and rave, threaten people. Try to ask for a lower level staff assistant who’s job it is to talk to constituents. Maybe ask to leave a brief phone message for the chief of staff. You’re not going to speak directly to the Congressman, or Senator “GIVE THEM A PIECE OF YOUR MIND, STRAIGHTEN THE MESS IN WASHINGTON OUT” etc.

Share your contact lists, experience with others through social media. This is how the Jewish lobby gets their way – they know how to lobby, network, shmooze.

Here’s some current TN Congressional staff contacts – I left off the anti White Leftist Jew Congressmen Cohen who represents a Black district.


Rep. Diane Black
Republican from Tennessee, District 6
1131 Longworth House Office Building
Washington, DC
Allen, Kathryn E
Senior Legislative Assistant i

Burch, Leigh A
Staff Assistant i
Castellaw, Molly
Staff Assistant i

Mcnabb, Jonathan
Legislative Correspondent i

Koeberlein, Teresa R
Chief Of Staff i

Rep. Marsha Blackburn
Republican from Tennessee, District 7
2266 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, DC

Platt Jr, Michael
Chief Of Staff i

Lewis, Ashley
Legislative Correspondent i

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Rep. Jim Cooper
Democrat from Tennessee, District 5
1536 Longworth House Office Building
Washington, DC

Goetz, Victor V
Legislative Correspondent i
Jerrolds, Christopher B
Staff Assistant i

Mcdonald, Miranda D
Staff Assistant i
Neal, Melissa M
Scheduling & Communicate Coor i
Quigley, Lisa Chief of Staff

Rep. Scott DesJarlais
Republican from Tennessee, District 4
413 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, DC

Pond, Shirley Constituent Services Representative i

Topping, Kristen Caseworker i 2015Q1
Vaughn, Richard K Chief Of Staff i

Rep. John Duncan Jr.
Republican from Tennessee, District 2
2207 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, DC

Fischer, Scott W Legislative Assistant i 2015Q1
Flynn, Vickie C Office Manager i 2015Q1
Griffitts, Bobby R Chief Of Staff i 2015Q1
James, Lauren C Legislative Correspondent i 2015Q1
Johnson Iii, Allen B Legislative Assistant i 2015Q1
Lambert, Denise C Scheduler / Finance Director i 2015Q1
Lane, Carrie L Staff Assistant